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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Chummy Chum Meets Barrio Kids of Biak na Bato

Chummy Chum’s next mission is to entertain kids from Biak na Bato Elementary School, so we went to San Miguel, Bulacan, upon the invitation of Ms. Roan of GTVL. 
      When Chummy Chum arrived, all the kids were patiently waiting and were very curious of our Chummy Chum van. When they saw us unloading the popcorn and cotton candy booths, they erupted with cheers and were all very excited. There were parlor games to keep the kids entertained, as we prepare snacks for them. All the kids wanted to participate because they saw how good the prizes are.  When Chummy Chum came out to dance for them, everyone clapped and jumped in delight. 

      We feel blessed that they appreciate our mission to bring them blessings and smiles on their faces. We also thank the parents as well as the group that invited Chummy Chum.

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