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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

At the Palarong Pinoy with JCI- Makati and JCI-Sydney

Playing sports is not just an avenue for kids to cultivate their talents, but a way to learn commitment, discipline, and fair play. On May 29, a Sunday morning, JCI invited Chummy Chum to the Palarong Pinoy Sports Fest in Bulacan, Payatas, Quezon City. JCI believes that positive change requires taking positive action, and what could be much better than letting kids do what they love doing- playing sports- while they learn the core values it teaches. Children of different ages registered for the sports fest, and while some participated in the games, some watched while we cooked pop corn and make cotton candies. Later, snacks and lunch packs were shared and we saved the best for last, letting our awesome Chummy Chum end the festivities with a dance. Every kid went home with a gift and a smile to boot. Every one who helped went home with the knowledge of one who understands the value of sharing oneself. A great day indeed. =)
In photos: the JCI team with the kids; the kids in the sports fest

Monday, May 30, 2011

A Day in La Salle Hospital Charity Ward

May 29, 2011. Every mother knows how hard it is when a child gets sick and if it’s serious, the subsequent visit to the hospital is additional anxiety. Chummy Chum went to La Salle Hospital in Dasmarinas, Cavite, and with the mission of somehow ease the worry and pain of kids and mothers alike, headed to the Out Patient Department and Charity Ward to give away gifts, cotton candies, and pop corn.

This hospital is the only private hospital in the area that offers OPD and Charity Ward services, and just like Mrs Bula, our operating manager attested to, it was very hard indeed to wait in line, wait for your turn to get affordable hospital services and equally hard to make a sick child comfortable in such conditions. So in order to ease their difficulty we tried to uplift their spirits and moods for that day, with Chummy Chum spearheading the fun and activities.
Seen in pictures: Chummy Chum with the children. Thanks to Ms. Neth and Comp. for volunteering.

Christian Church Fellowship International -DVBS

It was a rainy Saturday morning, the 28th of May, and we met the kids who flocked to the Christian Church Fellowship International DVBS program. The place was jam-packed, the excitement palpable and the kids expectant, looking on while we readied for the activities. The vacation bible school had a program for the kids that day, and as it commenced we went on cooking the pop corn and making the cotton candies which appetizing smells had the kids gaze at us impatiently. Our amazing Chummy Chum finally came out, danced his way to the children while we handed out the snacks and that made the kids more excited by the minute. It was another well- spent day for us, seeing the kids glow with happiness as they smilingly received the presents we brought for them.
In photos: Chummy Chum with the children of the DVBS
Thanks to Mr.Tito and team for giving us the cart, and for always being of great help to our activities. =)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Kamuning Bible Christian Fellowship-DVBS

27th of May, 2011. Summer is a much-awaited time of the year by most kids, and for some, going to Daily Vacation Bible School classes (DVBS) is a worthy activity to spend it with. Chummy Chum attended the graduation ceremonies of the KBCF DVBS in 11th Jamboree in Kamuning, Quezon City, to show the support to the kids and the members of KBCF who are not just tireless in instilling godliness to children, but tireless in being good Samaritans to the needy. Every year KBCF bestows scholarship programs to children who don't have the means but want and deserve to go back to school. After making a bee line for the snacks, the kids watched as our talented Chummy Chum made his way to the stage to show them his dance moves, much to their delight. Every one went home with the word of God in his heart and a memory to treasure.

Seen in pictures: Chummy Chum dancing on stage
Thank you to Mr. Tito and team for volunteering. =)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

“It’s for Free”: A Visit to Gat. Andres Bonifacio Medical Center

On May 25, Wednesday, Chummy Chum and the gang paid a visit to the patients of Gat. Andres Bonifacio Medical Center for the first time. This hospital is located in Delpan, Tondo, Manila- an area of the city where conditions are hardly comfortable. The hospital mainly serves the distressed community around it, and while setting up our pop corn and cotton candy maker, some people asked us whether what we were preparing was for merchandise. Of course we said it’s free (as always! =) and the subsequent question, “Why?” moved and surprised us--for some people who have seen enough of the hard life, the idea of offering something free could be as far-fetched as striking it rich with a single 20-peso ticket in the sweepstakes. It was such a pleasure to explain to them that Chummy Chum is a foundation started by an Indian family, who wants to share their blessings to those who are less fortunate, and that we were there that day to give away some snacks and gifts to the children patients. As always, we were rewarded with a smile brimming with joy and gratitude, and hope too. For us that is always the ultimate take-home prize.
Thanks to Ms Queenie and Ms Mary Ann for volunteering.
Seen in photos: Chummy Chum with some patients in the hospital

