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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ms Sison's Birthday with children cancer patients at V.Luna General Hospital

September 24, 2011. It was a Saturday afternoon, and instead of being somewhere else for her birthday, our beloved Ms Sison was with us on her very special day. The Chummy Chum team and her family had been preparing for this occasion as she planned to celebrate the D-day with kids with cancer at the V. Luna General Hospital. Almost 40 kids greeted us and the birthday celebrator, and they got very excited even at our arrival with food, cakes, balloons, gifts, and banners – a full children’s party indeed. Clowns from Bernie’s Clowns were there to boot, to make the day festive and lively, and they enthused the kids to join the games. Happiness was clearly on Ms Sison’s face all afternoon as she saw the happy faces of the kids, and knowing that this celebration of another page in her life was very meaningful and blessed. After calling it a day, we said our goodbyes and it melted our hearts to hear some kids saying they’d be sleeping with smiles on their faces. =)
Thank you very much Ms Sison, and we wish you a great year for this new chapter in your life!
Thanks to Mr Tito and team for volunteering. =D

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