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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Chummy chum with Ms Darah,Family and friends Treats their indigent communities

December 28,2011

Coming from Muntinlupa City. Chummy chum rush to Barangay Commonwealth QC to serve popcorn to their indigent community specially for kids helped by Ms. Darah and Friends.

Blast 250 kids lined up to got their foods and loot bags and other freebies
It was hard to organize the people at that time, but it was led by Chummy chum and Ivan of Bernie's clowns then suddenly everything is under control and the kids were really happy at that time for unexpected Christmas treats.


Chummy chum with Ms.May and friends 0utreach program

December 28,2011

Ms. May and friends decided to have this Christmas Party for the kids of Kanlungan sa Erma located at laguna and the events held at Muntinlupa City. They availed the charity fees of Bernie's clowns for more added attraction for the party the kids were very excited to participate in the games and when Chummy chum came and danced with them, they had happy smile on their face. Ms.May and friends and Chummy chum gave them gifts.

We would like to thanks all the volunteers.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Chummy chum meets the Barrio Kapito kids by Mrs. Edith Cabali, Family and Friends

 December 26,2011
Whole day

Chummy chum went to Barangay Kapito, Lian Batangas, almost 300 indigent kids from the barrio awaited us that afternoon. To ask whose their Santa was giving an effort to go to their place turns out there their special Santa was Mrs Edith Cabali, family and friends. Guided by Mark 9:36 from the Bible, they held gift giving session for almost 3 years to other orphanages and Communities in Lian Batangas. Mrs Edith Cabali is now in California USA and her sister organized the events.It is challenged for Chummy   Chum to road out the Barrio's but nothing
 is impossible and goodwill, Bernie's clowns were also at the events and the kids really enjoyed.

Thanks to the donation for the kids added refreshment for our next hospital visitation.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Chummy Chum at Sarnelli Center for Streetchildren Christmas Party

 December 23,2011

Before this party Chummy chum attended the Christmas Party for indigent last Thursday Dec.22, at the Paranaque Fire Brigade  at Mr.Yambao's request,Chummy chum joined almost 100 kids and their staff led the games and enjoyment for the kids.Chummy chum gave out  freebies and prizes courtesy of Mrs. Jenny Icasas.

At the Sarnelli, located at Compound of Redemptorist Church Baclaran . Their Christmas
party was not complete without Chummy chum the kids at the Center Drop-in and Residencial enjoyed the afternoon treats of Chummy chum.

After theParty with Sarnelli kids Chummy chum went to Elsie Gatches Village at Zapote Rd. Alabang for Ms. Ruth Christmas treats as added refreshment (Ice Cream Cart) to 600 mentally challenged kids.

Thanks to all volunteers and Merry Christmas to all. :>

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ms. Jenny Icasas and Children Treats the kids at Mango house for kids Inc.

December 20,2011
Tuesday afternoon

After goin to Angels of Hope Chummy chum goes to Mango house for kids Inc. located also at Silang Cavite.  This is not the first time that Chummy chum visited the kids together with the other donor.

There were lots of games,prizes and gifts and food prepared for the children Ms. Jenny also gave a cheque for the Center and for chummy chum Foundation as a donation to the meaningful mission of Chummy chum.

Ms. Nikki Family and Friend's at "ANGELS OF HOPE"

 Dec 20,2011
Tuesday morning

Chummy chum led Ms. Nikki to share her family's blessings at the Angels of Hope located at Silang Cavite. Ms.Nikki wanted to share her blessings to a Community outside Metro Manila, and soon she got her request. Almost 50 kids who were scheduled to be adopted were joined by Ms. Nikki  and her family for a morning of fun,games and lots of foods!

We are thankful for a generous souls like this family and their friends for sharing their blessings with the children and for working with Chummy chum.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Chummy chum with SOLV Foundation Treats the Malnourished kids

Last December 18, 2011

After the hearing impaired children at Loyola Heights Qcity,

Chummy chum went to Palanan Makati to attend the Outreach program of the Solv Foundation for 70 malnourished kids at their feeding program.
The kids enjoyed seeing Chummy chum and had lots of  fun with the bubble machine.The kids really enjoyed that fun afternoon with food and freebies.

