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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Chosen Children Village

September 29, Wednesday 2-4pm: Chummy Chum visited the Chosen Children Village located at Km 48 Aguinaldo Highway, Lalaan 2nd Silang, Cavite. This orphanage catered to almost 80 babies and children who were mentally-challenged, neglected and abandoned by their own parents. Chummy Chum entertained them by doing lots of games and showed them how to operate the popcorn and cotton candy machine. For the finale, Chummy Chum danced "Baby" by Justin Bieber. Afterwards, they availed of goodies.

Thanks to Ms. KC and Co. for refreshments, and to our volunteers Tito Visaya, Benjie, Tahra, and Althea. :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Laura Vicuna with Finex Foundation

September 25,Saturday 2-4pm: Chummy Chum went to Cubao, Laura Vicuna, with Finex Foundation. Nearly 20 orphaned kids were entertained by Chummy Chum and Finex Foundation. Their visit made the kids really happy. The kids also got some freebies such as jump ropes, solar pencil cases as game prizes, coloring books, colors, and balloons. Finex Foundation also gave away other gifts and prizes.

Thanks for volunteering Tito Visaya and team! :)

CHILDHAUS with Finex Foundation Anniversary Celebration

September 25, Saturday,10am-1pm: Chummy Chum was invited by Finex Foundation to celebrate their anniversary at Childhaus, a temporary home for cancer patients, who are mostly kids. Chummy Chum entertained this time almost 70 cancer patients by holding lots of games and giving away tons of prizes! The kids also availed of freebies such as popcorn, cotton candy, balloons, jump ropes, solar pencil cases, colors, and coloring books. Other gifts and refreshments were shared by the Finex Foundation. Thanks to Tito Visaya and Co., our volunteers!

Elsie Gatches Village Family Day

September 24,Friday 9-12noon: Chummy Chum was invited by Elsie Gatches Village to attend their family day. Chummy Chum entertained almost 300 abandoned and mentally-challenged persons by doing lots of parlor games led by their staff. They also received loads of prizes from Chummy Chum such as as popcorn,cotton candy, jump ropes & pencil cases as prizes for their games,and balloons.

Chummy Chum thanks our 'single ladies' volunteers: Emma, Tahrah, and Maribel.

Elsie Gatches Village is located along Alabang-Zapote Rd, Alabang, Muntinlupa City.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Little Angels Home Inc.

September 19 Sunday 9am-1pm: Chummy Chum was requested to be with Architect Paulyn, Sol & Erick to share their blessings and celebrate their special day with the children of Little Angels Home Inc. located at Tagaytay City. Nearly 50 abused, abandoned, and neglected children enjoyed the Sunday with Chummy Chum, Ms Paulyn, Sol, and Erick.

Chummy Chum held a lot of games and the kids won a lot of prizes and giveaways. It was a terrific Sunday for the kids. We hope that more people share their blessings with underprivileged children.

The group donated P5,000 cash for the Chummy Chum Foundation. They talked also to Sister Bernadette of their desire to help the orphanage in the construction of another building.

Lighthaus Sidewalk Ministry at Molino

Sept. 18 Saturday 9am: Chummy Chum was invited by Lighthaus Sidewalk Ministry to entertain 300 indigent children of the Molino Community by holding parlor games. Even if it was so hot and the place was crowded, nothing could stop Chummy Chum from makin the kids happy. Afterwards, freebies were distributed and all of them availed of Chummy Chum giveaways.

We would like to thank Tito Visaya and Co. for always helping us out. Two thumbs up for you sir!

East Avenue Medical Center

Sept.17 Friday 10am-12nn: Chummy Chum also went to East Avenue Medical Center, Out Patient Department. Chummy Chum entertained almost 100 children patients at the OPD.

When they saw the popcorn machine and cotton candy, they got really excited to meet Chummy Chum. All of them put smiles on their faces after the distribution of goodies such as popcorn, cotton candy,baloons, crayons, coloring books, jump rope, and solar pencil cases.

Thanks to our volunteers!

Quezon City General Hospital

Sept. 14 Tuesday 10am-12nn: Chummy Chum visited the OPD of said hospital. Almost 100 kids of the out patient department enjoyed and were entertained by Chummy Chum. They all availed of freebies such as popcorn, cotton candy, solar pencil cases, and coloring books.

