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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Chummy Chum Joins LOCA Group at Aimee Homes of Virlanie

Chummy Chum brought the LOCA Group to Aimee Homes of Virlanie Foundation located at Mola St., Makati City. This is one of the homes put up by Virlanie Foundation for special children wherein kids with special needs are trained for their psychological enhancement in order to improve their social behavior.  LOCA Group prepared food packs and loot bags for the kids while CCF brought in Chummy Chum to entertain them and lead them through the games.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Chummy Chum at Ms. Danica’s Birthday Treat for Cancer Kids of PCMC-OPD

CCF received a request 2 days ago from Ms. Danica as she wants us to be with her for a gift-giving event at Philippine Children Medical Center located at Agham Road, Quezon City. 
     Ms. Danica does a yearly treat by giving food to the sick kids during her birthday. It is a little different this time because of Chummy Chum. It is her first time to celebrate with CCF and she really appreciated all the help that CCF gave to make this gift-giving event extra special for the sake of the less-fortunate children.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Chummy Chum Graces ’Trick or Treat’ event with the Rotary Club of San Pedro South

From Calauan, the group headed to San Pedro, Laguna in the afternoon for Rotary Club of San Pedro South & Rotaract Club of San Pedro South’s celebration of Trick or Treat for indigent kids. 
     This is a yearly tie-up mission of CCF and RCSPS as we give joy and cheer to less fortunate children.
      The Rotarians and Rotaractors prepared the games, food, prizes and lootbags for the children and CCF added popcorn cotton candies, balloons, toys, coloring books, bubble show and mascot appearance. The kids had such a great time as they hugged and danced with Chummy Chum. 

Chummy Chum with ABS-CBN’s Bantay Bata 163 & Sagip Kapamilya at Bayan Ni Juan, Calauan, Laguna

It was an early morning start for Chummy Chum as the staff headed for Calauan, Laguna for ABS-CBN-Bantay Bata 163’s event. We made it just in time to the venue located at Brgy. Dayap, Bayan ni Juan, a relocation center built by the ABS-CBN Foundation for the informal settlers of Quezon City and Manila. The place looks really comfortable to live in what with the beautiful scenery of mountain and trees. The houses look good and it is an ideal place for families.
       Chummy Chum served hundreds of popcorns for the kids and the youth. This is an early Christmas gift brought to them by ABS-CBN Foundation as part of the celebration of Children’s Month.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Chummy Chum with Cerebral Palsy Philippines for Trick or Treat

Chummy Chum sponsored the snacks for Cerebral Palsy Philippines’ Halloween 2012, a yearly support given by CCF to almost 50 kids with down syndrome. 
   The theme of the party is Pirates and Peter Pan. The kids, volunteers, as well as the staff wore costumes in hopes of winning best costume. It was so moving to see parents bringing their sons and daughters who have cerebral palsy. Some of them need to be secured using soft garters so they wouldn’t fall from their wheelchairs. 
    The kids who participated ranged from 3 to 12 years old. Most of them wanted to walk and run by themselves but could not, due to their delicate condition. Their parents/guardians need to hold and support them so they would not fall over. We all could see the unconditional love being given by parents to these kids despite their condition.      
    Chummy Chum fervently pray that God will heal them.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Chummy chum visits the Pediatric Ward 11 of PGH

October 22,2012 morning, For this month's hospital visits was Philippine General Hospital. Chummy Chum brought cheers and gifts to almost 45 sick kids at Ward 11 of PGH. Chummy chum team brought snacks and loot bags for the children.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Chummy Chum joins GIVE A GIFT for Cancer Kids of GMA Kapuso Foundation

Chummy Chum received an invitation from GMA Kapuso Foundation to sponsor their Give A Gift for Cancer Kids. The event was held at Ever Gotesco – Commonwealth. Almost 24 newly diagnosed cancer children were present at the event. These kids, ages 1 to 12, are being assisted by the foundation for their therapy for a year. A kid who’s a cancer survivor was also there to give encouraging words to these kids to never lose hope and that they will survive with the help of God and the kind-hearted people who are willing to give their best efforts to cure them through chemotherapy. 
      The kids had a great time as they danced, eat and listened to the storytelling. Chummy Chum danced with celebrity Joyce Ching. Gifts overflowed courtesy of GMA Kapuso, Chummy Chum Foundation, and generous donors such as Mrs. Sison and Esta family. In warms the heart to see these kids laughing and enjoying every moment of the event despite of their serious condition.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Chummy Chum Takes Part at Mr. Chi and Friends’ Outreach Program

Chummy Chum received an invitation from Mr. Chi to join him and his friends for their outreach program at Elsie Gatches Village located at Zapote Road, Alabang. Chummy Chum was first to arrive and we began to set up the booth and the venue where it will take place. CCF suggested to take the food on every cottage so the children, most of them with mental disabilities, won’t have a hard time accessing the food. Mr. Chi agreed and we proceeded. This is a good thing especially to those who cannot go to the hall and have always stayed on their place. 
     Almost 600 mentally-challenged children and adults alike enjoyed the food that Mr. Chi & friends prepared, as well as Chummy Chum freebies. In the photo Mr. Chi gave our cuddly mascot a big hug. Until next year Mr. Chi!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Chummy Chum Joins Sarnelli Center’s Children’s Month "2012"

