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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Chummy Chum at Virlanie foundation with LOCA Group of Malaysia

August 30th, Tuesday. The children at the Virlanie Foundation usually spend their afternoons napping, but today no one wanted to take the forty winks because they knew we would be taking with us the LOCA group from Malaysia, to treat them to an afternoon of joy and fun. The group had looked for some people to help them with their outreach program, but after looking up some, they got discouraged to find they had to furnish many requirements, making the process complicated. So after persistently searching, they found the Chummy Chum Foundation, and as they say, the rest was history. Virlanie foundation was the center we recommended to them, and that day, all the wait was over, as they succeeded in giving the less fortunate kids there a day to remember. We look forward to work with you again in your next out reach project! =)
Thanks to Mr. Tito and company for the help. Thanks to Ms Daph for the candies.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Chummy Chum at the New Childhaus with Ms Tina & Rami

On August 23, 2011, another friend of Chummy Chum’s celebrated a birthday with us and a special group of children. Ms Tina Rafinan and Rami chose to spend this important day with some kids who were afflicted with cancer who were staying then at the new Childhaus in Bahay Toro, Quezon city. The temporary shelter provide these children with a home away from home, and Ms Tina and Rami’s visiting them is certainly a very welcome respite from the difficulties that come with fighting and surviving cancer. When the kids met the celebrators, they were delighted beyond words, seeing the colorful balloons and the scrumptious food prepared for them. A magician was there to entertain them and show some tricks, too. Rami led the games which the kids eagerly participated in, and the photographer who came with them captured the great moments while the kids were having fun. It was a great party, and for the finale, Chummy Chum danced with the kids.
Thanks to Ms. Alacel for helping us this day. =)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

"Birthday Mo? Pakain Ka Naman!" with Mr. Ed Aguila with the Cotollengo Kids

On August 20, 2011, Mr. Eduardo Aguila invited Chummy Chum to come celebrate with him his birthday at Cottolengo Filipino in San Rafael St., Montalban, Rizal. Mr. Aguila is an architect and a good friend of Chummy Chum’s founder, and like us, and the many friends of Chummy Chum, he chooses to welcome a birthday with a charity event. This year it was with physically and mentally challenged kids, and every year, all those who were lucky to join the celebrations thoroughly enjoyed and felt welcome, as seen in the photos here. Mr. Ed was such a sport, dancing with Chummy Chum and the kids, proving that sharing what he has gives him so much joy and such a heart that never gets old. We thank the celebrator for his generosity, and also Ms Roge and company for helping is today. =)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Chummy chum & kids Foundation & company bring smile to the deaf and mute kids

Afternoon of August 19, 2011. Chummy Chum was invited by the Kids Foundation to celebrate a special occasion and to treat the sixty children being cared by the Lutheran Church Foundation in Timog, Quezon City. Instead of the usual birthday party parents give to their kids, the celebrator chose to spend it with less fortunate kids. The warm welcome the kids gave us was amazing, and it was equally a pleasant surprise to note that even most kids there were hearing and speech impaired, they joyfully danced to the music we played. It was a spectacle- they thoroughly enjoyed dancing, even without hearing the music. Of course it would not have been a party without games and prizes, and the children were all eager to participate. The festivities ended with a special dance number by Chummy Chum, and even then, the kids were non-stop in displaying their dance moves to us. It was really inspiring to see kids enjoying themselves even when they were handicapped in some ways. Their physical challenge did not prove a hindrance to enjoy their day. We again, want to thank Mrs Sison for taking care of the prizes- from the bottom of our hearts we say a big ‘Thank you!’

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Visit to Pateros District Hospital with Ms Maan Celicius

In the morning of August 17, we were back in Pateros District Hospital to once again see how we could cheer up the sick kids there, while they count the days and wait for recovery from the illnesses they were being treated for. The kids mostly come from impoverished communities, and most were suffering from dengue. At the sight of the tarp and the effects we were setting up, it warmed our hearts that the guardians of these kids found it heart-moving to know our group is dedicated on sharing blessings and touching lives of as many kids as possible, amid these hard and trying times. Here in Chummy Chum, we feel that we are a success when we see children smiling and just being their cheerful selves, and that day was no exception as we looked at the young patients trying to dance with Chummy Chum. =)
We were blessed to have Ms Maan Celicius that day for contributing more refreshments for the kids. Thank you! We’d also like to thank Ms Mandy Sua for going with us to the event. =)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Birthday Treat to Cancer Ward Kids at the National Children’s Hospital

"Charity and personal force are the only investments worth anything." - Walt Whitman

