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Monday, November 22, 2010

Chummy Chum celebrates Gab's 7th birthday with the kids of Children's Joy Foundation

Last Nov.20 Saturday 2-5pm, Chummy Chum celebrated Gab's 7th birthday with the kids of the Children's Joy Foundation, a home for abandoned and neglected children which houses 50 kids at present. Prior to this, the parents of Gab (Mr. and Mrs. Imperial) sought the help of Chummy Chum in choosing a foundation to celebrate with, and Chummy Chum recommended the above-mentioned foundation, located at 6 Swiss Brown St, Road 18, Proj. 8, QC.

Chummy Chum entertained all the kids, especially the young celebrant, by doing lots of parlor games. Chummy Chum also danced with the kids, and the children of the foundation performed by singing and dancing. The kids of the foundation got their freebies from Gab, and were around her when she blew her 7th candle.

We hope that more kids like Gab choose to spend their birthdays by giving to and having fun with less-fortunate children.

Seen in pictures: Chummy Chum with the celebrant and the kids at Children's Joy Foundation. Thanks to Ahne and Kim, our volunteers.

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