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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Chummy chum with Victory Gospel Team at Childhaus

            A no day-off Treat...

November 30, 2011 Wednesday holiday for it was  Andres Bonifaco's day and most of the Filipino enjoyed the day out of work  but to chummy chum foundation,in any occasion,holiday or not, our job is to make kids happy.

Together with the Victory Gospel Church from Greenbelt team, Chummy chum shared the blessing with the children suffering from cancer with the Childhaus. The Victory Gospel Church team have been doing this every year and this time with the Chummy chum foundation as their partner.

                  So much worth the time,the effort and with the gifts on hand,
it really was a holiday with fun and smile.. for once with chummy chum:>

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Chummy chum with Ms.Cathy and Richard at Sarnelli drop-in Center for streetchildren

Another birthday wish granted with smiles...

November 27, 2011 Sunday afternoon after memorable Saturday of November 26 the Chummy chum team lead Ms. Cathy and her boyfriend to Sarnelli Drop-in center for streetchildren located at L. Gabriels St  Airport Rd. Paranaque City.

 A month ago, Ms Cathy have came across with the Chummy chum website and took some time to browse with it. What she have read from it warmed her heart that she decided and inquired with the foundation about her interest of celebrating her birthday to charity instead goin out somewhere else.And so her wish was granted.

When chummy chum arrived to the place, all kids gathered together and we started at the games and all participated eagerly. After the snack and
gift giving, Ms.Cathy and Richard were so delighted and felt happy that they have shared their blessings  with the less fortunate kids.

Ms Cathy and Richard, see you soon again next time you celebrate your birthday with us.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Happy Birthday wt Ms.Anne Eugenio (Some lives and Some leaves)

What more memorable them to celebrate a birthday sharing smiles and happiness with the people you love on your side.But Ms.Anne Eugenio's wish is to share and spend this special day with the cancer patient kids.

Instead so as we, the Chummy chum Foundation her email last November 26,2011 granted her birthday wish by organizing an activity to the NCH located at E. Rodriguez Ave. QC.

When we arrived at the 4th floor of the hospital, kids waited curiously and with smile on their faces, anticipating for the surprises we prepared for them, we gathered to another spacious area which was on the 6th floor where the kids enjoyed the foods,gifts and giveaways they received.Even the parents participated in all the activities actively.

At times, life is really unpredictable that only "God" knows our future in the middle of the party,one sad news came one mother cried for her son had died after the happy treats given by the Chummy chum and Ms.Anne Eugenio. The child name is Dave Joseph Rarogal 4 years old from Marikina. According to the Doctor the child has on the NCH for a week. Though his case is terminal, the mother have been still hopeful. But despite of what happened, she's still thankful and happy that even her son died, she saw him enjoyed his last day with some other patient kids.

To Dave Joseph, ( in picture above with her mom hold him 'mom wear  pink blouse') your mother and us on the Chummy chum foundation shares our smiles with you for all we know that you are now in the presence of  "God" Almighty. This post is dedicated to you and Ms.Anne is greatful that even to your last day, she had been there and become a mentor of giving smiles to sweet angels like you, even to the helpless times...

(photos chummy chum with Ms Anne Eugenio and family,Thanks to Sir Tito&comp.for volunteering )

Chummy Chum with Ms. Cynthia Cobbarubia at Bahay Pag Asa (Never too late in giving smiles)

November 26,2011 after that sad moments at National Children's Hospital when a child died after the group gave them treats and surprises, we still have to get on positive smiles to the children. On that afternoon, we were scheduled also to meet the kids at Bahay Pag Asa located at Better living Subd. Paranaque City.

We were late from expected time of arrival but the kids were all there and still very expectant and very eager to wait for us. Of course the group would not want to dissapoint them and leave them unhappy,so the group started the party sooner by doing games. All kids wants to participate specially when they realize they were lots of prizes at stake. Our energetic Chummy chum mascot also delighted them as he danced for them. It was a very long day and a very luscious spaghetti and cake popcorn and cotton candy completed the day as if were served almost after the gift giving by Ms.Cynthia.

