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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Jesus Reigns Ministry DVBS

DVBS is a staple activity for the youth (and sometimes the young-at-heart! =) during the summer months and summer vacation of students throughout the country. DVBS stands for Daily Vacation Bible School, and Chummy Chum was invited by the JRM-DVBS in the afternoon of April 29th to treat the kids to some snacks and refreshments.
After the event in the Smokey Mountain community, we headed to Imus, Cavite to participate in the said activities, and just in time, the themes of that day’s lessons are about dinosaurs and ‘The Lost World’! All the kids were thrilled to see Chummy Chum, our very own beloved purple dinosaur, and they all eagerly participated in the games we prepared for them. We also showed them how popcorn and cotton candies were made, and after the waiting and excitement to taste the goodies, all the children got to enjoy the snacks. The day went very well and it was good to see children learning while having fun.
Truly, it only takes so little to make the little ones happy, and to know that such kids belong to the underprivileged of the society, to see them all smiles and wide-eyed is more than what we could ever hope for. We all hope to see you again! Thanks to all the volunteers who joined us today. =)

Sarnelli Center for Street Children: Camp Days

April 29, 2011. Our day wasn’t over yet, and another event on our itinerary that day was the visit to the Amigonian Fathers retreat house. We went to the camp site of Sarnelli Camp 2011 in Punong Yaman, Gen. Trias, Cavite to meet the new batch of children who came from a children’s institution. The retreat was organized for the children who were rescued from their dangerous lives on the streets, to make them ponder and reflect on the possibilities that could be given to them in life, what they could make out of their lives and to discover their true selves. This is specially crucial and directed to those youth who have taken to sniffing rugby – a rather dangerous addiction among many children and teens alike on the streets—so they can be given options in life which have been rather really hard and tough for them. Many activities were scheduled for them in the retreat/ camping program, and we were there to throw in some little fun and cheer. The delicious smell of pop corn and cotton candies wafted in the air, making the kids expectant and excited to try the snacks. Finally the treats and freebies got distributed while Chummy Chum added to the delight by gyrating to some upbeat music to the amusement of the kids. It was a rather busy and full day for Chummy Chum and the team, but it was a day worth spending indeed. We left knowing that the kids will be enriching their lives more thanks to the solidarity night that will be conducted for them that night.
Thanks to Ms. Beth, Ms Roshel, and Ms Eden from Villa Elisa for giving us a helping hand today. =)

Friday, April 29, 2011

Kanlungan sa Erma at Smokey Mountain

The Smokey Mountain used to conjure images of extremely hard life in the past—people in extreme poverty, and the stench of city dumpsite. Through the years that image have changed to images of hope and health as people both in the government and NGOs have taken steps to rehabilitate the communities to make life easier for the families living there. One of the people who had the desire to help and turned that desire to a concrete plan and made all of it come true was Mr. Hong Jin Young.
On April 29, 2011, Chummy Chum went to see him and the children who were there for the enlistment to the new day care center he had built so that these kids could jump start their education albeit the difficult circumstances they are in. Mr. Jin was indeed filled with happiness as he oversaw the enlistment and the feeding program he prepared for the day’s event. The children were really happy beyond any doubt and it was doubled when they saw the Chummy Chum van and the gang.
It was such a momentous day for all of us, a happy and memorable day for the kids and without a doubt Mr Jin’s heart swelled with joy too, seeing the spark and glimmer of hope he gave to the kids. Indeed, it only takes a little a little generosity, a little help, a little love, a little hope—for all of us to make something good and awesome.

Thank you to Ms Tricia and Jandel for volunteering for this event.

Seen in photos: the kids with Chummy Chum; the kids and Chummy Chum with the new day care center; the Smokey Mountain community

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Virlanie Foundation-JCI Princes Urduja Makati with Ms Jen Gift Giving

It was Ms. Jen Oliveros’ birthday on April 25, 2011, and just like the many altruistic and big-hearted people we’ve been lucky to be with, she chose to celebrate her special day with the less fortunate children of Virlanie Foundation in Tanglaw Homes. Ms. Jen is a member of the JCI and she wanted to surprise the kids and treat them to a Monday afternoon of ice cream, clowns and balloons- a party! Of course no kids party spells f-u-n without Chummy Chum, and it’s no Chummy Chum party without dancing! After munching on the snacks prepared by the celebrator and her friends; the kids danced the afternoon away, had a really good time and took some pictures with Chummy Chum. It was an afternoon worth spending indeed. We thank Ms Jen and her friends for the gifts, Thank you! =)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Mrs. Cabardo and the Gift Giving at a Tenement Housing in Santa Ana. Manila

