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Thursday, July 29, 2010


Last July 27, Tuesday 2-5pm, Chummy Chum visited the Home Of Joy located at 1030 Tayuman St Tondo, Manila. Home of Joy is a home for 80 abandoned sick children. Chummy Chum was really touched with the situation of the other kids who were bedridden. Despite their conditions, they still did their best to participate in the parlor games. After the distribution of goodies, Chummy Chum went to Church to pray for the survival and healing of the kids.

Thanks to Tito Visaya, Justine, and Benjie for helping us.

Photos not too close to protect kids' identities.


Last July 25,12 noon to 6pm: After the rainy afternoon at Baclaran, Chummy Chum went to GMA Cavite, as he was invited by the Coz We Care Group to attend the celebrations of Day by Day Sunday School Ministry. Almost 300 indigent kids of Cavite availed of the free goodies of Chummy Chum. There was also fun because of the parlor games and Chummy Chum dancing Justin Bieber's "Baby".

The Day by Day Ministry is located at Blk9 Lot 11 Casa de Monteverde Homes GMA Cavite


Last July 25, Sunday 10am-12 noon: Chummy Chum was invited by the Doctors of Ospital ng Maynila. Chummy Chum entertained almost 200 sick and indigent kids of Baclaran, Paranaque by distributing popcorn and cotton candy. After the long wait in line for their medical check-up, the kids smiled when Chummy Chum gave out goodies with crayons and coloring books. Solar pencil cases were given to the pre-schoolers. They said it was their first time to have Chummy Chum in this kind of mission and they all really appreciated it. :)

Chamber of Commerce is located at 4192 G.G. Cruz St. cor. Tomas Claudio St. Baclaran, Paranaque.

Guanella Center

Last July 23, Friday, 9 am to 12noon: Chummy Chum went to Quezon City Circle to attend the invitation of Guanella Center to sponsor the snack and giveaways of almost 100 PWDs (Persons With Disability) who are children for their celebration of PWD Awareness Month. Chummy Chum entertained the kids by doing lots of parlor games that they can participate in and danced with them after the distribution of popcorn/cotton candy. The kids also availed of solar pencil cases,colors and coloring books.

Thanks Mr Tito Visaya and his team for helping out :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

SPED and PWD Awareness Week

On July 20, Tuesday, 9-12nn, Chummy Chum was invited by the City Government of Makati to sponsor almost 200 persons with disability during Disability Awareness Week held at the Barangay Olympia Covered Court. Chummy Chum served his usual fare of freebies, and held a morning of fun and games. :)

SPED Makati

On July 19, Chummy Chum was invited by Special Education (SpEd) teachers to give fun to the Kids of SPED located at San Tuico St. Barangay Pio Del Pilar, Makati City. There were around 130 SPED children.

Chummy Chum gave out popcorn and cotton candy that the kids really appreciated. Chummy Chum admires the dedication of the SPED teachers to always understand the situation of their students.

The kids also got freebies such as pencil cases, coloring books, and crayons.

Angels of Hope

On July 18, a Sunday afternoon, Chummy Chum visited the home for neglected and abandoned babies and children at Purok 4 Silang Proper, Cavite. The kids were filled with joy because it was their first time to be with Chummy Chum. They availed of some free snacks such as popcorn, cotton candy. We also gave otu crayons, coloring books, and balloons for the kids.

Virlanie Foundation Debut

On July 17, 9-12 nn, Chummy Chum was invited by the Virlanie Foundation which held its debut at the Sofitel Hotel, Harvard tent, PICC Compound. Almost 400 streetchildren and staff received the popcorn and cotton candy that we distributed to them. Solar pencil cases ,colors and coloring books were also given out by Chummy Chum.

We congratulate Virlanie Foundation for their 18 years of giving service.
We acknowledge Mr. Eric Beja, Tito Bisaya and Bernie for helping Chummy Chum in this event.

Alay ng Puso

On July 16, Chummy Chum visited the ALAY NG PUSO foundation, home to at least 50 neglected, sick, and abandoned babies. The home is located at 683 Delpan San Juanico St. Tondo, Manila.

