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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Birthday Treat to Cancer Ward Kids at the National Children’s Hospital

"Charity and personal force are the only investments worth anything." - Walt Whitman

Here in Chummy Chum, it is always life- affirming to learn and witness that kindness and generosity always blossom in the hearts of those who don’t want to forget them. Often we get calls and inquiries from people who want to help, who want to spend their special days with children who are disadvantaged in the society. Ms Mariflor is one of those people, one of our friends, who found it a lot worthier to spend her birthday with kids—kids who were sick, kids who needed some TLC from strangers too. On August 13, 2011, Chummy Chum and Ms Mariflor went to the cancer ward of the National Children’s Hospital. She and some of her dear friends, Stephen, Maridon, Mae, and Ms Mariflor’s parents prepared a birthday bash, not for her, the birthday celebrator it seemed, but for the kids there who at a very tender age, battled with cancer. Almost fifty children were in the ward, and every each of them felt like it was their birthday indeed because both our team and Ms Mariflor's prepared very well, making sure that the kids got to have a nice cake, loot bags, delicious food, prizes, and gifts. The cake itself was such a hit, it was a big one, making the children really excited to take a bite. We knew that after our visit, the kids would resume their days of fighting with all the energy and strength of spirit they could summon, and we hope that by doing this, we had given them some hope that they were not alone in their fight—people like Ms Mariflor care, and think about their plight too. =)

We want to express our gratitude to Ms Mariflor and her company for trusting Chummy Chum with her wish on her special day. Let’s not get tired bringing smiles to these little angels. Help us! See you soon! =D

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