Friday, May 27, 2011

Cedrix’ Birthday Celebration and Gift Giving with the Jesus Reign Ministry kids

Most parents mark the milestones of their kids by throwing parties, and here in Chummy Chum, we are always for the joy and cheer of children, but more so if it benefits those who are economically disadvantaged in the society. It was the 22nd of May, a Sunday afternoon, and we got invited by the Historillo family to come and share the fun.
Our very own Ms. Rowena Bula was requested by her younger sister to invite Chummy Chum as it was her son’s birthday, but her first response was a ‘no’-- unless her sister made sure that the party involved the invitation of some underprivileged kids. Eventually it proved to be a rewarding experience for the Historillos as they experienced for the first time the gift of happiness in sharing one’s blessings, by inviting the beneficiaries of the Jesus Reigns Ministry. Most kids who came were from families who suffer from dire circumstances, and some were glad to come, as they had not gone to any children’s party ever. We felt glad knowing we made that day memorable for those kids, making them enjoy the food, games, balloons and gifts, and glad too that our host and donor family felt that kind of happiness and contentment which only comes from giving and sharing to those who need help the most. Thanks for celebrating your son’s birthday with us! =)

Seen in photos: Chummy Chum with the birthday celebrator, and with the JRM beneficiaries

Love to Learn Young Focus Group (with thanks to Ms Ruth of New Zealand for providing the refreshments)

May 21st 2011. After spending the morning with the children in Childhaus, the Chummy Chum team headed to the Smokey Mountain community, this time to the permanent office of Young Focus. Young Focus is a group that aims to alleviate the plight of the out-of-school youth in the poverty-stricken community, helping them build and boost their self-esteem through various activities. Chummy Chum was invited to energize and liven up the activities, and our beloved mascot was the icing on the cake, dancing his signature moves.

Seen in photos: Chummy Chum with the Young Focus beneficiaries
Thanks a million to Ms. Ruth for always trusting and believing in us. Thanks to Alacel too for giving us a hand today. =)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

At Justice Jose Abad Santos General Hospital

It was May 17, Tuesday. Today’s agenda was to pay a visit to Justice Jose Abad Santos Hospital in Numancia, Binondo, Manila. It was our first visit, the place was well-ventilated and was comfortable, and we were there to see if we could help the hospital by furnishing it with some equipment under the CMSEP. Of course we were also there to do something which any Chummy Chum event will never be complete without: pop corn, cotton candies and a dancing Chummy Chum! Even while we were still setting up to cook the snacks the kids were all impatient and constantly asked us when they could finally taste what we had prepared for them.
After asking them to wait a few minutes, the kids seemed content to just watch while we prepared the pop corn and cotton candies and when we gave them the signal to make a bee line, it was almost a riot! They were all excited to get some. After that, the kids’ attention got drawn to Chummy Chum and the highlight of course was when he started to dance with the kids. We also grabbed the opportunity to drop by the pediatrics ward to take the fun afternoon to the kids there.

Seen in pictures: Chummy Chum with the kids; The Chummy Chum team distributing the goodies
Thanks to Mr. Tito, Justin, Tricia, and Jandel for giving us a hand today.

Finex Anniversary at Childhaus

lots of toys for the kids! Donated by Mr and Mrs Sison =)

the generous people of Finex

Chummy Chum volunteers,Thanks also to Tito & comp.

