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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving with Gifts courtesy of Ms Alice at Childhaus

Last Nov. 28 Sunday 9am-1pm: Chummy Chum got a call from Ms Alice Jorolan, asking the address of Childhaus because she wanted to pay a visit to the cancer-stricken kids. During the conversation, Chummy Chum suggested to her how she could help the kids.
Chummychum entertained the 60 kids and their families, totaling 100 people. We gave out lots of prizes and toys, courtesy of Ms Alice. Our gracious host also cooked some special food for the kids, serving them personally. Ms Alice was very touched when the kids prepared a song for her, saying that from now on, she will start to support kids with terminal illnesses such as cancer.
Seen in photo is Chummy Chum with Ms Alice, the cancer patients, and their toy giveaways.

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