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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Chummy Chum and ‘Little Deeds for Little Kids’ Visit Brgy 180 Zone 16 Community

Chummy Chum granted the request of Little Deeds for Little Kids (LDLK) to join them on their outreach program for the month of July. The recepients for this month is the indigent kids of Brgy. 180 at Gagalangin, Tondo. Chummy Chum was the first to arrive and the staff began to set up the machines. The place was so crowded with onlookers that our van has to park on the street and walked our way to the basketball court. Close to 70 kids were present and were excitedly waiting for us as we approach the venue. 

Some parents were asking if someone paid us to do it and we patiently answered that the founder of CCF has been sharing his blessing for 8 years by doing outreach programs such as these. Games and entertainment courtesy of the adorable mascot followed suit. The children were very happy  as this was the first time for them to experience such an event.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Chummy Chum Visits PGH-OPD

Chummy Chum is back at the Philippine General Hospital, this time at the OPD section. Almost 70 kids were present for their scheduled check up. Chummy Chum helped ease their fears as they wait for their doctors. It was heart-warming to see as the faces of these sick kids lit up when they saw Chummy Chum danced for them with floating bubbles coming the bubble machine. The children also received snacks and freebies. Thank you to Ms. Ruth for the added refreshments.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Chummy Chum Joins JCI Sta Rosa Prima at SPED-Dita Elementary School

Even the rainy afternoon did not dampen the spirit of more than 60 SPED children of Dita Elementary School as Chummy Chum and JCI Sta. Rosa Prima visit them to spread joy and cheer. 
Chummy Chum was so moved by these kids’ enthusiasm as they actively participated by playing, running and singing, just like any other normal children. 
Chummy Chum and JCI felt their missions were accomplished when they saw the excitement and joy in these kids faces.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Chummy Chum Joins Red Cross and FCCCII’s Medical Mission

Chummy Chum received an invite from The Philippine National Red Cross and Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce Industry, Inc. (FCCCII) to their medical mission at Fourth Estate, Paranaque. Almost 1,000 kids and parents registered as early as 8:00am to avail of the free check-up and medicines. Chummy Chum handed freebies to the kids who were lining up. While waiting, politicians who were present were campaigning by delivering short speeches. While CCF was busy handing out popcorns and freebies to kids, some adults were also asking for popcorns and asked us if the politicians paid for our service. We clarified that we are doing this for free and that we were not paid by any politician to do such service. Chummy Chum was there purely for service and to share the Chummy Chum Foundation’s blessings.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Chummy Chum Attends JCI Prima-Sta. Rosa’s Deworming Caravan

The bad weather brought about by typhoon "Ferdie" did not stop Chummy Chum from attending the Junior Chamber Inc (JCI) Prima - Sta. Rosa, Laguna’s launch of their Barangay De-Worming Caravan in Zeramyr Subdivision, Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Seventy (70) indigent children from the area were chosen as beneficiaries. Even during the registration process we can see through the kids’ eyes how excited they were on what Chummy Chum and JCI had in store for them on that day. Parents who were present were given a talk about the possible effect of giving de-worming medicine to their kids, and the benefits of it. After the talk and some snacks, the parents and children were treated to a dance number by Chummy Chum. The children were all happy upon seeing the cuddly mascot and danced along with him. The parents and children were very appreciative of JCI-Pharma’s help towards them especially to malnourished kids. The group advised the mothers and children to eat and live healthy.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Chummy Chum Graces DSWD-Makati’s NPDR Week at UMAK 2012

Chummy Chum was the special guest at DSWD’s NDPR Week held at the University of Makati Oval. Almost 300 SPED children were present at the event and eagerly waited for what Chummy Chum has in store for them. DSWD taps Chummy Chum every year for the event, because they know Chummy Chum can't say 'no' to SPED Children. 

