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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Chummy Chum at Cardinal Sin Village

 It was still raining the next day, October 2, 2011, but we arrived safely at Cardinal Sin Village in Punta, Sta. Ana, Manila. One dear Chummy Chum friend, Mrs. Magleo, requested we help her friend share her son John Michael’s special day with underprivileged kids in her community. Of course we are all about kids here in Chummy Chum, and on that day, even upon our arrival with the balloons, pop corn and cotton candy maker, everyone felt the excitement of the kids.
It was a simple party for the kids, yes, but we made sure that all the kids felt that it was not only John Michael’s birthday party but theirs too. Chummy Chum danced with the kids and that added to the enjoyment of the children. Indeed, one doesn’t have to be rich to be able to share and be generous. Charity as they say begins at home, and in order to raise kids who value helping other people, parents need to start it where almost everything starts- at home. =)

In photos: Chummy Chum with the birthday boy and kids

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