Mrs. Cabardo is one of Chummy Chum’s friends who do and support charity activities, for children in particular. On April 17th 2011, she invited us to a tenement housing complex in Santa Ana, Manila to give the children of the community there an exciting Sunday afternoon. In a third world country like the Philippines, housing is scarce and people displaced and challenged to find a place to stay, much more to live in, is commonplace. Here, many families live in low-cost housing offered by the government and among these families are children. 200 of them were present in our activities then, and all were more than willing to participate in games like ‘The Boat is Sinking’, ‘Pass the Object’, and a lot more we got in store for them. After the games they were all expectant to get the freebies and the refreshments we had for them and the events were capped off with our gentle giant Chummy Chum dancing to the latest beats. We can definitely say that whatever the circumstances, children will always find a piece of heaven on earth in games as simple as hopscotch or tag as long as they got each other enjoying each one's company. We can learn a lot from the innocence and the optimism of children and that’s the very reason we should all protect and support them
Our thanks go to the chair of baranggay Sta. Ana and its constituents. =)

Gift Giving with Ms. April Joyce at the Kaisahang Buhay Foundation

We in Chummy Chum believe that there’s a world of good in mos of us—a desire to do what’s good and noble and a want to share what life and the universe has bestowed upon us. It’s a good feeling to know we are not alone in our advocacy for children, and sometimes it’s not at all difficult to find such generous souls. Ms April Joyce has been looking for a charitable institution she can hold close to her heart and we guided her to the direction of Kaisahang Buhay Foundation.
On April 16, 2011, Chummy Chum with Ms. Joyce went there to give away gifts, cakes, snacks and laughs as our dear mascot gyrated to music to the delight of the KBF community kids. It was an afternoon well-spent, teaching us the simple lesson of how rewarding it is to give than to receive. We know Ms April went home with a heart full of happiness after seeing how happy she made the kids.. We certainly did! =) Thanks to Ms. Neth, Ms. Yana, and Ms. Jenn for volunteering.

In photos: The celebrator with the KBF kids; Chummy Chum and the kids

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Gift Giving with Mrs. Esther Magleo at Sacred Heart Church

Summer is not just the season when people head to both the nearest and the remotest get-aways to take their well-deserved vacation, but also the time of the year when boys undergo one of the rites of passage from boyhood to manhood- circumcision. On April 16, 2011, a Saturday morning, Chummy Chum invited Mrs. Esther Magleo to join her charity activity in Sacred Heart Church in San Antonio, Makati. It was for the circumcision of 100 boys whose families couldn’t afford to pay for this minor medical operation. Boys aged 10- 15 anxiously waited for their turn and this is where Chummy Chum helped them ease their nervousness and fear of the procedure, distracting them with the sights and smells of cooking pop corn and cotton candies. The boys who were done with the surgery also were all smiles and relieved upon seeing our beloved mascot dance and move which somehow helped them bear the pain from the procedure.
Seen in photos: Chummy Chum with Mrs. Magleo and the kids who were with us that morning. Thanks to Mr. Tito and Ms Neth for helping us that day.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Visit to the Tahanang Walang Hagdan (House Without Steps) Ms Ruth from New Zealand for Refreshment

We know it’s difficult to live a life of disadvantage and constant lack of resources. But just imagine how doubly hard it is to go through life in poverty and with the challenge of physical handicap. Such are the fate of many people in our society, but it is very inspirational to know that many of them choose to live a life of positivity and productivity, especially that some people and groups help them to reach their potentials and sharpen their skills.
Tahanang Walang Hagdan (House Without Steps) is one
organization which aims to help people in this situation.
Chummy Chum paid the people there a visit in their hectare-wide
institution in Cainta, to give them a day of entertainment and cheer.
Three kids there celebrated their birthdays that day and
Chummy Chum helped them make it memorable
with an afternoon of dancing, picture taking, gift-giving and
refreshments. Our friends from New Zealand provided from
our big hearted friend Ms.Ruth and Ms.Jade for gave the gifts. Thank you so much
and may kids always have a big place in our hearts.
Thanks for Ms Neth & co. for volunteering.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Ms Jade’s Gift Giving Day with the Missionaries of Charity Alay ng Puso

It was a typical day for a lot of people on April 10, 2011, but for Ms Jade, it was a special day. With her request to see kids who unfortunately were sick and more heart-wrenchingly, abandoned by their families, Chummy Chum took her to Alay ng Puso in Delpan Bridge in Tondo, Manila. It was such a poignant scene to watch Ms Jade touching the lives of these children by spending a day with them, and equally moving to see the children responding to her with gratitude. It was a day well spent, as it was capped off with Chummy Chum dancing for the kids and the kids getting a lot of gifts.

