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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Rotaract Laguna Trick or Treat

 Morning of  October  29, 2011. Rotaract Laguna Chapter invited Chummy Chum to help them bring smiles to the almost 100 underprivileged kids invited to come to the venue.  But before that, both  parties did not know whether we could make it to their program due to the Chummy Chum van needing to be repaired. Rotaract was so accommodating to pick us up, and even asking help from the vice mayor of that Laguna city to commute and take care of our things. =)  At last,  Chummy Chum was not deterred to bring smiles to the kids.

In photos: Chummy Chum with the kids and the vice mayor’s going out of his way to pick us up =)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Trick or Treat at Ospital ng Maynila Pedia-ward

 Oct 28,2011.  after the activities in Kanlungan sa Erma, Chummy Chum headed to the  Ospital ng Maynila to sponsor the snack of their Halloween Trick or Treat together with the  pediatrics ward patients. They put up a horror booth where people could watch an AVR, and we only had to pay 20 pesos for it.  Curious cats got shocked by what was inside – some could not help but shriek and scream of fear and the Chummy Chum team tried it for fun and also for the benefit of some indigent pedia-ward patients....The kids went around the hospital division and had their candies.  Some got anxious waiting, and when all the kids got their candies and treats, Chummy Chum danced and took some pictures with them =)

Kanlungan sa Erma's Children’s Day Celebration

 Oct 28, 2011. Chummy Chum went to Benitez St., in Malate, Manila, to attend and sponsor the snacks of Kanlungan sa Erma’s almost 100 kid participants as they showed their talents in acting.  Most were just like professionals, moving the audiences, even the 5-year-old girl who portrayed a baby was amazingly talented.

 The people watched the show while eating popcorn, and after the presentation of each group, Chummy Chum walked out of where he was hiding and danced with the kids.  The prizes which the deserving kids won were made double by Chummy Chum, in appreciation of the kids’ talents. =)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Chummy Chum with the GMA Kapuso Foundation: Give-a-Gift to Cancer kids 2011

Oct 25,2011. Chummy Chum, through the  invitation of GMA Kapuso Foundation, supported their project, Give-a-Gift for Cancer kids 2011 at the Ever Gotesco Commonwealth, in cooperation with the  Gotong Foundation. Almost 25 cancer patient kids availed the free chemotherapy. For the launching of the event, GMA artist Ms Bea Binene led the games and when Chummy Chum came out to meet the kids,  their sad faces gave way to glee as they watched Chummy Chum dance and play with bubbles from the bubble machine.  
 We intended it to be like a kiddie party so we brought packed lunch, ice cream, and pearl shake coolers. We also did not forget to add the Chummy Chum freebies that always make the kids more excited.  We brought  toys, school supplies, candies, etc., and all these  were donated by the very generous Chummy Chum friends whom we would like to thank: Ms.Lilibeth Delgado, Ms Roge, Ms Bunny, Ms Vicky and Ms Karen God Bless you all and thanks to Mr Tito and team for volunteering. =D

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ms Blessee's treat to the cancer kid patients at Tahan-Tahanan

 Oct.22,2011, afternoon. To the East Avenue Medical Center we went, and this time Chummy Chum was with Ms Blessee (volunteer blogger of Chummy Chum Foundation =)) to have her dream birthday celebration with  the less fortunate kids in the center...
 The party was complete with Bernie's Clowns, who were dearly sponsored by Mr Bobby Rejano of Finex foundation. It was a day of games and prizes, dancing with the birthday girl, picture – taking, merienda - eating, gift- giving and Chummy Chum freebies.
 For the finale,  Chummy Chum came out to meet the kids  and danced with them energetically-- all- smiles and thrilled! Even until the next day,  Chummy Chum was still the recipient of the many  thank-you mails saying how unique the party was Chummy Chum and Ms Bleessee prepared. It was all awesome and memorable!
* Yours truly could not express enough her gratitude to Chummy Chum Foundation for letting her meet and celebrate with the kids in Tahan-Tahanan—it was an amazing day worthy of every good and beautiful memory. Thanks a million po for making me part of Chummy Chum! Without you I won’t be a happier person that I am now. Thanks po again! =D – Bless =D *