The babies and other children enjoyed a lot seeing and smelling the aroma and taste of popcorn and cotton candy. Seen in photos are the coloring books and crayons, balloons, being given out to the kids.

Coz We Care

On July 11 (2-6pm) Chummy Chum was invited by the Coz We Care group to give entertainment to almost 400 indigent children in Muntinlupa. Coz We Care is located at Phase 3 Blk 4 NHA Muntinlupa.

Chummy Chum served them popcorn and cotton candy. Though crowded in the streets, Chummy Chum still gave the kids a chance to smile by giving out freebies such as colors, coloring books, and solar pencil cases as prizes.

Thanks to Ms Lina Vigo for helping. :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Phil. Children Medical Center

On July 9, Chummy Chum entertained almost two hundred sick children at the Phil. Children Medical Center, Out Patient Department, Agham Road, QC.

Chummy Chum had fun with the children by giving out popcorn, cotton candy, solar pencil cases, and other giveaways.

It was a fun day with the kids. Until next time! :p

National Kidney Institute (Out Patient Department)

On July 6,2010, Chummy Chum went to the National Kidney Institute- Out Patient Department located at East Avenue, QC.

Chummy Chum entertained them by teaching them how to cook and operate the popcorn and cotton candy machine. Chummy Chum could not stop making the children smile, since it was the best he could do to help relieve them of their suffering from kidney failure.

After the distribution of popcorn and cotton candy, the children also availed of solar pencil cases and coloring books.

We acknowledge the presence of Tito Visaya and his driver Benjie for helping Chummy Chum in this visit.

PGH Ward 11

Last July 2, Chummy Chum visited the new PGH Ward 11, which housed nearly 60 children with different kinds of sickness. Chummy Chum put a smile on their faces by giving popcorn, cotton candy, and the usual giveaways. Every patient got the chance to take their photo with Chummy Chum as their souvenir.

Again, we thank Mr Tito Visaya and his two nephews for helping out with the PGH WARD 11 visit. :)

In the photos, Chummy Chum is seen with two children with hydrocephalus.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Haven for Children

Last June 28, Chummy Chum went to the Haven for Children along Alabang Zapote Rd.

The haven housed boys from 7 to 17 years old. Chummy Chum entertained them by doing games. They also participated by preparing song and dance numbers. They were happy to see popcorn and cotton candy being made, and pencil cases, toys, clothes, coloring books and crayons were also given out.

Their photos can not be shown to protect their identity.

We acknowledge the help of Mr Tito Visaya in the Haven for Children visit. Thank you!


Also on June 26, Chummy Chum went to the Friendship Home of Father Luis Amigo, Inc. at 2339 Espiritu St. Malate, Manila.

Chummy Chum made almost 100 kids of the friendship home happy by doing lots of games and lots of prizes such as dresses for the little kids, toys, solar pencil cases, popcorn, cotton candy, and coloring books. They will always remember that day of fun with Chummy Chum :)

Pangarap Foundation
We would like to congratulate Pangarap Foundation for their 10th year Anniversary in service with kids. Chummy Chum also attended their event at Taft Ave. Pasay City, on June 26.

International Teams Fishnets Ministry (Bituing Bulilit)

On June 26, Chummy Chum entertained almost 200 indigent kids of Fishnets Ministry held at the LJBC GM Mission Center, located at 4627 Arellano Ave. Palanan, Makati City. Chummy Chum held lots of games for the kids with the help of their "kuyas" and "ates". The children also availed prizes such as toys, and pencil cases. After the games, Chummy Chum danced Nobody and some kids danced with him. He also gave out popcorn and cotton candy, and also crayons and coloring books. All kids had a smile on their faces and hoped for Chummy Chum to come back.

Nayon ng Kabataan

On June 25, Chummy Chum went to Nayon ng Kabataan,located at Welferville Acasia Lane, Mandaluyong City.

Chummy Chum was amazed to see a ranch such as Nayon in the midst of the city. Chummy Chum entertained almost 100 children and youth. They enjoyed so much in participating in the games.

Chummy Chum also gave out his usual fare of freebies such as popcorn, cotton candy, toys, pencil cases, crayons, and coloring books.

Some children are not shown to protect their identity.
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