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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Chummy Chum at Virlanie foundation with LOCA Group of Malaysia

August 30th, Tuesday. The children at the Virlanie Foundation usually spend their afternoons napping, but today no one wanted to take the forty winks because they knew we would be taking with us the LOCA group from Malaysia, to treat them to an afternoon of joy and fun. The group had looked for some people to help them with their outreach program, but after looking up some, they got discouraged to find they had to furnish many requirements, making the process complicated. So after persistently searching, they found the Chummy Chum Foundation, and as they say, the rest was history. Virlanie foundation was the center we recommended to them, and that day, all the wait was over, as they succeeded in giving the less fortunate kids there a day to remember. We look forward to work with you again in your next out reach project! =)
Thanks to Mr. Tito and company for the help. Thanks to Ms Daph for the candies.

1 comment

  1. Thanks Miss Rowena. See you tomorrow!! :)


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