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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sarnelli Center for Street Children: Camp Days

April 29, 2011. Our day wasn’t over yet, and another event on our itinerary that day was the visit to the Amigonian Fathers retreat house. We went to the camp site of Sarnelli Camp 2011 in Punong Yaman, Gen. Trias, Cavite to meet the new batch of children who came from a children’s institution. The retreat was organized for the children who were rescued from their dangerous lives on the streets, to make them ponder and reflect on the possibilities that could be given to them in life, what they could make out of their lives and to discover their true selves. This is specially crucial and directed to those youth who have taken to sniffing rugby – a rather dangerous addiction among many children and teens alike on the streets—so they can be given options in life which have been rather really hard and tough for them. Many activities were scheduled for them in the retreat/ camping program, and we were there to throw in some little fun and cheer. The delicious smell of pop corn and cotton candies wafted in the air, making the kids expectant and excited to try the snacks. Finally the treats and freebies got distributed while Chummy Chum added to the delight by gyrating to some upbeat music to the amusement of the kids. It was a rather busy and full day for Chummy Chum and the team, but it was a day worth spending indeed. We left knowing that the kids will be enriching their lives more thanks to the solidarity night that will be conducted for them that night.
Thanks to Ms. Beth, Ms Roshel, and Ms Eden from Villa Elisa for giving us a helping hand today. =)

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