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Monday, May 30, 2011

Christian Church Fellowship International -DVBS

It was a rainy Saturday morning, the 28th of May, and we met the kids who flocked to the Christian Church Fellowship International DVBS program. The place was jam-packed, the excitement palpable and the kids expectant, looking on while we readied for the activities. The vacation bible school had a program for the kids that day, and as it commenced we went on cooking the pop corn and making the cotton candies which appetizing smells had the kids gaze at us impatiently. Our amazing Chummy Chum finally came out, danced his way to the children while we handed out the snacks and that made the kids more excited by the minute. It was another well- spent day for us, seeing the kids glow with happiness as they smilingly received the presents we brought for them.
In photos: Chummy Chum with the children of the DVBS
Thanks to Mr.Tito and team for giving us the cart, and for always being of great help to our activities. =)

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