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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Attorney Fantone’s Birthday Celebration at Blessedville School for Special Children

“The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning.” ~ Mitch Albom

This could never have been said better, for success and accomplishments are good, but without meaning, without a mission in life that is both nourishing to the soul and to the soul of another, they are all but in vain. Here in Chummy Chum we are certainly lucky to find people who share our philosophy, keeping not their gifts and blessings to themselves and only to those they know, but to those who need them the most. One of these people we are very blessed to know is Attorney Ronald Fantone, who chose to celebrate his birthday on June 4, 2011 with us. He particularly requested to commemorate his special day somewhere we don’t frequently visit, so we took him to Blessedville in Alfonso, Cavite. When we arrived we were greeted with excited applause and a very warm welcome by the children. They were thrilled to see who generously gave them the school supplies, and Attorney Fantone and his family and friends were equally eager to meet the kids too. The gifts were many, the snacks plenty, the dancing headed by Chummy Chum a pure delight and the smiles and laughs were overflowing and lasted all afternoon. And just when Blessedville thought it could not get any better than that, Attorney Fantone and his entourage did not stop there, but finally bestowed to them the nebulizer for the special kids that the community requested. Thank yous couldn’t be exchanged enough between the people of Blessedville and the Fantones, and we will always be grateful to note that it is worth being a witness to such acts of kindness. It is a scene worth remembering indeed, and we hope more people like Attorney Fantone will also take the mission of giving a hand, giving hope to those who need to be affirmed that people will always care... and that many do, and will always. Thank you again Attorney Fantone. =)
Thanks too to Ms Mary Ann Bagsik and team for volunteering today
Seen in photos: Chummy Chum with the Blessedville kids; Attorney Ronald Fantone and his loved ones (his girlfriend and his mother) the community with the Taal volcano backdrop

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