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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Children's Joy Foundation

Last June 9, 2010, Chummy Chum visited 100 kids at the CHILDREN'S JOY FOUNDATION. All kids were ready to have fun when Chummy Chum arrived. The program was started by doing lots of parlor games. After that, the kids displayed their talents in dancing, singing, and playing instruments such as the rondallia.

Chummy Chum admires the kids for being so talented. He also gave out popcorn and cotton candy. Also, solar calculator pencil cases, coloring books and crayons were given out.

The children of the foundation also remember Chummy Chum's first visit to them in 2007. :)

Children's Joy Foundation is located at # 6 Brown Swiss St. Short Torn Congressional Road, Proj. 8, QC.

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