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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Chummy Chum with ESTA Family at Pedro Calungsod Church Outreach Program

Chummy Chum, together with Esta Family, sponsored the 2nd Batch of Pedro Calungsod Church Outreach Program with 500 indigent children at Southville 3 Covered Court, Muntinlupa City. 
     Chummy Chum arrived just as the 1st batch was about to finish. As we started to set up the booths, even the youth organizers were amazed at the 2nd batch sponsors. 
     CCF prepared balloons, crayons and coloring books as prizes, popcorn booth, bubble machine and of course, Chummy Chum dancing for the kids, made all the difference for the kids’ experience at the Pedro Calungsod Outreach Program. 
     Happy New Year Kids!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Chummy Chum at Parish Youth Commission Christmas Party

Chummy Chum goes to Obando, Bulacan to sponsor the Christmas Party of Parish Youth Commission. Obando is a quiet fishing community that boasts a beautiful scenery. When CCF arrived, the children were already at the venue and the Parish Youth Commission already started the program. 
     Chummy Chum also gave away freebies, prizes and packages for the 200 kids and their families that attended the event. 
     CCF would like to apologize to the other three invitations for the afternoon event (Zabarte, Commonwealth and La Loma). Due to heavy traffic, we failed to reach the said places. Thankfully the organizers were very understanding and agreed that next year, those dates are already reserved for them. Thank you for inviting CCF to your outreach program even if we could not go.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Chummy Chum with Go Motion & Friends Christmas Treats at Rescue Center Kids

Chummy Chum lead the Go Motion Group & Friends at DSWD-Pasig’s Rescue Center located at Pasig Municipal Hall. The kids here have different cases; some ran away from home, taking solvent, etc. The rescue center’s mission is to get these kids out of the streets (where their lives are in danger) and reunite them with their parents or bring them to institutions that will help them change their views and behavior. 
Go Motion was there to share their blessings to these kids and make them feel special and valuable so they can continue to dream and live a good life with the help of kind-hearted individuals. 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Chummy Chum Conducts Outreach Group Christmas Treat at Wawa and Sampaloc Communities

Chummy Chum was tapped by the project outreach group to grace their event at Sampaloc Elementary School located at Tanay, Rizal. 
    The group chose the said community because of the huge unemployment rate. Almost half of the population are jobless and the number keeps coming up. 
    When CCF arrived at the venue, we saw that it was a developed area, almost like a city. So we were left wondering why the unemployment rate here is very high. 200 indigent children and their families were there to enjoy the games, food, gifts and Noche Buena packages coming from the group plus Chummy Chum package. 
     For the finale, Chummy Chum entertained the children. It was heartwarming to see the big smiles on the kids’ faces as  they saw Chummy Chum for the first time. They all enjoyed the entertainment plus popcorn booths and other gifts coming from CCF.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Party with Chummy Chum and 'Aral Pinoy'

Chummy Chum graced the “Pag-abot sa Pamayanan sa Pamaskong Salo-salo” (Community Outreach Christmas Party) at Mother Barbara Marcelli School San Miguel, Sto. Tomas, Batangas. 
   Seventy (70) Alternative Learning System (ALS) Out-of-School-Youth Students cared by the Franciscan Missionary Sisters of the Infant Jesus (FMIJ) attended the event. Chummy Chum made all the kids happy during the party. 
   They were very excited as they went near the colorful Chummy Chum van and saw the popcorn and cotton candy booths being set up. 
   The children prepared dance numbers to the delight of the audience. Chummy Chum danced in the finale with bubbles floating in the air courtesy of the bubble machine. Thanks to Mrs. Sison for her contribution to this event

Ms. Jess and Friends’ Outreach Program at SPECS

CCF received a request from DLSU-College of St. Benilde Student Council to partner with them in giving smiles to fifty (50) malnourished children of SPECS Drop-In Center Feeding Program located in Paranaque City. 
    The volunteers gave out party snacks and loot bags. Even the parents got excited when they smelled cooked popcorn wafting in the air. 
    The children all jumped in joy when they saw their Santa Claus in the form of Chummy Chum as he gave them lots of treats. The kids are thankful that they were able to share in the spirit of Christmas.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Chummy Chum Yearly Christmas Party Treat for Cerebral Party Patients

After a fun-filled event in the morning, Chummy Chum entertained almost 200 child patients with cerebral palsy along with their families, in the afternoon. 
    The kids were excited as they watched CCF set up the booths. Some were elated just by watching the popcorn machine as it overflows with popcorn. 
    Chummy Chum danced with the kids surrounded by bubbles floating in the air courtesy of our bubble machine. Chummy Chum also disturbed freebies and danced to the latest dance craze, ‘Gangnam Style’.

