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Thursday, May 26, 2011

At Justice Jose Abad Santos General Hospital

It was May 17, Tuesday. Today’s agenda was to pay a visit to Justice Jose Abad Santos Hospital in Numancia, Binondo, Manila. It was our first visit, the place was well-ventilated and was comfortable, and we were there to see if we could help the hospital by furnishing it with some equipment under the CMSEP. Of course we were also there to do something which any Chummy Chum event will never be complete without: pop corn, cotton candies and a dancing Chummy Chum! Even while we were still setting up to cook the snacks the kids were all impatient and constantly asked us when they could finally taste what we had prepared for them.
After asking them to wait a few minutes, the kids seemed content to just watch while we prepared the pop corn and cotton candies and when we gave them the signal to make a bee line, it was almost a riot! They were all excited to get some. After that, the kids’ attention got drawn to Chummy Chum and the highlight of course was when he started to dance with the kids. We also grabbed the opportunity to drop by the pediatrics ward to take the fun afternoon to the kids there.

Seen in pictures: Chummy Chum with the kids; The Chummy Chum team distributing the goodies
Thanks to Mr. Tito, Justin, Tricia, and Jandel for giving us a hand today.

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