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Monday, December 26, 2011

Chummy chum meets the Barrio Kapito kids by Mrs. Edith Cabali, Family and Friends

 December 26,2011
Whole day

Chummy chum went to Barangay Kapito, Lian Batangas, almost 300 indigent kids from the barrio awaited us that afternoon. To ask whose their Santa was giving an effort to go to their place turns out there their special Santa was Mrs Edith Cabali, family and friends. Guided by Mark 9:36 from the Bible, they held gift giving session for almost 3 years to other orphanages and Communities in Lian Batangas. Mrs Edith Cabali is now in California USA and her sister organized the events.It is challenged for Chummy   Chum to road out the Barrio's but nothing
 is impossible and goodwill, Bernie's clowns were also at the events and the kids really enjoyed.

Thanks to the donation for the kids added refreshment for our next hospital visitation.

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