Chummy Chum at Philippine Children Medical Center Christmas Treat

Chummy Chum yearly supports the Christmas Party of OPD and Ward patients of PCMC children. Almost 500 popcorns were given away and several cancer kids also received gifts from Chummy Chum.
   Chummy Chum entertained the patients (adults and kids alike) by doing a dance number and during the parlor games. 
   CCF distributed lots of gifts including crayons, coloring books, toys and candies for some cancer kids. Other giveaways and refreshments were given by different sponsors. Thank you very much Ms.Ruth and Mrs.Sison.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Chummy Chum Christmas Treat with Mrs. Sison at Pulang Lupa Elem. School

Chummy Chum and Mrs. Sison gave away Christmas treats during the feeding program at Pulang Lupa Elementary School-Camella Annex in Las Pinas City. 
    The children were all waiting and were almost finished with their activities when Chummy Chum arrived. The kids got all excited when they saw the colorful Chummy Chum van for the first time. 
     Mrs. Sison contributed generously to the event. She is a kind-hearted person, who’s mission is to also bring joy and happiness to the underprivileged children. Despite her very hectic schedule, thus unable to attend the events, Mrs. Sison still makes it a point to share her blessings to the children by entrusting them to CCF.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Chummy Chum at Pamasko Mo Circle of Friends Gift-Giving

Chummy Chum joined the Circle of  Friends on their gift-giving activity, as per the request of Ms. Lizette, a CCF friend. 
    When CCF arrived at the venue, some of the children were already waiting for what we and Ms. Lizette’s group had in store for them. They were lots of gifts for the kids.
    Some minor problem was encountered, though. When they saw Chummy Chum’s colorful van, some kids who were not included in the list joined too, making the organizers stressed. 
    But because it’s Christmas, they decided to give all the kids (enlisted or not) freebies so they all went home with bright smiles on their faces.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Chummy Chum at GMA-7 ‘Kapwa Ko, Mahal Ko’ Christmas Party for Cancer Kids

Chummy Chum granted the request of GMA-7’s ‘Kapwa Ko, Mahal Ko’ to sponsor the snacks and entertainment for the Christmas party for children with cancer. 
    Mrs. Marilou B. Sison was kind enough to contribute two round branded cakes for the cancer kids. The event was held at 17th floor of GMA Compound. 
     The kids all received Noche Buena packages courtesy of GMA-7 plus other freebies such as toys, crayons, coloring books, character balloons and cotton candies from Chummy Chum.

Ms. Cathy Pacia’s Christmas Gift-Giving Activity at Ward 9 of PGH

Chummy Chum granted the request of Ms. Cathy Pacia to be with her during the Christmas treat for the sick children in Ward 9 of the Philippine General Hospital (PGH). 
    50 bedridden kids were lucky enough to be given Christmas gifts from various groups and from CCF. 
     The big difference is, while the other groups just come and go, CCF stayed there and entertained the sick children, complete with mascot, popcorns and bubble machines that the kids immensely enjoyed.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Chummy Chum meets patients with Kidney Problems at PGH

Chummy Chum went to its next commitment at PGH Pedia-AVR to sponsor the snacks and provide entertainment to the children patients who suffers kidney problems. 
   CCF staff were setting-up booths while the clowns entertain kids. The children enjoyed eating popcorns with no salt so as to not increase the chances of them having kidney failure. Some of them were in good condition and some were not but despite that, it did not deter their spirit to enjoy the party. 
   Thank you to Ms. Sison for the candies and giveaways.