QC General Hospital is located at Seminary Road, EDSA, QC.

Seen in photo are the kids lining up with their moms and Chummy Chum. Thanks to our volunteers!

Childhaus with Mrs Sison

Sept. 11, Saturday 10am-12noon: Chummy Chum visited Childhaus, a temporary home for almost 59 cancer-stricken children. This was in celebration of the special day of Mrs Malou Sison of Dasmarinas Village, Makati. Chummy Chum led the preparation of food and giveaways courtesy of Mrs Sison. After lots of parlor games and snacks, the children enjoyed dancin with Chummy Chum to Justin Bieber's "baby".

Mrs Sison donated some cash to one of the patients with hydrocephalus to start the operation.

Seen in photo is Mrs Sison and cancer patients blowing the candles. Hopefully more people like Mrs Sison will share their day with less fortunate kids. Thanks again to our volunteers.

PGH Ward 11

September 8, Wednesday 1-3pm: Chummy Chum entertained almost 60 children at Ward 11, by showing them how to cook popcorn and cotton candy. After waiting patiently, the kids saw Chummy Chum and the children smiled while they received freebies such as popcorn, cotton candy, solar pencil cases, crayons, and coloring books.

Shown in photo is Chummy Chum and one of the patient kids with hydrocephalus with her mom. Thanks to our volunteers!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Asilo de San Vicente with Singles for Christ

Last September 5, Sunday, 3pm: Chummy Chum was invited by Singles for Christ to tie up and give smiles to Asilo kids. Almost 50 of them enjoyed the party given by Chummy Chum in celebration of the birthdays of Singles for Christ members. The said group led the program and Chummy Chum helped out during the party. The kids of Asilo were excited about all the activities that day. They availed of Chummy Chum freebies and other refreshments courtesy of Singles for Christ.

Kids not shown to protect their identities.

Thanks to Sir Tito and Ivy, our volunteers. :)

Bahay Mapagmahal with Finex Foundation

September 4, Saturday, 10am: Chummy Chum was invited by the Finex Foundation to visit Bahay Mapagmahal, a home for children who are PWDs. It is located at Paterno St., Brgy. Sta. Lucia, Novaliches, Quezon City. All kids here were in wheelchairs. Chummy Chum held some games with them that did not require them to stand, but they had as much fun as well. The kids enjoyed playing games and seeing how popcorn and cotton candy were cooked. They also availed of our giveaways. Other gifts and refreshments were provided for by Finex Foundation.

Chummy Chum would like to thank Saya Ono and Nami, our Japanese volunteers. And of course, Sir Tito and company for always helping us out.

PGH Ward 9

On September 1, Wednesday, 2pm: Chummy Chum visited the new patients of PGH Ward 9.
Chummy Chum gave smiles to all kids who were sick and lying in their beds. Others were dengue victims.

Chummy Chum shared happiness to the kids by giving them popcorn, cotton candy, solar pencil cases, crayons, coloring books, and character balloons.

Shown in photos are Chummy Chum volunteers. Justin, a nephew of Sir Tito, stood as Chummy Chum's "body guard" at that time. Thank you! :D

Grace Christian Mission

On August 28, Saturday, 9am: Chummy Chum went to Cogio Busobuso, Antipolo City, to visit the 70 orphaned kids of Grace Christian Mission. The program started with praying. While preparing popcorn and cotton candy, Chummy Chum held a lot of parlor games. All kids enjoyed playing! :)

After the games and distribution of freebies, Chummy Chum saw some indigent kids, and asked the staff of Grace Christian Mission to share their gifts to the neighborhood kids so that everyone goes home happy.

Thanks to Tito and team for always helping us :D

Josefa Hospitaller Foundation

Last August 27, Friday, 9am: Chummy Chum was invited by Josefa Hospitaller to be their guest in their Linggo ng Wika celebration. Almost 100 kids availed of Chummy Chum freebies. For the first time, they met Chummy Chum. The kids really enjoyed seeing how to cook popcorn and cotton candy. The nuns of the foundation were very thankful to have Chummy Chum do some charity work for the kids.

Josefa Hospitaller is located at Blk 6 Lot 2 Almon St. Northwood Village, Sta. Lucia, Pasig.
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