It was a great pre-Christmas party for the kids of Palanan

Chummy chum with the Catholic Ministry for Deaf people and Kids Christmas Treats

December 18, 2011
Loyola Heights Quezon City

It was a rainy Sunday morning at Loyola QC. When Chummy Chum met the hearing impaired kids of Catholic Ministry for Deaf  kids to their Christmas Party.  The kids presented a dance number and Drama for their guest, with an interpreter to help us to understand. It was their first time to have party with Chummy chum.

We admire the kids who were active in their participation despite their hearing impairment
Merry Christmas Children!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Chummy Chum with Mrs Lalaine Uy and Family Double Treats at Elsie Gatches Village

December 17,2011

Chummy chum was invited once again to a gift giving activity by the Mrs.Lalaine Uy and family at EGV in Zapote road Alabang.

Its the family way of giving back to their year round blessings Double celebration Birthday by Mr.Uy and pre-Christmas party for almost 600 mentally-challenged kids and adults enjoyed their sorroundings which were filled with fun and games as well as lots of party food like popcorn, cotton candy, and icecream, aside from the entertainment provided by Chummy chum danced very well while bubble machine bubbling bubbles,  the magician , toys ,gift pack and lunch,
are provided by the Uy family for the kids of EGV.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Presbyterian Theological Seminary Christmas Party with Sunday school kids and with their Indigent communities

December 16, 2011

Before this Dec 15 2011 morning  Chummy chum attended the Christmas Party for Cerebral Palsy kids at San Antonio Makati. We would like to acknowledge the presence of our volunteer Mr&Mrs. Pechie Mendoza from Bulacan.

At The Dasmarinas Cavite Presbyterian Theological Seminary Christmas Party was held to the members of the sons and daugthers
of the attendies
readied the gifts for the party with the indigent kids from their barrio's,  prioritized the spirit of gift giving at the party with Chummy chum as well fun and enjoyment for all the kids. : >

Monday, December 12, 2011

Mrs Sison Christmas Treats to Konkokyo Daycare Center kids

 December 12, 2011

After going to Escopa 3, Chummy Chum went to Smokey Mountain kids at Balut Tondo Manila to give the kids Christmas Party experience. When they called Chummy chum they where in for a great surprise? Mrs Sison also called Chummy Chum to ask where she can share her blessings this Christmas, and Chummy chum led her to the Smokey mountain kids of konkokyo together with the Bernies clowns gifts ice cream and meryenda
- plus an afternoon of fun and games were brought to the children.

Thank you Mrs. Sison for always trusting Chummy Chum Foundation.

Mr.Rommel Relos Birthday Bash Bring smiles and blessings to the NVRC kids

December 12,2011

Chummy chum led Mrs Relos to NVRC Escopa 3 when she asked and her husband could celebrate his birthday to less fortunate kids. It is a yearly mission to share their blessings, and this year did it with NVRC. Almost 100 kids who where the son of blind and disabled person from NVRC.

Joined and led of fun with Bernie's clown they also had snacks and sang along to "Tag price" by Jessie J. when the Relos family came, the kids danced and try to catch the bubble by the bubble machine.

The kids at NVRC went home with lots of gifts and with big smiles:)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Poblete's Family Christmas Treat to Barrio kids of Alfonso,Cavite

Last December 11,2011
Sunday morning

Chummy Chum contineus to bring smiles and blessings, this time to Alfonso Cavite community. We gave smiles to almost 300 Barrio kids as the part of yearly gift giving treats by the Poblete family.While wait for the snacks, Chummy Chum led the games and gave lots of prizes to them. These prizes were much awaited by the kids after the final dance of Chummy chum music by "apl d' ap time of my life" kids are had pack lunch and snacks, while waiting for the second part of the program in the afternoon headed by the Poblete family.

We would like to thank all the the volunteer from Villa Elisa,Cavite.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Architec Dave and Friends at Bethany Orphanage Christmas Treats

December 10,2011 Saturday Afternoon

After the visiting the 1500 children at the Sta. mesa. Chummy Chum went to visit the Bethany Orphanage at Guiguinto Bulacan.

