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Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Happy Birthday wt Ms.Anne Eugenio (Some lives and Some leaves)

What more memorable them to celebrate a birthday sharing smiles and happiness with the people you love on your side.But Ms.Anne Eugenio's wish is to share and spend this special day with the cancer patient kids.

Instead so as we, the Chummy chum Foundation her email last November 26,2011 granted her birthday wish by organizing an activity to the NCH located at E. Rodriguez Ave. QC.

When we arrived at the 4th floor of the hospital, kids waited curiously and with smile on their faces, anticipating for the surprises we prepared for them, we gathered to another spacious area which was on the 6th floor where the kids enjoyed the foods,gifts and giveaways they received.Even the parents participated in all the activities actively.

At times, life is really unpredictable that only "God" knows our future in the middle of the party,one sad news came one mother cried for her son had died after the happy treats given by the Chummy chum and Ms.Anne Eugenio. The child name is Dave Joseph Rarogal 4 years old from Marikina. According to the Doctor the child has on the NCH for a week. Though his case is terminal, the mother have been still hopeful. But despite of what happened, she's still thankful and happy that even her son died, she saw him enjoyed his last day with some other patient kids.

To Dave Joseph, ( in picture above with her mom hold him 'mom wear  pink blouse') your mother and us on the Chummy chum foundation shares our smiles with you for all we know that you are now in the presence of  "God" Almighty. This post is dedicated to you and Ms.Anne is greatful that even to your last day, she had been there and become a mentor of giving smiles to sweet angels like you, even to the helpless times...

(photos chummy chum with Ms Anne Eugenio and family,Thanks to Sir Tito&comp.for volunteering )

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