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Monday, February 28, 2011

Chummy Chum Achievement Report (February 2010 -February 2011)

Chummy Chum Foundation Philippines Inc. is a non-profit organization whose mission is to bring joy, cheerfulness and happy moments to our underprivileged children who are not in good health and who have been denied the joys of childhood. Many of these children are in the hospital while others are in orphanages because they were declined love, attention, and care by their families.

Chummy Chum Foundation Phil. Inc. is proud to share its achievements in spreading smiles and giving attention to the happiness of sick children. Almost 85 percent of public hospitals were visited during the past year, focusing on institutions which house kids who are cancer patients. Some are visitations with other groups/organizations or sponsors. Some public hospitals availed brand new incubators for infants, donated by Chummy Chum supporters. More hospitals are also in the foundation's list to be given incubators. 80% of orphanages and centers for abandoned, neglected, abused children were visited, and such sponsored events were successful. Depressed areas were visited through holding community outreach programs by having tie-ups with other organizations. We thank the following people for being our good-hearted donors:

The Indians Businessman's Club,(Incubator) Mr & Mrs Malou Sison(Incubator), Mr. NG(Incubator), Mr.LG(Incubator), Mr.JH(Incubator) also Ramesh Trading (merchandising), Ms Esther Magleo (goods), Ms Alice Jorolan (goods), Ms Paulyn Pacia (cash), Kagawad Erick Santos(cash), Dr. Ang (cash), Imperial family (goods), Derpo family (goods) and Ms.Kathleen De Los Reyes (cash).

Some organizations which did tie-ups for charity with Chummy Chum are the following: GMA Kapuso Foundation, Finex Foundation, Philippine Cancer Society, San Beda College Batch '89, Paranaque-Fil chamber of commerce, Redcross, Kaisahang Buhay Foundation,Rotaract Club Laguna, Gawad Kalinga, City government of Makati Children with disability welfare section, SPED, CPA's PICPA, Sterling Bank group, Starbucks group, Times Asia group, Junior Chamber of Commerce, Mu Sigma Sorority- UP College of Medicine, UST law council, Childhope Asia Phil., ABS-CBN Bantay Bata Foundation, SHELL Attiva, ECPAT, FCED, Fishnets, Coz we care group, LJBC group, Graceans Batch '94, UP-Business administration students, Mission Lifra group, and DSWD children's events program.

In photos: Chummy Chum foundation office in Paranque, certificates of appreciation, some donated incubators. Thank you so much to our donors and to all volunteers for always believing in the goodness of our foundation's mission, as well as to the groups and individual who tie-up with our foundation. Let us continue giving smiles and bringing happiness to less privileged children. Again, our many thanks to all of you. :)

Chummy Chum with Ms.Kathleen Gift-giving at National Children Hospital Cancer ward

Saturday Feb.26,2011 around 10am-12nn: Chummy Chum got an email from Ms.Kathleen a few days ago requesting that she wanted to celebrate her birthday with kids diagnosed with cancer, and so we recommended the NCH Cancer Ward. Almost hundreds of kids enjoyed the gift preparations by Ms. Kathleen. They also got tons of Chummy Chum freebies. Seen in photos: Chummy Chum with patients and celebrants. Thanks to Ms. Kathleen for donating cash to the Chummy Chum foundation. Thanks to Sir Tito and team for volunteering.

Taguig District Hospital-Gift giving

Friday, February 25, 2011, around 9-11am: Chummy Chum visited the pedia ward of Taguig District Hospital for the second time. Nearly hundreds of patients were excited to know what was going on, and they were surprised to meet Chummy Chum! After dancing Waka-Waka by Shakira, all kids got freebies such as popcorn, cotton candy, crayons, coloring books, branded briefs, skirts, and went back to their beds with a smile. Seen in photos us Chummy Chum dancing with the patients.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Chummy Chum at Anabu-II Elem. School Feeding Program

Wednesday 9am to 11:30am February 23, 2011: Chummy Chum visited the Anabu-II Elem. School feeding program for hundreds of indigent students. It was their first time to meet Chummy Chum. All of their teachers participated and allowed their students to join. Chummy Chum entertained them by having lots of games and handing out a lot of prizes. It was a fun feeding program for the kids during that day. All of them got freebies such as popcorn, cotton candy, colors, coloring books, toys, branded briefs and skirts.

Seen in photos: Chummy Chum with the kids and the line of distribution of goodies. Thanks to all volunteers from Villa Elisa, Imus, Cavite.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chummy Chum supports the Red Cross Feeding Program

Sunday 20th of February 9am-1pm: Chummy Chum was requested by Red Cross Paranaque Chapter to join them in their feeding and personal hygiene education program for 250 indigent kids of the Sampaloc Community in Paranaque. The event was held at Sampaloc Elementary School Covered Court. The event was also held in cooperation with students from the PATTS Aeronautic School. Chummy Chum entertained the indigent kids through dancing and giving away freebies.

In photos: Chummy Chum with kids, Red Cross Logo, Korean Chummy Chum volunteer. Thanks to Ms. Jhen from Makati and Mr. Johansun and Co. for volunteering.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Chummy Chum supports Phil. Cancer Society's Relay for Life

Friday Feb.18 2011 around 4-7pm: Chummy Chum was invited by the group of Phil. Cancer Society to sponsor the kids' snacks and refreshments by giving them popcorn and cotton candy. We also provided them with entertainment by bringing with us a mascot, and Chummy Chum granted their request by dancing. The event was held at the Quezon City Circle Fountain View. All kids got freebies such as balloons, sweaters, branded briefs, colors, and coloring books.

