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Sunday, March 27, 2011

CHILDHOPE Asia High Five Sports Fest "2011"

On March 26, 2011, Saturday Chummy Chum was invited by Childhope to sponsor the snacks of 350 street children during the High Five Sports Fest. The said sports fest has been held since 1994 and each year around 1,200 kids are benefited by the program. Chummy Chum started to collaborate with Childhope last year and it has been a resounding success from then on. The kids were all eyes on Chummy Chum while showing them how popcorn and cotton candies were made, and this proved to be an effective warm-up before they got into the sports events. Our beloved mascot topped it all of with a dance number, making it a complete treat for all the children in the event.

Seen in photos: Chummy Chum dancing for the crowd,and kids with Chummy chum van and the high five sports fest donor logo thanks to sir Tito and team for volunteering.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Child Survivor Maintenance Equipment Program (CMSEP) two Incubators for Philippine General Hospital (PGH)

March 25,2011, Chummy Chum brought 2 units of brand new photo therapy light incubators to the Philippine General Hospital, through the kindness and big-heartedness of our friends
(Mr L.G  and Mr R.G President Chummy Chum Foundation)these will be used in charity ward 9, and keep the incubators in tip-top condition as they given with lifetime warranty so the patients will be provided with uninterrupted medical service. Undoubtedly, this is a big help for the underpriviledge babies who cant afford to pay the use of incubators in private hospitals. Chummy Chum also offered to repair broken equipment there-ventilators and other incubators-and in the airconditioning systems in the NICUS and PICUS units,under the (CMSEP). To keep the smiles going, Chummy Chum did gift-giving in wards 11 and 9 to the delight of the kids and the guardians in the pediatrics section.Our beloved mascot of course did what he's good at giving the children a day of dancing, they all got tons of freebies. The people at pediatrics department expressed their thankfulness and we say a big "you are welcome" to them: all in the welfare of the children, we do our best. =)

Seen in photos:  Chummy Chum dancing: the President of Chummychum foundation with his friends and Residents Doctors from Pediatrics and volunteers and the donating incubators.Thank you to Sir Tito,Benjie,Justin,Geline,Ms.Pechie, Ms.Vicky and Denisse thanks for the help and to Ms. Kim and Mr. Francis to help and added gifts for the patients.   

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Gift-Giving in TULOY SA DON BOSCO with GENPACT Philippines-CSR

Wednesday, March 23, 2011 Chummy chum in collaboration with GENPACT Philippines through the invitation of Ms. Laura, extended their generosity to the underpriviledge children of Tuloy Sa Don Bosco (TSDB). Genpact is located in Alabang  Muntinlupa City is a top of global BPO company, and their group a day belongs to a commercial collections account, which is topped its heart of Giving-giving contest in December  2010. The aim was to raised funds for their group, CSR-Corporate Social Responsability , and almost 300 kids at TSDB met the entire leadership team and Ms. Ann Brady,their bussiness partner from U.S. Not only were the kids happy to be graced by such kind people they were also excited to see Chummy chum and the presents that we prepared just for them. The glow in the childrens eyes reflected their delight and
gratitude, and this doubled when Chummy chum started dancing, we thank Father Rocky (Director of TSDB) for assisting Genpact and Chummy chum team personally. We are very grateful to Genpact for their support and donation to Chummychum Foundation, for the benefit of more children in our society, surely it was a day to remember.=)

 Seen in the picture Chummy chum with the Genpact Group during the distribution of refreshments. The faces of the children not shown to protect the identities.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Shangrila Pavillion 14 Blessings at (NCMH) Refreshment Sponsored by Ms.Ruth of New Zealand

On Friday March 18,2011 at 1 to 3pm Chummy chum shared blessings to the NCMH Shangrila Pavillion 14, it was a dedication of new building exclusive to the kids boys of the Community, we where happy to get another request from their friendly folks to give a challenged children a fun filled and memorable afternoon and chummy chum definitely did not want to miss the chance to make their day. Instead of fits of crying and tantrums they got accustomed to doing the children , the children were all smiles and even joined Chummy chum's dancing! the kids thanks go to Ms. Ruth of  New Zealand, Thank you very much to your generosity.  We also say a big "Thank you" to the dedicated Ms. Ahne , to the pretty model from Australia Ms. Kim and to the helpful Chef Francis of Del Monte Philippines for generously sharing their time with us and to the kids thank you all from Chummy chum.  Seen in photos Chummy chum with the volunteers ( Ms.Kim and Francis) and the added refreshment.The kids not shown to the picture to protect their identity.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Visit to Ospital ng Tondo (OsTon)