Chummy Chum with the kids
On Saturday, May 21, 2011, Finex Foundation invited Chummy Chum to celebrate its anniversary. It has been its yearly tradition to go to Childhaus to share its blessings and to bestow to the chosen recipients the gifts they wanted to share. Childhaus is a temporary shelter for indigent children who unfortunately are also afflicted with cancer. There were currently hundreds of kids and adults who were taking refuge there. In order to somehow alleviate the pain and discomfort the children there were suffering from, Chummy Chum and Finex found it a great idea to give them a joy-filled day, teeming with snacks, exciting activities, gifts and prizes—all courtesy of Finex and the Sisons (who by the way have been so generous with their donations toys for chummy chum's prizes and giveaways, thanks again!). The kids certainly enjoyed the refreshments we prepared, and of course the snacks too, thrown in for good measure by the big-hearted Finex people. Of course, we wanted to go the extra mile by giving out freebies too.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mr.Sison's Special treat for Cancer Kids at National Children’s Hospital

Mr. and Ms. Sison are two people with hearts of gold indeed. We were with them when they donated an incubator unit to OsTon, and the a day after that, they invited us to help them spread joy and cheer to the kids at the National Children’s Hospital in E. Rodriguez, QC. They are committed to the mission of doing works of charity and altruism, and wanted us to share the rewarding act of giving the kids in the said hospital something to smile about, even for a day. The children were cancer patients, but although in pain and in a lot of discomfort, they were not stingy with their smiles of gratitude for the gifts we gave to them, courtesy of the donation of the Sisons. Hesitant not to go to great lengths to give these children an unforgettable day, we practically threw a party for them, with us preparing the food and presents as early as three days before. We were ecstatic to see the joy in their faces, especially when Chummy Chum joined them in the games and dancing. Truly, nothing gives us great happiness and affirmation that we’re headed in the right track, than to see the glow in the eyes of these children. =)
In photos are Chummy Chum with Mr. Sison. We thank all the volunteers this day for giving us a hand. =)

SEACOM Feeding Program Treat and Birthday Bash

May 14, 2011, at 3:00 P.M. We just capped off the party our beloved friends, the Sisons, prepared for the kids in National Children’s Hospital, but we are not in a hurry to call it a day yet, as we then headed to SEACOM’s feeding program so we can help them share the blessings to the undernourished and underprivileged kids in Sucat, Paranaque. The place was crowded, the conditions were hardly comfortable, but we know it is in these kinds of places and situations our mission and our advocacy of sharing and spreading joy and cheer are most needed. We were there not just to treat kids to some snacks and to surprise them with some presents, but it was our very own Kuya Ariel’s kid’s birthday! Kuya Ariel is our tireless Chummy Chum van driver-slash-cotton-candy-maker-slash-automotive, all rolled into one. It was of course a children’s par

ty, and after the games and the refreshments were played and shared respectively, all the children, together with Chummy Chum, sang the birthday song for our birthday boy. It was a fulfilling day for all of us and especially Kuya Ariel’s family. Thanks to all who volunteered today. =)

Monday, May 23, 2011

At the Ospital ng Maynila OPD

It has been Chummy Chum’s mission to pay visits to as many public hospitals as we can around the metro, to see in what possible ways we can help the underprivileged kids who seek medical assistance amid the bleak conditions in the majority of these hospitals. Ospital ng Maynila (OsMa) is among them and just like with every hospital visit we get the chance to do, it never fails to amaze us how children and adults alike respond to us and the things we bring for them. Most patients in OPD that day wore long faces- anxiety and worry could have been weighing heavy on their shoulders- but once we got into cooking the pop corn and cotton candies, and preparing the gifts we brought for them, it was a total turn-around. Curious faces looked at us and almost in an instant all their worries seemed to all go down the drain! As always, everyone in our team,and the people our efforts we offer to, called it a day with smiles and a wish that every day be as light and cheerful as this one. =)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Children’s Joy Foundation Treat 600 Kids in the Community to a Fun-filled Day

April 20, 2011, Wednesday. Children’s Joy Foundation invited Chummy Chum to be their partner for the day in accomplishing the task of treating 600 less-fortunate kids of a village in Sauyo, Quezon City to a day filled with fun, games, and snacks. It was the birthday of Pastor Quiboloy, the founder of Children’s Joy Foundation, so we headed toGreenville Subdivision covered court to celebrate and share the blessings with the kids. It was a better option indeed to share the blessings and give to the needy instead of giving a gift to oneself on a birthday. And truly it was not in vain as the children rewarded us with laughter and gratitude as they partake of the refreshments and gifts- all prepared for them by Children’s Joy members and the Chummy Chum gang. The party was capped off by Chummy Chum dancing with the kids, turning the event into a real children’s party. Thanks to Ms. Anne and Kim and to Ms.Alacel for helping Chummy Chum today. =)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sta. Ana Hospital Visited