Seen in photos are Chummy Chum and the participants. Thanks to Sir Tito and Team for volunteering.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mission Lifra Outreach Program at Stella Mariz College

15th of February 2011 Tuesday 3-5pm: Chummy Chum was requested by Stella Mariz College to sponsor their program for gift-giving to street families to be held at the Grade School Covered Court of the said College. Hundreds of poor families attended the program. It was their first time to see Chummy Chum, and so he entertained them by dancing. They were amazed also to see how popcorn and cotton candy were made. The kids received freebies such as poporn and cotton candy, branded briefs, dress sweatshirts for babies, balloons, jump rope, school supplies, toys, colors and coloring books. Other gifts and refreshments provided by Stella Mariz College.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines treat for Cerebral Palsy Kids

February 14, 2011 Monday 1-4pm (Paranaque Day): Chummy Chum was requested by Cerebral Palsy Inc., located at Sacred Heart St., in San Antonio, Makati, to sponsor their Valentines party for kids. Almost hundreds of people attended the treat for special kids. Some of them brought snacks to share. Chummy Chum made the party happier by dancing and by giving away freebies such as popcorn, cotton candy, and balloons. also gave out underwear for the children.

Seen in photos: Chummy Chum with kids and volunteers, Paul, Melanie & Melissa, Tito and Jason thank you very much for volunteering.

Chummy Chum would also like to congratulate Elsie Gatches Village for its 47 years of service for special children. Thank you for giving the Chummy Chum Foundation a certificate of appreciation.

Kaisahang Buhay Foundation with UP- BSAD Outreach program

Valentines day February 14, 2011 Monday 9-11am: Chummy Chum was invited by UP-BSAD to join them in their outreach program at Daycare Center, Escopa 2 Project 4 Quezon City. Hundreds of people- including the indigent kids- enjoyed their first time to meet and greet with Chummy Chum. It was their first time to see how popcorn and cotton candy were made. The games were facilitated by the UP-BSAD group. When Chummy Chum danced with them and danced "Waka Waka" by Shakira, all kids smiled. They also enjoyed the freebies.

Seein in photos are the kids and the UP-BSAD group. Thanks to Jason for volunteering.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Sports Festival of Bright Morning Star Community Outreach Program

11th of February 10-12nn Friday: Chummy Chum sponsored the sports festival of Bright morning Star School Outreach Program held at Saint Joseph Subdivision Covered court, Pulang Lupa, Las Pinas. All students participated in the sports festival, and the special students also did well in their game participation. Chummy Chum danced with them. Some kids had a showdown with Chummy Chum. All kids got freebies such as popcorn, cotton candy, balloons, colors, coloring books, and other game prizes courtesy of Zoe Venisse Derpo.

Seen in photos are Chummy Chum with kids, and the distribution of the goodies. Thanks to our volunteers Sir Tito Visaya and Benjie.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


February 9,2011 Wednesday 1-4pm: Chummy Chum visited Jose Reyes Memorial Hospital located at DOH compound Manila with the Pediaward patients. As they were waiting for the snacks to be prepared, they were also excited to meet Chummy Chum. The doctors and staff got curious about the mission of our foundation, so we explained to them that all we wanted to do was to give smiles to the children. All patients got freebies such as balloons ,sweaters for infants, colors, coloring books, school supplies, jump rope,popcorn and cotton candy. Their guardians and doctors thanked Chummy Chum for making them happy.

Seen in photos: Chummy Chum with some patients, donation gifts coming from Zoe Venisse Derpo. Thank you very much Zoe and to our volunteers Sir Tito and Team, and to Ms Blessie of Caloocan.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Dr. Jose N. Rodriguez Memorial Hospital Gift Giving

February 2, 2011 Wednesday 1-4pm: Chummy Chum visited the Dr Jose N Rodriguez Memorial Hospital, a secondary special hospital established in 1936. The mission of the hospital is to provide quality tertiary and leprosy care. It is located at northern Caloocan, Tala Admin, QC.

Upon seeing the van of Chummy Chum the kids got excited to see who Chummy Chum is, and when they met him, they danced and had their photos taken with him. The director and staff of the hospital thanked Chummy Chum for making their patients happy. The kids got free snacks and freebies.

Seen in photos: Chummy Chum with some patients. One girl stood near her bed even with a dextrose attached just to have her photo taken with Chummy Chum and staff. Thanks to Ms Ahne Quilo for volunteering.

Chummy Chum "Along the Riles" with Bahay Tuluyan Outreach Program

1st Tuesday of February 2011, 9-11am: Chummy Chum joined the group of Bahay Tuluyan in their outreach program in the deprived areas of Pandacan, Manila near PNRC. Many indigent kids enjoyed the different morning they experienced with Chummy Chum as it was filled with fun and laughter. They enjoyed the popcorn and cotton candy and some freebies. We could see the glow in their eyes when Chummy Chum danced with them. The kids went home with big smiles.

Seen in pictures is Chummy Chum with the kids. Thanks to Sir Tito and Benjie for volunteering.
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