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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Chummy Chum with Ms. Emmaruth Matta at National Children's Hospital, Cancer Patients Ward

Last Oct. 30, Saturday, 3-5pm: Even after enduring heavy afternoon traffic at the South Luzon Expressway from Laguna, Chummy Chum went to the National Children's Hospital at E. Rodriguez Ave, QC. Chummy Chum got a request from Ms. Emmaruth the week before to help her celebrate her special day with less fortunate children. Chummy Chum recommended her to the Cancer Ward of the said hospital.

During this special day, Chummy Chum entertained nearly 35 cancer patients and their families. They all got freebies and more gifts and packed meals from the celebrant. It was a meaningful birthday for Ms. Emmaruth and her family for they shared their blessings with less fortunate kids and the Chummy Chum Foundation.

Thanks to Ahne & Co. and to Infotech students who volunteered. Seen in photos are Chummy Chum with cancer patients, the celebrant, her family, and the preparation tasks of the volunteer teams.

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  1. This is such a wonderful experience for my family. Me & my wife Emma is willing to do it again this year with a BANG!!A much exciting and eventful day for the less fortunate childrens.. More power to Chummy Chum Foundation... And Congratulations for the Job well done!!


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