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Monday, April 21, 2008


Just imagine a bright yellow funny looking mobile van (out of the pages of a comic book) driving through the streets of Manila. First destination is The Philippine Cancer Society Children’s ward.

The van comes to a stop, the rear door rolls up, a ramp is lowered and out comes this cute purple baby dinosaur which is over 6 feet tall.

His name is Chummy Chum, and behind him, a colorful popcorn cart comes rolling down the ramp followed by another cart, but this time, a cute cotton candy making one. Sound speakers from the sides of the cart are blaring out the jovial “Jump with Chummy Chum" song. The parade marches into the cancer ward of the center where children stricken with terminal cancer are housed.

These children, left with only a few precious moments in life, are quietly and sadly lying in their beds until Chummy Chum comes dancing in creates a whole big scene of fun and excitement, and not before long the entire cancer ward turns into a mini circus with Chummy Chum dancing and singing with the little kids.

Coloring books and toys were distributed to the children, and the kids with their gleaming eyes now crowd around the popcorn and cotton candy machine.

A wonderful feeling of joy surrounds the once gloomy atmosphere of the ward.

Chummy Chum came to Earth in September 2007. He was adopted by Ramesh and Cherina Genomal as his parents. Starting from the Philippines he hopes to eventually spread his joy to children in India, and other parts of the world.

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