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sarnelli Center Celebrates Children’s Month

 After the event in Concordia, we went  to the Sarnelli Center for street children where nearly 49 kids came to celebrate with us; a lot of them came from the nearby  Baclaran community where some kids were street vendors. It was Children’s Month and we wanted to treat the kids to a movie at the Baclaran Redemptorist Church compound while letting them enjoy eat the popcorn we prepared just for them.
 The movie shown was about kids working hard to buy a bike, but unfortunately somebody always needed their help, hence, making them lose the money they kept saving. The end was heartwarming as they got the bike after all—with the help of the very people they helped. 
 The movie showed the children an example of the proverbial “What you sow, you reap.” After the movie we had a roll call- calling the names of the kid participants so they can get Chummy Chum freebies, and boy did we see their eyes glow! All of them got freebies and went home with big, big smiles. =D

Stella Mariz College Outreach Program at Concordia Orphanages

 In the afternoon of October 15, 2011,  Chummy chum went to old Sta. Mesa, to Concordia Orphanages, together with the Stella Mariz Outreach Program.  

Nearly hundreds of indigent kids in the community participated and enjoyed the afternoon treats by the Chummy Chum team and Stella Mariz students. The teacher of those students helped them realize how lucky they were and how they could make a difference to the lives of those unfortunate kids.

 The activities were led by one of  the Stella Mariz students,  and the most exciting part was  when Chummy Chum came out and danced with them. All  kids got freebies and the orphanages were bestowed  with significant help and donation too, from the Stella Mariz group. Thanks a million to those who help! =)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cerebral Palsy Center with LOCA Group

 Oct 11, 2011, Tuesday afternoon. After bringing  smiles and sunshine to the kids of  PCMC, Chummy Chum hit the road again and went to another venue, this time at Makati Sacred Heart Street, to Cerebral Palsy Center, together with LOCA Group.
 LOCA always wanted to do outreach programs to the less fortunate kids, but they didn’t know where, so Chummy Chum suggested some centers where they can help kids and share with them their blessings. For the second time, they partnered with Virlanie Masaya homes,  now for the  cerebral palsy residents. 
  The kids were so sweet and adorable in their own way, touching the hearts of the people in the LOCA group. The team of LOCA prepared lots of foods and giveaways, and when Chummy Chum,  the gentle giant, came out and danced with the kids, the smiles they beamed at us were enough to melt our hearts... We understood what their eyes and hearts said, but their lips could not... There was no need for words-- we knew how  grateful they were to see us enjoying their company and spending our time with them. =)

Children’s Month in Philippine Children Medical Center

 Oct 11, 2011, Tuesday morning. When Chummy Chum arrived at PCMC in Agham Road in QC, one may thought that there was no activity happening that day-- the kids were just sitting and waiting for their doctor;

 Some got called for their turn, some played in the garden; some were sleeping even while Chummy Chum were unloading the pop corn and cotton candy makers. But when they heard the Chummy chum music, kids danced and got excited to have the balloons we prepared. It became  a riot when Chummy Chum came and the kids saw the bubbles. At this point, people watching may have thought no sick kids was there! They all got freebies, and good times to look back on. =D 

In photos:  Chummy Chum with the kids and their guardians; kids got excited and amazed at how popcorn was cooked; PCMC

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ms. Alice Jorolan Celebrates at CHILDHAUS

