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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Chummy Chum Celebrates Ms Cha's Birthday at Superior of the Daughters of the Crown Virgin

Last Nov.26 Friday 10-12nn: Chummy Chum got an email from Ms Cha to help her find an institution she wants to share her blessings with on her birthday. Chummy Chum recommended her to the Superior of the Daughters of the Crown Virgin Charity, located at Posadas St., Sucat, Paranaque.

Chummy Chum organized everything, ordering food, toys, and the program proper. We entertained nearly 50 indigent kids by doing a lot of parlor games, dancing and singing. Ms. Cha prepared lunch, toys, prizes and giveaways. Chummy Chum also gave out his own freebies.

Ms Cha thanked Chummy Chum for helping her feel content and happy on her birthday. She said that this is not her first tie-up with charity and she hopes to do more of these activities.

Thanks to Infotech students for volunteering. Seen in picture is Chummy Chum with Ms Cha and kids, playing parlor games, and the food preparations.

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