Here in Chummy Chum, it is always life- affirming to learn and witness that kindness and generosity always blossom in the hearts of those who don’t want to forget them. Often we get calls and inquiries from people who want to help, who want to spend their special days with children who are disadvantaged in the society. Ms Mariflor is one of those people, one of our friends, who found it a lot worthier to spend her birthday with kids—kids who were sick, kids who needed some TLC from strangers too. On August 13, 2011, Chummy Chum and Ms Mariflor went to the cancer ward of the National Children’s Hospital. She and some of her dear friends, Stephen, Maridon, Mae, and Ms Mariflor’s parents prepared a birthday bash, not for her, the birthday celebrator it seemed, but for the kids there who at a very tender age, battled with cancer. Almost fifty children were in the ward, and every each of them felt like it was their birthday indeed because both our team and Ms Mariflor's prepared very well, making sure that the kids got to have a nice cake, loot bags, delicious food, prizes, and gifts. The cake itself was such a hit, it was a big one, making the children really excited to take a bite. We knew that after our visit, the kids would resume their days of fighting with all the energy and strength of spirit they could summon, and we hope that by doing this, we had given them some hope that they were not alone in their fight—people like Ms Mariflor care, and think about their plight too. =)

We want to express our gratitude to Ms Mariflor and her company for trusting Chummy Chum with her wish on her special day. Let’s not get tired bringing smiles to these little angels. Help us! See you soon! =D

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Faith in Christ Alone Church Ministry Anniversary

Faith in Christ Alone Church Ministry in Maspac, Montalban, Rizal, held its anniversary on August 7, 2011, and we were there to help them give the kids from the poverty- stricken and indigenous communities a fun-filled day. All the kids were excited to see how we cook pop corn and make cotton candies, but unfortunately, the power got cut and we were not able to prepare the snacks. Not wanting to waste a great time with the kids, we cheered them up by leading the games and activities we have in store for them. Later we gave each one some gifts and the ones who won the games, prizes, and they got a lovely surprise when our dear Chummy Chum went out to greet and dance with them. It melted our hearts when the pastor said that the kids will not forget such a wonderful day, and that Chummy Chum will not be forgotten by all of them. =D

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Childhope Kids with the Time Out Group at Manila Zoo

Chummy Chum and team was invited by Ms Maan to take part in Childhope’s outreach program on August 6, 2011. On that Saturday morning, we went to Manila Zoo along with fifty street kids who were chosen by Childhope Asia for some day-out in the city courtesy of Time Out Group. At the sight of the Chummy Chum van at the parking area, the children got all excited and thrilled for the activities to start, and made a beeline to the entrance of the zoo. While we prepared their snacks, the children busied themselves looking around the animals in the zoo. After the stroll and some things they learned about the animals while making the trip around, Time Out Group led the games for the kids in which all kids eagerly participated in. All the kids enjoyed the activities, and for the finale, Chummy Chum gave them a surprise by dancing with them. It was certainly a great day-out for these kids, and we hope that more kids will be treated to such as we know behind the smiles they gave us, there must be some heart-moving and sad stories left behind and forgotten for the day.

Friday, August 5, 2011

TV 5 “Alagang Kapatid" Medical Mission

Friday morning of August 5th, 2011- TV 5 Alagang Kapatid spearheaded another medical mission, this time at the San Jose Elementary School. We were again invited to take part, and we were more than honored to partner with them and make the event a success. First and second graders from the school and pregnant women in the community benefited from the free medical checkup and treatment from the volunteer doctors and received gifts from Chummy Chum. It was not just the beneficiaries of the program who was made glad that day, but we ourselves got surprised to know through some of the doctors we met there that the incubators we donated together with our dear donors under the CMSEP, were a big help to the public hospitals which they were given. Some of the incubators also helped the volunteer doctors in their service and helped the very medical missions of Alagang Kapatid. It was rewarding to know that through our activities and mission, people like these doctors who have the heart to reach out to the underprivileged run in the same circles as we do—the volunteer doctors we met at the TV 5 medical mission were referred by Doctor Emmalou Nano of PGH, another dear friend of Chummy Chum’s who help us when we have activities there. On behalf of our team and friends, we give our sincerest thanks to the doctors who volunteered to help that day. =) Thanks to Ms Ahnne too for giving us a hand. =D

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

PGH-Ward 9 Visited Ms Alice Jorolan (for the additional refreshments)

On August 3, 2011, we paid our regular visit to Ward 9 of PGH, a pediatrics ward in the hospital. Here in Chummy Chum, it seems like a month will never pass without us paying the kids in Ward 9 a visit. On that day, as we met new patients, every patient, guardian, and new nurse was surprised by our arrival, asking the doctors and staff if someone was celebrating a birthday. Those who have been working and serving there of course know our foundation is dedicated to serve and treat children from disadvantaged families and communities, and that was the reason we were there that day. Ms. Nikki, our dear volunteer from Alabang, spent some time to meet the kids and their guardians and told them the reason why we were there while we prepared the booth and cooked the snacks. After giving each patient his share of refreshments, the whole ward was pleasantly amazed when our dear Chummy Chum went out and danced for them, making the smiles of the kids the warmest we saw them do that morning. All went very well that day, and we gave each child some freebies to remember Chummy Chum and our mission by.
In photos: Chummy Chum with a baby in an incubator.

Thanks to Ms Nikki for volunteering! =D

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