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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Chummy Chum and Lovevine Cargo Loca Visit Habagat Victims at Smokey Mountain

Chummy Chum and Lovenine Loca Cargo Group went to Smokey Mountain in Tondo to visit the children of So Yan Daycare Center who were affected by ‘Habagat’. When CCF arrived at a gasoline station, Loca Group was already there and brought their baggages, including groceries for the recepients, to the Chummy Chum Van.  

The group left their service at the gasoline station and walked to a village called “Uling Village”. When the kids from the area saw the Chummy Chum Van, they all walked along with it to the venue while cheering, “Yehey! Chummy Chum is here!!”.

Two Hundred Eighty (280) kids (80 pupils of So Yan daycare, 200 outsiders) were each given a bagful of grocery items which consists of 2-kilos of rice, 400g Milo and Milk powder, Chocolait, noodles, bread & biscuits, clothes, slippers, toys & school bags plus Chummy Chum freebies.

The relief effort was a success as we saw the the people of Smokey Mountain being very appreciative of what we have given them.

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