On March 16,2011,Wednesday, 1 to 3pm Chummy chum visited Ospital ng Tondo (OsTon) to spread joy and cheers,this time to the 60 children patients of the emergency and OPD of the hospital. The kids and the hospital staffs enjoyed watching us we prepared cotton candies and the popcorn, making them more excited by the minute as the delicious smell of the snacks filled the whole place, then come the moment to taste what we had cooked up for them it was certainly delightful to see everyone-the children and even the children-at-heart have such a great time! the only thing that topped this was Chummy chum came and started dancing to the music, which made everyone want to go dancing too! It was another memorable day for the children, ending with the giving of the gifts and us showing those who need help that life is fuller of  hope indeed, and it is much happier with Chummy chum sharing joy and blessings. We thank the tireless Ms. Ahne for sharing her time with us. ;)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Visited Ospital ng Sampaloc (OSAM)

Last March 14,2011 Monday 9-11:30 am: Chummy chum visited the Pediatric section including the OPD at Ospital ng Sampaloc (OSAM)located at 677 Geronimo St. cor Carola St. Sampaloc Manila.almost hundreds people staff Doctors and nurses including guardians and patients from Sampaloc Community enjoyed the morning activities and smiled when they heard about the free goodies for sick children such as popcorn,cotton candy, branded briefs skirts sweater for babies and jumping rope for games prizes while preparing the snacks Chummy chum doing games for kids and mom's that makes them most excited and when Chummy chum comes and danced with them the kids even the staff and doctors excited to taking pictures with Chummy chum they were all much excited to finish the check-up and one mom's said that the kids high temperature's went away after the joy happiness and attention that Chummy chum gave to them,Chummy chum mobile charity is not only giving smile for Christmas and Birthdays in different public hospitals ,orphanages,centers  and community but almost everyday,all sick children at Ospital ng Sampaloc are went home with big smile. :)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Visited NATIONAL CENTER for MENTAL HEALTH with Rimo Andrei Gift of love from Canada

Last Friday March 11,2011 around 1-3pm Chummy chum had a great opportunity to visit the National Center for Mental Health (NCMH) this institution located at Nueve de pebrero Mandaluyong City, almost hundreds of people are their including all the caring staff and nurses,we particularly visited Zonta Pavillion

12-13 were blessed to meet 60 mentally challenge children ages 8-18 years old we all had lots of fun doing lots of exciting games and activities for them they were all encourage and actively participate in all the games. Chummy chum touched his heart when they said that we are the first group who visits them,make them smile and give them attention even in just for a little while inspite of their condition they were very much thankful to us and appreciated our visits.It was such a great & meaningfull activity for all of us from chummy chum we want to thank our "God" to our sponsors in this events "Rimo Andrei" Chummy chum friends from Canada who celebrated his birthday last March 13,a generous & kind hearted partner or this activity sponsoring refreshment, Educational toys and toiletries for the children,he shares his blessings to the less fortunate children here in NCMH as beneficiary and thanks also to all volunteers sir Tito &co,also to ahne all children got also Chummychum freebies .Let us continue to help through prayer all the staff specially the children in this wonderfull institution, "to God be the glory",view photos of this activity we did not take closer picture of the children to protect their identity.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Philippine General Hospital Ward 9, Gift-giving

       Tuesday dated march 8,2011 around 9-11am Chummy chum visited the PGH Pediaward 9 located at Taft Ave,Manila almost hundreds of guardian and sick children were amazed in the ward during visit,the moment and the time of the arrived and entered in the hospital was really unexpected for the sick children and their guardians inside of the ward 9 both the balloons and the booth were moving in the pediaward they really didn't have an idea what was happening in that moment of time because the kids were the new patient at that hospital,when it was all set set-up Chummy chum explained to them what was going on inside the ward we told them that Chummy chum foundation always visiting in this place,we let them to understand that we are in the hospital always to give an wide smile and joy, when the danced number of Chummy chum began some kids stood to their bed they were having taking pictures with the Chummy chum.All sick kids got of freebies and Chummy chum saw how happy the kids were there in hospital and forgot little while the pain of the dextrose insert to their hands ,it was a momentous day for the kids who received the gifts from Chummy chum foundation.We acknowledge Sir Tito and Co.for always helping Chummy chum and for that day as well as Almighty "GOD" who always give us strength and wisdom to rendered services to the needy children.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Chummychum with Ms. Jackie Chua, Gift Giving at the Missionaries of Charity

