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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cerebral Palsy Center with LOCA Group

 Oct 11, 2011, Tuesday afternoon. After bringing  smiles and sunshine to the kids of  PCMC, Chummy Chum hit the road again and went to another venue, this time at Makati Sacred Heart Street, to Cerebral Palsy Center, together with LOCA Group.
 LOCA always wanted to do outreach programs to the less fortunate kids, but they didn’t know where, so Chummy Chum suggested some centers where they can help kids and share with them their blessings. For the second time, they partnered with Virlanie Masaya homes,  now for the  cerebral palsy residents. 
  The kids were so sweet and adorable in their own way, touching the hearts of the people in the LOCA group. The team of LOCA prepared lots of foods and giveaways, and when Chummy Chum,  the gentle giant, came out and danced with the kids, the smiles they beamed at us were enough to melt our hearts... We understood what their eyes and hearts said, but their lips could not... There was no need for words-- we knew how  grateful they were to see us enjoying their company and spending our time with them. =)

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