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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Gawad Kalinga Outreach Program

August 22 Sunday, 9-12 noon: Chummy Chum was invited by the Gawad Kalinga program for kids on values formation. Almost 50 kids were entertained by Chummy Chum and they saw how to cook popcorn and cotton candy. On the other hand, the Singles for Christ volunteers were in charge of the games. After the fun and games, the children smiled more when Chummy Chum danced with them and availed of Chummy Chum giveaways.

Gawad Kalinga is located at Hiyas ng Maynila, Onix, San Andres Bukid, Manila.

LIGHTHAUS Sidewalk Ministry

August 21 Saturday, 9-12noon: Chummy Chum sponsored and entertained almost 300 indigent kids of Pulangupa Dos Las Pinas at the St. Joseph covered court. After their values formation program they were really excited to participate in the parlor games with Chummy Chum. When Chummy Chum danced "Baby", kids were really happy to hug and watch the dance steps of Chummy Chum. They all got popcorn, balloons, cotton candy, solar pencil cases, crayons, and coloring books.

Seen in photo is the Chummy Chum team and volunteers. Hurrah!

De La Salle University Medical Center

Last August 20, Friday, 9-12nn: Chummy Chum visited the hospital of De La Salle University. He went to the charity out-patient department of the pediatric section in Dasmarinas, Cavite. Almost 70 sick children were entertained by Chummy Chum for the first time. According to La Salle, Chummy Chum was the first to do its outreach there. The kids were really entertained to see how to cook popcorn & cotton candy. They also got balloons, solar pencil cases, colors and coloring books.

Thanks to our volunteer: Rommel Tameses!

Rizal Medical Center

Last August 18, Wednesday, 9-11am: Chummy Chum was requested by Rizal Medical Center located at Bagong Ilog Pasig City, to visit their new in-patients at the Children's Ward. Almost 70 sick kids availed popcorn and cotton candy, balloons, and giveaways.

Thanks again to our volunteers!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Red Cross Feeding Program

August 15 Sunday, 10-12 noon: Chummy Chum sponsored the snacks of almost 150 indigent children of San Dionisio, Paranaque. The program was held at the Paranaque Fire Station Department. When Chummy Chum arrived, the place was crowded, but this did not bar Chummy Chum from giving smiles to the children. After popcorn and cotton candy was cooked, Chummy Chum danced with the kids and that made them really happy.

Seen in photos are the distribution of goodies.

Thanks to all volunteers, Romel & AMA students of Red Cross for making this event successful.

ABS-CBN Bantay Bata 163 Foundation

August 14,Saturday 10-12 noon: Chummy Chum went to Bulacan to visit the Children's Village of Bantay Bata Foundation. This is a home for physically, emotionally,and sexually-abused children. Around 60 children under their custody availed of the Chummy Chum packages that made them smile. Other things that made their day were the colorfuk van, free snacks such as popcorn and cotton candy, and the finale of Chummy Chum dancing with them. Giveaways were also distributed to the kids.

The ambience in Children's Village relaxed Chummy Chum as seen in the photos. Photos not too close to protect kids' identity. Two thumbs up for our Chummy Chum volunteers!

Phil. Children Medical Center

August 13,Friday 9-12 noon: Chummy Chum was requested by PCMC to visit their new patients at the OPD. Chummy Chum served almost 250 sick children at their Out Patient Department. They were so many children at the ward that we had to give out stubs to the patients to check who have already availed of the goodies. All's well that ends well. It was a fun afternoon. :)

Saranghamida ("thank you") Tito and team & to Romel Tameses for volunteering.

Quezon City General Hospital

August 11, Wednesday 3-4pm: Chummy Chum visited the Quezon City General Hospital located at Seminary Road, EDSA,QC. This is Chummy chum's 1st visit to the Pedia Ward department of the said hospital, which is under renovation. The children and staff were really thankful to Chummy Chum for making their afternoon very special. They god freshly-cooked popcorn and cotton candy, and other giveaways.

Thanks again to Tito Visaya and Co. :p

Ospital ng Maynila (OPD)

August 10, Tuesday, 9-11am: Chummy Chum visited the pediatric patients of the Out Patient Department of Ospital ng Maynila. Almost 100 sick indigent children enjoyed the morning activities and smiled when they heard about the free goodies. They also saw the making of popcorn and cotton candy. They were very much excited to finish their check-up and some moms said that the kids' high temperatures went away after hugging the loveable Chummy Chum.

Thanks Tito Visaya and Benjie for always helping us.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Greenhills Christian Fellowship- Sunday School for Kids

August 8, Sunday, 10am: Chummy Chum was invited by GCF Ministry to surprise their Sunday school kids for their anniversary. After their bible teaching, the kids had fun being with Chummy Chum by participating in lots of parlor games. They were also amazed as they saw how to cook popcorn and cotton candy. After the distribution of goodies the pastor could not stop saying his thanks and wishes of blessings to Chummy Chum.

St. Martin de Porres Center Inc.

August 6, Friday 10am: Chummy Chum entertained almost 80 indigent kids of St. Martin de Porres Center located at 53 Rosario Drive cor. Cannon rd. Cubao, QC. When Chummy Chum arrived, all kids at the daycare center and clinic were excited to meet him for the first time. After the games and distribution of goodies, Sr. Ma. Maharah was thankful to Chummy Chum for sharing his time in helping indigent beneficiaries.

Hurrah for Tito Visaya & team for always helping Chummy Chum!

Kanlungan sa Erma (Drop In Center)

August 4, Wednesday, 10am: Chummy Chum visited the Drop-in center of Kanlungan located at Remedios St., Taft Avenue, Manila. Chummy Chum entertained almost 80 kids at the drop-in center by playing parlor games and dancing "Baby". Solar pencil cases, popcorn, colors, coloring books were also distributed afterwards.

Thanks to Tito Visaya and team!

Silong Tanglaw Foundation

July 31, Saturday, 10am: Chummy Chum visited the Silong Tanglaw Foundation located at E. Rodriguez Blvd., QC. Chummy Chum started the special Saturday for the kids of Silong Tanglaw and their indigent neighbor kids as their guests at that time by participating in a lot of parlor games. After Chummy Chum's dancing finale, they availed of popcorn, cotton candy, solar pencil cases and as prizes for games, they got colors, coloring books as giveaways. :)

Thanks to Tito Visaya & Co. for helping. :)

National Children's Hospital (OPD)

Last July 30, Friday, 10am: Chummy Chum visited the National Children's Hospital at E. Rodriguez Ave. QC. Chummy Chum entertained almost 100 sick children (Out Patient Department) by showing them how to cook popcorn and cotton candy. Towards the end, Chummy Chum danced and took photos with them. There were also solar pencil cases, colors, coloring books that were distributed to the children. They really appreciated the wonderful afternoon with Chummy Chum :)

Thanks to Tito Visaya & Benjie for helping Chummy Chum :)
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