There is an old saying that states "the value of a man resides in what he gives and not in what he is capable of receiving", all of us in one way or another is in possession of the ultimate gift; the ability to love, to show compassion and to give ourselves to others. On Saturday, March 5 from 9 am to 12 noon Chummychum along with Ms. Jackie Chua shared the ultimate gift with the children of the Missionaries of Charity. Almost 100 children appeared, most of whom were afflicted with various disorders such as down syndrome and cerebral palsy, these children suffer from being unable to live normal lives yet others add onto this suffering with their indifference, their prejudices and their inability to see past the disorder to look at the lonely child within. It is due attitudes such as these that Chummychum exists, we believe that children need to be cared for, that they deserve love, that it is unfair for only the rich, educated or "normal" children to be the only recipients of basic human love and compassion. On this day Chummychum along with Ms. Jackie Chua helped to bring smiles to these children, to give them one day of absolute joy. Games were organized for the children, mascots were out and about playing with random children and various gifts and refreshments were handed out to help liven up festivities. Everyone at the charity event truly enjoyed themselves for it is through the gift of giving that true joy is received not only by the recipient but also the giver. The smiles, the laughs and the clapping of the children’s hands, all of these are gifts that are truly indelible and unique in the entire world.

seen in photos Chummy chum with Ms.Jackie Chua,she donated cash to Chummy Chum Foundation
Thanks to Sir Tito and co. for volunteering

Visit to the Blessedville School for Special Kids with "SYKES-VMC" Back office team building

The term "Corporate Social Responsibility" may be a term that is rather unfamiliar to many of you reading this post, in fact this unfamiliarity is a result of few companies actually choosing to practice it. CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is a way in which companies seek to create a positive impact on the consumers, communities and the environment by embracing responsibility for their actions and doing, for lack of a better term, what is right. The founder of the Ford Motor Company, Henry Ford, delivered this rather appropriate phrase when describing the responsibilities of businesses: "A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business". Here at Chummychum we endeavor to establish partnerships with various businesses in order to aid them in their attempt to embrace CSR as an active part of their business model. One of our most recent partnership events occurred on March 6, 2011 when Chummychum along with the SYKES-VMC Back office team headed by Mr.Rudy Dimaano (Team Leader)visited the Blessedville school for special kids located in Barangay Alfonso in Tagaytay. It must be noted that SYKES-VMC  is one of the largest business processing companies here in the Philippines  and in Canada with thousands of employees working in various centers both in Metro Manila and in Cebu. The visit to Blessedville actually came as a result of a request by Ms. Bhel, the school principal. This was due to the fact that most of the special kids had few visitors due to the sheer distance of the school from the main metropolitan area. Nearly 50 special kids ranging from those afflicted with down syndrome, autism and deafness call the school their second home however for those few hours on Sunday when Chummychum visited with the SYKES-VMC their disabilities were forgotten in the face of the joy they received. With packed lunches and lots of gifts generously donated by SYKES-VMC the children at Blessedville were able to enjoy themselves; deaf children danced to music with the autistic and those suffering from down syndrome dancing along with them. For those few hours what was seen was not a school for those with special needs but rather a school full of happy and smiling children. The day ended just as fast as it had begun but for all of those there, Chummychum, the SYKES-VMC and the school staff it was a day where we were able to proudly say that we were able to bring smiles and happiness to children who have rarely experienced such happiness in their lives.

Note* The photos shown are Chummy chum with the kids and the Sykes group, thanks to Ronnil for volunteering

Friday, March 4, 2011

Vedruna Learning Center Gift-Giving

Wednesday, March 2,2011 1-3pm: Chummy Chum visited the Vedruna Learning Center located at Pangarap Village, Lower Tawi-Tawi, Caloocan City. Hundreds of indigent pupils enjoyed their different Wednesday treat with Chummy Chum giving them tons of games and prizes. All kids were inspired to participate! They played games such as passing the object, stop dance, trip to jerusalem, pass the balloons, and the longest word! All kids joined Chummy Chum when he danced. The other kids and staff of Vedruna Learning Center remember that day in July 2007 when Chummy Chum first came to visit. The kids went home with a big smile.

Seen in photos: Chummy Chum with kids, the goods distribution, and the new Chummy Chum mobile charity. Thanks to Ms Ahne for volunteering.
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