On May 10th 2011, Tuesday, Chummy Chum went to visit Sta. Ana Hospital. It is a public hospital supervised and monitored by the City Government of Manila, and most patients who go there for check-up and treatment are those who can hardly afford the services of private hospitals. Unlike most government-maintained hospitals around Metro Manila, Sta. Ana Hospital doesn’t exactly look like your typical public health care center, because it was new, well- built, and well ventilated. But like what Dr. Mario Lato, the OIC director of said hospital said, everyone deserves access to good health care services, both the well-off and the indigent, so they are keeping the hospital on a par with other good hospitals in the city. It was the first time the hospital was host to a gift giving event like this, so we were very excited to treat the kids to a great afternoon. =)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Chummy Chum Visits DVBBCI- Daily Vacation School

On May 7, 2011, Saturday, at 9:00 AM, We headed to Divine Bible Ministry Church in Taguig, so we can share the pride and joy of almost hundreds of underprivileged children who would be graduating from their DVBS.

The venue was also the place where they conduct their programs for the children’s ministry, and all kids got curious when we arrived and set up our pop corn and cotton candy maker. They were in for a great surprise when they realized all we brought was for them, and the celebrations culminated with Chummy Chum dancing and the kids getting their freebies. All went well that day, and the children went home with their DVBS diplomas in hand and the joy and cheer only Chummy Chum can share. =)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Ms Annix' Birthday Bash at the Ward 9 of PGH

Sunday, April 30, 2011. A friend of Chummy Chum’s, Ms. Annix, together with the Chummy Chum team, went to the pediatrics ward of PGH so that she can share with them this very special day in her life—her birthday! Ms Annix has asked us as early as January for this event, and we were more than happy to make a wish come true for her. =) The celebrator came with her friends and family, and they prepared refreshments, gifts, loot bags, balloons – all that make a children’s party a blast. All the children got thrilled and energized at the sight of such eye candies, and since we read the anticipation in each kid’s eye, we were more than eager to make them wait no more and give them all these presents.

It was a memorable day for us, and we are sure for Ms Annix and her friend and family too, because blessings in life can be enjoyed more when we share it. We thank Ms Annix for giving us the opportunity to share her birthday with the kids and we hope this new page in her life adds more happiness, more love, more gifts from above, more chances to celebrate and share, and more reasons to smile. =)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Child Survival Maintenance Equipment Program(CSMEP) Division with Mr and Mrs Sison’s Donation of an Incubator to the Ospital Ng Tondo (OsTon)

Everyone knows how difficult situations can get in public hospitals here and across the country, and the plight of both health care practitioners and patients only get worse because of the inadequacy and worse, the lack of necessary medical equipment to use. We all know the story and the picture, but some people have chosen to take steps in trying to lessen the problem one act of good will at a time. On April 30, 2011, Saturday, 9-11 AM, Chummy Chum together with Mr. and Mrs. Sison went to the Ospital ng Tondo (OsTon) to donate a unit of incubator with photo therapy light for the use of the babies from the disadvantaged families who can’t afford to go to private hospitals. It was a great gift indeed to the hospital and to the hosts of patient babies who will benefit from this gift of love from the Sison family. While the incubator was being officially handed over to the department, the team got busy preparing, then distributing the gifts and snacks at the pediatrics ward and we were glad we also got the chance to give gifts to other kids who are not in the said ward. The generous Mr. and Mrs. Sison did not stop with the incubator, but donated some cash to OsTon to help augment the medicine budget of the hospital. They are planning to give more to other hospitals, and it was really inspiring and motivating to know that we are not alone in our mission. Surely we only need to look around us to see that there is so much wok to do, so many people to help; the task could be daunting but as long as we have people like the Sisons, and the many people who have the heart to help, the mission and the task turns from daunting to rewarding. =)
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