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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Chummy Chum with Ms Dotie at Childhaus

 It was a rainy October day on the 1st day of said month, but that proved no hindrance to us Chummy Chum because we had a promise to fulfill that day—to the kids of Childhaus, and to Ms Dotie, a special friend of ours who requested we help her make her birthday memorable and meaningful.
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 She told us that she had browsed the net to search for a group or a foundation to help her make her wish come true, and with luck, she found us and got in touch. We led her to Childhaus, where children afflicted with cancer stay while they receive treatment. The kids enjoyed the party Ms Dotie and we prepared for them although the rain poured outside. We hope Ms Dotie’s birthday was made more special with the kids whose day she made special. Again thanks 
                                              Ms Dotie! =)



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