Most of all what more better way to preserve a memory but to post in a camera and took some picture and the group knows that the indigent kids went home satisfied and with smile ;>  ( in photos Ms.Cynthia and a kids, thanks to Sir Tito and team for volunteering)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Charity of Fun by Chummy Chum wt St Mary College QC Alumni at QMMC

Last November 20,2011 Chummy chum led the ST MARY'S COLLEGE QC ALUMNI batch "78" at Quezon Memorial Medical Center located at project 4 Quezon City almost 120 patients at pediaward came up to their bed and joined the morning treats given by SMCA and the chummy chum team, Bernie's clowns also there and held a show for the patients for charity fee. Both the kids and the parents as well truly enjoyed as they joined the games and took a lot of prizes given by both sponsors.

It Really was afternoon fulfillment of Community Social Responsability by St Mary's College QC Alumni.

Chummy chum would like to give thanks to SMCA for their Cash donations.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Chummy Chum with PJPS Scholars at Bahay ni Maria Outreach Program

 Last November 19,2011,  Chummy Chum went  to the place of our national hero’s birth at Calamba, to join Ms Jackie Chua in  her outreach program at Bahay ni Maria in Laguna.  Almost 30 elderly women  live their and their PJPS scholar also joined us to have their early Christmas Party.
The preparation was perfect—we felt how they valued their beneficiaries which Ms Jackie always made sure of. She not only shared her blessings, she also gave hope to the people whom she shared her blessings with. 

Her group we have to admit, has thrown and given the happiest charity party together with Chummy Chum Foundation, to date. Thanks Ms Jackie for making us a part of this special day! =)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Chummy Chum with Alagang Kapatid Medical Mission


November18, 2011. Chummy Chum collaborated once again with  Alagang Kapatid medical mission in  Bulacan St. covered court, Payatas.  

Almost hundreds of kids registered to the said medical mission and even some who were not there to have a medical check-up enlisted anyway, maybe because they were curious or they wanted to see what the buzz was about. All were welcome to join us, and we were more than willing to serve and help them, giving out freebies    and   
gifts, and snacks too.

 It was an early Christmas treat of Alagang Kapatid too, and we were more than happy that this event was again very successful and we hope that there will be more activities like this with Alagang Kapatid. Thank you!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Chummy Chum with the LOCA group at Tahan-Tahanan

 On  November, 15,2011, Chummy Chum, together with the  LOCA group, made their way to the Tahan-Tahanan at East Avenue Medical Center in  Quezon City where almost 20 kids who were bravely battling cancer enjoyed the afternoon, overflowing with treats, foods, gifts, laughter, and fun.. .
  LOCA is a Malaysian group that has decided to stay and work here in the Philippines, where they help less fortunate kids and make a difference too in their lives

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Chummy Chum with Mrs Cabardo: Treats for the kids

Chummy Chum and team’s next destination on the 12ft of November was to bring smiles to Remedios Manila. Almost 60 kids joined this gift giving event, and they enjoyed the treats by Mrs Cabardo, one of our dear friends who has always helped us  make hundreds of kids happy with her generosity. 

She is a simple homemaker who has a small business but her heart is big in giving and sharing her blessings. The less fortunate always has a place in her heart, and it has been a year since she asked us to help her share her blessings, especially with kids. We thank you with all out hearts for making us a part of your charity activities and giving these kids a reason to smile. =)

Chummy Chum with Sterling Bank of Asia (Greenhills Branch) gift giving at Sacred Heart

 On the morning of  November.12,2011 Chummy Chum, invited by Sterling Bank of Asia, joined its yearly CSR. At its daycare center in Sacred Heart in 3rd West, Quezon City almost 100 lucky indigent kids enjoyed the morning treats and lots of foods, games, and gifts coming from the Sterling Bank and and  Chummy Chum Foundation.
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