Seen in photos: Chummy Chum posing with the celebrator and her friends. The kids’ faces were not closed up to protect their identities.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mrs. Lorela Lyn and Son Frankie’s Gift-Giving Day at Blessedville School for Special Children

April 9, 2011 is not just the day we went back again to Blessedville in Alfonso, Cavite, but also such a special day for Chummy Chum’s dear friend: Frankie. Frankie is our dear friend Ms Lorela Lyn’s son, and instead of throwing a birthday bash somewhere else they decided to celebrate his special day with the special children of this school. Blessedville is a haven for kids who are gifted in their own ways and kids who are hearing impaired, and although the school embraces all their students for who they are, it sadly always tries to makes ends meet. It is for this reason that Chummy Chum and big-hearted people like Ms Lorela wanted to come in and give a hand in making a difference, and in our own little way, make good memories for the children to remember. The teachers who are tireless in keeping their passion to help and guide assisted us in preparing the refreshments and activities for the day’s event, and even though Frankie just turned two years old this day, it’s nice to know that he shared his special day with the children in this school. Everyone went home with a smile and a happiness that comes from the heart. Truly it’s not what we have that matters in the end but what we have shared. =) Thanks to Mrs. Roshel Historillo for giving us a hand today. =)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Child Survival Maintenance Equipment Program: An Incubator for the Ospital ng Sampaloc

In keeping up with our commitment to the underprivileged and the disadvantaged, Chummy Chum went to Ospital ng Sampaloc on April 8, 2011, to hand over a photo therapy light incubator which would not have been possible without the help of our friend (Mr N.G) Under the CSMEP program, we have given not only a unit for the benefit of the indigent patients who will use this soon, but we have pledged to shoulder the upkeep of the said equipment too, so that all the people in the community, together with the doctors in the hospital with the director of the hospital Mr. Marlon Milares, the staff nurses, and everyone in the hospital and especially the patients, could feel our sincerest desire to assist and cooperate in giving attention to the less fortunate, most particularly the economically handicapped children of our society. We could not be happier to know we have helped in a humble way, and that we have made sure Chummy Chum will always uphold altruism and generosity. Thanks to Ms. Ahne and Mr. Kim for helping us today. =)
Seen in photos: Chummy Chum and Mrs Rowena Bula, operations manager of Chummy Chum giving the incubator to the OSAM director; Ospital ng Sampaloc in Geronimo St., Sampaloc, Manila

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Feeding Program in Kaisahang Buhay Foundation

On Monday April 4th, Chummy Chum and team were again on the road to spread joy and cheer- this time to the kids of Kaisahang Buhay Foundation in Baranggay Duyan Duyan in Project 3, Quezon City. The chair of this village has started a feeding program for the undernourished children, and at first, the kids were hesitant to go to the venue, but when they saw the Chummy Chum van they changed their minds! Chummy Chum then started the activities with some games to entertain the kids and this indeed broke the ice- they got into the mood to join the fun and to try the cotton candies and pop corn we made just for them.
The fun just went on and on and culminated to our beloved mascot dancing to some upbeat music to the glee of the children. It was a day to remember as everyone went home with wide smiles and eyes filled with happiness with freebies and good memories with Chummy Chum. =)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Child Survivor Maintenance Equipment Program (CSMEP) 1 unit of Incubator for Dr Jose Rodriguez Memorial Hospital

2nd of April 2011, Saturday. Chummy Chum headed for Dr. Jose Rodriguez Memorial Hospital located at Tala, Caloocan City to grant the request of their director for another incubator. The incubators they use in the pediatrics ward were not enough to accommodate the baby patients who need them, and so with the help of Chummy Chum’s dear friends (Mr. J.H), we were glad to be able to help and add another unit to the ones they are already using. We are grateful to this couple for giving us a helping hand in reaching out to those who need help, and appreciating our unique way of giving service to others.

Seen in photos: (top left) Chummy Chum poses with a baby patient in the hospital.
(top right) Our dear volunteers who are tireless in helping. =)
(above left) Ms Rowena Bula of Chummy Chum with the director of JRMH.
(above right) Mr. Aldrin Bula showing the CMSEP director how to operate the new incubator.

We thank the volunteers and our beloved friends for making all this happen. Thank you!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spreading the Cheer at the Philippine Children Medical Center

On April 1, 2011, Chummy Chum visited PCMC in Agham Road, Quezon City. The team headed to the Pedia-OPD of the hospital and instead of an ordinary Friday check-up/ treatment day, the kids had a field day. Even when we were just starting setting up the cotton candy and pop corn maker, the children could not hide their excitement- they definitely didn’t want to miss the chance to have some of what we were cooking up for them. When Chummy Chum started doing what he does best – dancing and making the children dance and smile too!- it was as if the children were not unwell after all! The children went home all smiles with their Chummy Chum freebies and the doctors thanked us for making the kids’ day. =)
Seen in photos: Chummy Chum dancing with the kids at the OPD

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