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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Finex Anniversary at Childhaus

lots of toys for the kids! Donated by Mr and Mrs Sison =)

the generous people of Finex

Chummy Chum volunteers,Thanks also to Tito & comp.

Chummy Chum with the kids
On Saturday, May 21, 2011, Finex Foundation invited Chummy Chum to celebrate its anniversary. It has been its yearly tradition to go to Childhaus to share its blessings and to bestow to the chosen recipients the gifts they wanted to share. Childhaus is a temporary shelter for indigent children who unfortunately are also afflicted with cancer. There were currently hundreds of kids and adults who were taking refuge there. In order to somehow alleviate the pain and discomfort the children there were suffering from, Chummy Chum and Finex found it a great idea to give them a joy-filled day, teeming with snacks, exciting activities, gifts and prizes—all courtesy of Finex and the Sisons (who by the way have been so generous with their donations toys for chummy chum's prizes and giveaways, thanks again!). The kids certainly enjoyed the refreshments we prepared, and of course the snacks too, thrown in for good measure by the big-hearted Finex people. Of course, we wanted to go the extra mile by giving out freebies too.

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