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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Chummy Chum at Fathers House with Edwin Paul

Here in Chummy Chum, it’s not unusual to find people who are very generous with their time and resources—people who want to share their blessings, and people who want to share their special days with kids who are less fortunate. Mrs. Pelino’s son, Edwin Paul, chose to celebrate his birthday on September 4th with the Children of Father’s House, to make the day extra-special, since Edwin Paul himself is special. As a mother to Edwin Paul, she knows that kids need to be spent time with and appreciated to who they are, and she has high hopes that her son, through prayer and therapy, will be fine. Gifts, laughter, food, and smiles were shared that day, and the even at the start of the party preparations, the kids at the Father’s House could not conceal their delight. The good times were capped off with Chummy Chum dancing with the kids. It was a sight to see the kids having a really good time, just being kids, just being themselves – as they should be. Truly, whatever problems we face in this life, it should never be a hindrance to be happy and a blessing to other people. We thank Mrs. Pelino for the donation she made to Chummy Chum Foundation. Thank you very much.

1 comment

  1. Anonymous10/23/2011

    very inspiring :) nice meeting you ma'am chit pelino :) you have such a good heart <3


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