Oct 9, 2011, Sunday afternoon. Even if it was raining hard, Chummy Chum was undeterred to be with Ms. Alice and her husband and proceeded to the program at Childhaus to celebrate her birthday with resident kids who bravely battle against cancer. Every year Ms. Alice chose Childhaus to share her blessings with, and  even when the cancer kids were not expecting us anymore because of the rain, we went ahead with our schedule still. We saw once again the bright smiles of the kids when they saw the toys and prizes for the prepared games, and they excitedly requested, "Ate, games na po tau!" After the games, our beloved mascot, Chummy chum danced while the kids busied themselves to taste the spaghetti cooked especially by Ms. Alice. It was really tasty! =D When it was time to distribute the toys, the kids got thrilled, just like in a store freely choosing the toys they liked!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Chummy chum with FINEX Foundation at Childhaus

 Oct 8, 2011, Saturday. Chummy Chum got a request from Finex to celebrate their anniversary once again at Childhaus. Here, the residents are always  happy to receive Chummy Chum, and even though some were suffering a bit from some sickness, or feeling a bit weak because of the treatments they must be receiving, the tasty popcorn and the gifts brought by Finex and company made the kids smile and forget their worries.
Finex always celebrates their anniversary at Childhaus, and for them no occasion nor celebration with kids was complete without Chummy Chum, and this time, the party was more fun because of  Bernie's Clowns. Bernie's clowns together with Chummy Chum partner up in charity,  and the business only charge us very minimally. At charity rate, the kids get to enjoy the magic tricks and program of the clowns, and take with them happy memories even after we had gone. Finex prepared plenty and scrumptious food for the kids that day. Thank you Finex! =D

Friday, October 7, 2011

Blessedville Foundation Day with Attorney Fantone for Gifts

        Oct 7, 2011, Friday morning. Chummy Chum with Mrs. Cabardo and company volunteered with us in Alfonso, Tagaytay, and joined the Blessedville Foundation Day. It was also the dedication of their school for special kids when Chummy Chum arrived, and kids jumped in excitement to see  that once again the CC team was there to give them another unforgettable party. We always made sure that we give our best in making the kids smile-- the games and prizes well-done and well-prepared.

 After the mass for dedication of the school building, we and the kids shared the lunch prepared by Blessedville, and to keep the kids’ smiles and laughter coming, Chummy Chum danced while we distributed the loot bags who were sponsored by the big-hearted Atty. Fantone and the generous Mrs. Cabardo.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

At the SPED-FEES with Ms Denisse and Mr Anthony

October 6, 2011. The CC team was once again busy preparing for another party for the kids, and this time we went to the SPED department of Fourth State Elementary School in ParaƱaque. We went there with Ms Dennise because she wanted to share her blessings with the less fortunate kids in the school, and to give a surprise party for her boyfriend, Anthony, too. =) He did not have any idea, any hint at all, and he was moved as the special kids sang him a birthday song. It was a sight to see indeed, and we could tell he was thoroughly pleased and made happy by such an unexpected surprise. It was the first time he joined a charity event with kids, and the couple was amazed by how easy but rewarding an idea it was to spend time with the kids there. The kids did not have to say their thank-yous a million times—the appreciation was obvious in the warm smiles and apt faces. Thank you very much Ms Denisse for being such an angel to the kids! =D Seen are Ms Denisee and Mr Anthony, and friends; Ms Vicky with the adorable kids

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Chummy Chum at Cardinal Sin Village

 It was still raining the next day, October 2, 2011, but we arrived safely at Cardinal Sin Village in Punta, Sta. Ana, Manila. One dear Chummy Chum friend, Mrs. Magleo, requested we help her friend share her son John Michael’s special day with underprivileged kids in her community. Of course we are all about kids here in Chummy Chum, and on that day, even upon our arrival with the balloons, pop corn and cotton candy maker, everyone felt the excitement of the kids.
It was a simple party for the kids, yes, but we made sure that all the kids felt that it was not only John Michael’s birthday party but theirs too. Chummy Chum danced with the kids and that added to the enjoyment of the children. Indeed, one doesn’t have to be rich to be able to share and be generous. Charity as they say begins at home, and in order to raise kids who value helping other people, parents need to start it where almost everything starts- at home. =)

In photos: Chummy Chum with the birthday boy and kids

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