The group was requested by Architec Dave to lead the preparation for the children's party Bernie's clowns also took part in providing games,magic and balloon twisting, lots of prizes and foods coming from the group and there were unlimited popcorn, and cotton candy as well, care of Chummy Chum all kids got a real surprise and enjoyed the fun filled afternoon of happiness.

Chummy Chum with Laura Vicuna Annual Christmas Treat to 1500 Indigent kids

 December 10, 2011 Saturday morning

Chummy Chum was invited by the Sister of Laura Vicuna to sponsor snacks for almost 1500 indigent kids of the Sta. mesa Community. This event was held at Don Bosco Sta.Mesa Elementary School. All kids were able to avail of designed T-shirts by the sisters. There were lots of games,singing and dancing for the childrens entertainment. All kids sang and dance when they saw Chummy Chum. There was also free popcorn for everyone.

We would like to thank Don Bosco student for giving us hand on that day.

Friday, December 9, 2011

VIVA Production and Communication Christmas Treats at Cotolengo kids

 December 9, 2011 Rainy friday afternoon

Chummy Chum got a call from Vivacom to tie up at their events to give smile to the Cotolengo kids, at San Rafael Montalban Rizal. The group gave joy to almost 70 abandoned, and physically and mentally challenged children.

The kids enjoyed entertainment given by the Benie's clowns. The new artist of Viva sang and danced for the kids, while watching, they enjoyed freshly cooked popcorn, and meryenda after that they still got cotton candy and more gifts from Vivacom.

We would like to thank Vivacom for their donation for the less fortunate kids :>

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Go Motion and Tokyo Posh Group at Tahan-Tahanan

Dec 7, 2011 Wednesday Afternoon

The group Go Motion and Tokyo Posh group led by Mr.EJ gave joy together with Chummy Chum at Tahan-Tahanan, a temporary shelter for terminal ill children with Cancer at East Ave.Medical Center Quezon City.

The kids are showered by happiness with the Charity clowns by Bernie,who led the games and excitement for the kids,Chummy Chum danced so well, and brought the "bubble machine"  with him which the kids enjoyed. The kids also met a Santa Claus from Australia. All this groups are partners of the Chummy Chum Foundation in putting the childrens happiness in their own hands, as their simple act is all they could do to bring joy to the kids.

We would like to thanks Go Motion for their donation for the less fortunate kids.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Chummy Chum with IGAN Foundation Treats Children Diabetic Patients at PGH

 December 6, 2011 Tuesday

Chummy Chum was invited by the good friends of the Igan Foundation headed by Mr.Arnold Clavio of GMA News Channel 7 Public Affair.

They give a Christmas Treat for kids diagnosed with Diabetes which they hold every year. Almost 100 Diabetic children enjoyed the afternoon treats, after giftgiving and freebies all patients went home with a smile.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

MASCORADE in Luneta Park with NPDC with Special kids as Guest

 Last December 4,2011 Sunday rainy afternoon

Chummy Chum went to the events organizer by the National Park Development Corporated office in Luneta Park for all mascots in the Philippines. Unfortunately, the program took a different turn due to rain but still Chummy Chum continued to give smiles to the Special children and deaf children by dancing to good music.

All kids got freebies that only Chummy Chum Foundation can offer.

(In photos shown the special kids playing bubbles and the NPDC preparation)

ABS-CBN BANTAY BATA 163 Christmas Caravan Treats for indigent kids

 Last December 4.2011

It was a rainy morning when Bantay -Bata Caravan and Chummy Chum gave joy to the 1500 kids at the Celedonio A.Salvador Elementary School in Paco Manila,

Their Day was made full of fun and surprises, with special gifts from sponsors,with the Chummy chum Foundation and among others.

 Merry Christmas Kids!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Jesus Loves the Little Children Christmas Party

 On the same day of December 3, Saturday afternoon Chummy chum team  went to their 2nd destination which was in Pasig City Esguerra St. Pinagbuhatan almost hundreds of indigent kids of the community gathered and were so excited specially when they knew additional bubbles maker machine was presented to give fun to them.

The kids enjoyed for once with chummy Chum mascot dance to their delight.

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