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Friday, April 29, 2011

Kanlungan sa Erma at Smokey Mountain

The Smokey Mountain used to conjure images of extremely hard life in the past—people in extreme poverty, and the stench of city dumpsite. Through the years that image have changed to images of hope and health as people both in the government and NGOs have taken steps to rehabilitate the communities to make life easier for the families living there. One of the people who had the desire to help and turned that desire to a concrete plan and made all of it come true was Mr. Hong Jin Young.
On April 29, 2011, Chummy Chum went to see him and the children who were there for the enlistment to the new day care center he had built so that these kids could jump start their education albeit the difficult circumstances they are in. Mr. Jin was indeed filled with happiness as he oversaw the enlistment and the feeding program he prepared for the day’s event. The children were really happy beyond any doubt and it was doubled when they saw the Chummy Chum van and the gang.
It was such a momentous day for all of us, a happy and memorable day for the kids and without a doubt Mr Jin’s heart swelled with joy too, seeing the spark and glimmer of hope he gave to the kids. Indeed, it only takes a little a little generosity, a little help, a little love, a little hope—for all of us to make something good and awesome.

Thank you to Ms Tricia and Jandel for volunteering for this event.

Seen in photos: the kids with Chummy Chum; the kids and Chummy Chum with the new day care center; the Smokey Mountain community

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