 Chummy Chum provided entertainment, snacks and freebies. While waiting for the program to unfold, the kids were curiously looking at the popcorn machine and were amazed by how it works. The children got all excited when Chummy Chum finally distributed the freebies. The kids all went home with big smiles on their faces as they looked forward to next year’s event when they will meet Chummy Chum again.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Baby Rigel Celebrates Birthday with Chummy Chum at Cribs Foundation

Chummy Chum fulfilled the request of Ms. Angel Ilumin to celebrate with Baby Rigel at the Cribs Foundation located at Marikina City. 
     Cribs Foundation is a temporary shelter for sexual abused (SA) kids as well as abandoned toddlers that are up for adoption. 
      Baby Rigel spent his birthday with almost 50 kids from the center. Numerous gifts, snacks and lootbags were prepared for the kids. Bernie’s Clown and Chummy Chum entertained the children and also gave away Chummy Chum freebies. 
      The kids at Cribs enjoyed the party and appreciated the effort that the CCF staff and Baby Rigel’s family put up. We intend not to put up the children’s photos to protect their identities.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Chummy Chum visits EAMC-OPD

Chummy Chum visits East Avenue Medical Center-OPD Pedia. Neuro-patients as well as children with scheduled check ups for the day were surprised to see Chummy Chum as they await for their doctors. It was indeed a lucky day for them as they received snacks and freebies courtesy of Chummy Chum and Ms. Katrina who provided additional refreshments.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Chummy Chum with Ms. Arlene Manalo & Friends Treat Drop-In Kids at Kanlungan sa Erma

Chummy Chum granted the request of Ms. Arlene & friends to conduct an outreach program to a place that receive less help from sponsors. 
CCF recommended Kanlungan sa Erma. Almost 70 indigent kids and street children were at the said event. The place was really crowded what with the amount of kids present, but that did not diminish their  little happy smiles as they interact with Chummy Chum and received goodies and snacks. Thank you Ms Arlene & friends, until the next event! Thanks also to Sir Tito & team and Ms. Alacel for volunteering.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Chummy Chum Visits Ward 11 of PGH

Friday morning, Chummy Chum, together with Ms. Katrina Victoria and her friend, had a gift giving activity at Ward 11 of Philippine General Hospital. Almost 40 children patients of the ward got to enjoy the fun-filled activity prepared by Chummy Chum. The adorable mascot danced, played and had his picture taken with the kids, as they also received freebies. Special thanks to Ms. Katrina for providing added refreshments.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Chummy Chum with Cargo LOCA at Orthopedic Recovery Room Children’s Ward

Chummy Chum led the Cargo LOCA group to Philippine Orthopedic Hospital located at Ma. Clara cor. Banawe Sts., Quezon City. The group met several kid patients who have various bone fractures at the Recovery Room of the Children’s Ward. Most of the patients were wondering who will have a birthday celebration when they saw the CCF staff setting up. Their little faces lit up when we told them that the party was for them. The LOCA group arrived and mingled with the patients and taking pictures with them. What touched their hearts was the condition of the nine year old boy who has a huge tumor on his right leg. He and his family were waiting for good-hearted people to help them so he can undergo an operation.  Chummy Chum prays that compassionate people will help finance the boy’s operation. For those who want to extend their help, you may see the boy or his doctors at Orthopedic.
We at Chummy Chum Foundation and the LOCA Group, would like to condole with the family of this brave boy. He died from complications during his operation last July 10, 2012. We are comforted by the fact that we made him happy, even for just a short while, when we visited him and the other kids during our outreach program on July 3, 2012. Again, our deepest condolences.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Koffie Choose to Spend Birthday at Manresa Feeding Program

Chummy Chum was the special guest at Koffi’s Birthday-for-a-cause at Manresa Pastoral Feeding Program to help them bring smile to almost 50 malnourished children of Fourth Estate, Paranaque. The party became lively when Chummy Chum arrived as the kids welcomed the cuddly mascot with excitement. Their little faces all lit up as they saw the popcorn, cotton candy and bubble machines  being set up. All the more when they finally met and danced with Chummy Chum with bubbles floating from the bubble machine. All the kids were given freebies from Chummy Chum and gifts from birthday boy Koffi who also donated cupcakes and juice for our next hospital visitation.

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