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Friday, May 27, 2011

Cedrix’ Birthday Celebration and Gift Giving with the Jesus Reign Ministry kids

Most parents mark the milestones of their kids by throwing parties, and here in Chummy Chum, we are always for the joy and cheer of children, but more so if it benefits those who are economically disadvantaged in the society. It was the 22nd of May, a Sunday afternoon, and we got invited by the Historillo family to come and share the fun.
Our very own Ms. Rowena Bula was requested by her younger sister to invite Chummy Chum as it was her son’s birthday, but her first response was a ‘no’-- unless her sister made sure that the party involved the invitation of some underprivileged kids. Eventually it proved to be a rewarding experience for the Historillos as they experienced for the first time the gift of happiness in sharing one’s blessings, by inviting the beneficiaries of the Jesus Reigns Ministry. Most kids who came were from families who suffer from dire circumstances, and some were glad to come, as they had not gone to any children’s party ever. We felt glad knowing we made that day memorable for those kids, making them enjoy the food, games, balloons and gifts, and glad too that our host and donor family felt that kind of happiness and contentment which only comes from giving and sharing to those who need help the most. Thanks for celebrating your son’s birthday with us! =)

Seen in photos: Chummy Chum with the birthday celebrator, and with the JRM beneficiaries

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