Chummy Chum continues to bring smile to the kids and this time, at the Sarnelli Center for Street children and their Catechism Community Kids, as they celebrate ‘Children’s Month’, a yearly tie-up with CCF. 
     The program started after a mass held at the Redemptorist Church. After the mass, the children all went back to the compound. Some went to their preferred booths and played games, but most of them went to Chummy Chum’s booth to get snacks and receive gifts.   
     It was really children’s day as Chummy Chum danced for the kids. The children enjoyed the food that Sarnelli and CCF prepared for them.Thank you Ms. Leisette for volunteering.;>

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Chummy Chum Celebrates with Matteo’s Birthday Thanksgiving at SOS Children’s Village

Chummy Chum went with Ms. Mariflor and family at SOS Children’s Village located at Ayala Alabang.  When we got there, the catering service was already there as early as 8am. People manning the ice cream and meatballs booth curiously asked us how much Ms. Mariflor are paying us and they were amazed when we answered, no cost at all. We are here just to bring smile to the kids, for us that is priceless. 
     The reason for holding the Thanksgiving party by Ms. Mariflor and family is to celebrate their little angel’s birthday, Matteo, who was born with a heart condition that causes his early demise. This was supposedly his 1st birthday celebration. The unfortunate event taught Ms. Mariflor and family that money cannot be brought to heaven so they wanted to share their blessing to the less fortunate. 

    Almost 160 children from SOS participated on the Thanksgiving party which Ms. Mariflor and family and Chummy Chum Foundation bring.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Ms. Jess of DLSU-CSB Held Birthday Thanksgiving with SPED

Right after the Feeding Program, the group headed to its second destination, Baclaran Elementary School Central SPED, located at Pinaglabanan St. Baclaran. 
   CCF went their early to set-up everything and to fix whatever setbacks we may encounter. All of these we do to make the SPED children happy. The SPED kids were already there, eagerly waiting for us to finish setting up and let the program start. 
   The birthday celebrant, Ms. Jess, and her friends arrived and introduce themselves to the kids and teachers who were there. They distributed food, ice cream and drinks to the children. The teachers helped Ms. Jess and friends during the games. It was a fulfilling birthday for Ms. Jess as she spent it with special children. She said that this is the first time for her to do this and will be looking forward to the next. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MS. JESS!

Chummy Chum Takes Part in Sucat Elem. School’s Feeding Program

Chummy Chum went to Sucat Elementary School for their Feeding Program. The school is constructing a new building that will house several classrooms because the existing one is still being used as evacuation centers by the victims of the Habagat flood. As we enter the school premises, what greeted us were rows of ‘sinampays’ by the evacuees. 
      The feeding program was held in a room wherein Chummy Chum entertained the children from Grades 1 to 3. These kids are the feeding beneficiaries who are once thin as a stick but are now healthy thanks to the feeding program. 
      Chummy Chum prepared games and snacks for the kids. Most, if not all of them, participated in the games and received gifts courtesy of Mr. Rex Organista, Koko Krunch from Ms. Lisette, as well as Chummy Chum freebies. The kids were all happy as they went back to their classrooms. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Another blessings for pedia of Tagig Pateros District Hospital

October 9, 2011, around 9-11am: Chummy Chum visited the pedia ward of Taguig District Hospital.The kids patients were excited to know what was going on, and they were surprised to meet Chummy Chum! After dancing Opa gang nam, all kids got freebies such as popcorn, cotton candy, crayons, coloring books, toys and added refreshment such us juice and Bread of Genpact .

Friday, October 5, 2012

At Justice Jose Abad Memorial Hospital-OPD in afternoon

October 5,2012  afternoon: Chummy Chum visited the Justice Jose Abad Memorial Hospital It is located at Numancia st tondo Manila.Upon seeing the van of Chummy Chum the kids got excited to see who Chummy Chum is, and when they met him, they danced and had their photos taken with him. The director and staff of the hospital thanked Chummy Chum for making their patients happy. The kids got free snacks and freebies.

Chummy Chum at Gat Andress Bonifacio Hospital-OPD

October 5,2012 9-11am : Chummy Chum was requested by Gat Andress Bonifacio Hospital and bring  the gift-giving to OPD patients. 
Almost 50 sick children enjoyed the different friday check-up with Chummy Chum. Also, around 100 people enjoyed seeing Chummy Chum dance to "Opa gang nam". All children got freebies.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Chummy Chum Visits Las Piñas General Hospital’s Satellite Trauma Center

The CCF group went to visit the Las Piñas General Hospital’s Satellite Trauma Center. Chummy Chum prioritizes indigent people, especially the children, by giving them free medical treatment and some medicines, as assessed by the medical social services. 

Kids who lined up for their scheduled check-up were treated to fun, free snacks and freebies by Chummy Chum. Thank you to Leisette Sevilla for the additional refreshments.
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