Chummy Chum Sponsors Gawad Kalinga Christmas Party for Kids

Chummy Chum granted the request of Gawad Kalinga organizers to sponsor a Christmas party for 100 kids at Paraiso St., Sun Valley, Paranaque City. 
    The children were all amazed that Chummy Chum was there and gave time and effort to make them happy. 
   These were all made possible with the help f Ms. Ruty Salasiban who also contributed and provided heavy snacks plus entertainment and game prizes for the kids. 
   All those present were touched as they were given special treatment by CCF and Gawad Kalinga despite their predicament. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Chummy Chum Visits Daycare Center at 180 Tondo, Manila

Chummy Chum organized a Christmas party for children of Barangay 180 daycare center located at Tondo, Manila. 
    Almost 100 kids from the daycare and their neighbors were present. An Ice cream cart was commissioned by Mrs. Sison to the delight of the kids present. CCF set up the booths and cooked popcorn for the kids.
    Chummy Chum led the games and brought lots of prizes for the kids that made their morning so unforgettable. We would like to thank Mrs. Sison for her contribution and added refreshments.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Chummy Chum Sponsors Snacks and Entertainment at Ospital ng Sampaloc

Chummy Chum visited Ospital ng Sampaloc and sponsored the snack and entertainment for the Christmas party for children with special needs. 
    The event was held at the 7th floor of the hospital. A mass was held prior to the party. 
    The kids were very excited and are all looking forward to what’s in store for them. So many generous people were there to share their blessings to the needy especially to the special kids of the OSAM Community.  
    Big thanks to Ms. Jane and friends for volunteering.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Chummy Chum Meets Calvary Foursquare PH299 Kids and Donors

Chummy Chum convenes with the kid beneficiaries of Calvary Foursquare Church PH299 and their Korean Donors during the outreach program. Korean members of the congregation sponsored every child on their studies, from uniform, project to ‘baon’. 
    The beneficiaries are children of indigent families who resides in Sta. Mesa. The morning was full of affection coming from the donors plus food and entertainment coming courtesy of CCF.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Chummy Chum with Salt and Lights for Christ Community Singles Ministry.

CCF continued to bring smile and blessings for this day as the group headed straight to Sacred Heart Church located San Antonio, Makati City for the gift-giving activity of Christ Community Singles Ministry. Chummy Chum is well-known at the said place because we do regular outreach programs with other groups there. Salts and Light, which is within the vicinity, provided the sound system. Chummy Chum provided crayons, coloring books, balloons, popcorns, cotton candies and bubble machine to the delight of the children present at the event.

Chummy Chum and Cobbarubia Family treat Cancer Kids at NCH

Chummy Chum accompanied the Cobbarubia Family to the Cancer Ward of National Children’s Hospital located at E. Rodriguez, Quezon City, to share their blessing to the children with cancer. CCF was early to arrive and set up the booth, loot bags, character balloons and the food from Mrs. Cobbarubia. 
     The children were all excited that they didn’t mind waiting for an hour for the program to start. Bernie’s Clowns lead the games as the children and their guardians participated. Chummy Chum danced for them and the kids were all delighted to see him especially to those who haven’t seen Chyummy Chum before. Afterwards, the Cobbarubia Family started giving out gifts as the kids  and their guardians thanked them profusely. 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Chummy Chum with Knights of Columbus-Paco Chapter at Minstrel Rhythm of Hope

Chummy Chum joined the Knights of Columbus-Paco Chapter’s outreach program with Minstrel Rhythm of Hope as beneficiaries. The minstrel group is a children’s choir composed of talented singing kids ages 15 and below. Minstrel Rhythm of Hope is a non-profit organization that performs in big companies and houses. 
      The donations given to them are used for their studies and some other activities such as charity works. That is why Knights of Columbus and CCF appreciates their mission so much. 
     The children were delighted when they met Chummy Chum and got their pictures taken with him. They all received gifts and food from Knights of Columbus and Chummy Chum. 

Chummy Chum with Ms. Jenny Icasas at Ward 11 of PGH

Chummy Chum accompanied MS. Jenny and family to the Ward 11 of Philippine General Hospital (PGH) to share their blessings to the sick children admitted there. CCF was the first to arrive to do set up. 
       While we wait for the other sponsors, several groups arrived and donated toys for the patients. One group stayed behind and asked about the schedule. 
        CCF talked to the first group and agreed to share resources for the gift giving. They conducted the games with a well-known food mascot and when Chummy Chum appeared and danced for the kids, they asked for a picture taking with Chummy Chum, rather than the other popular mascot. 
        The daughters of Ms. Jenny and company also enjoyed the morning treat by the same group.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Chummy Chum Visits San Isidro Elementary School SPED

CCF granted the request of Ms. Leissete’s group to join them as sponsors for the snacks of 100 special children at San Isidro Elementary School in Antipolo City. 
     When CCF arrived, most of the children were already there, waiting for us. The children were so excited that they eagerly watched us and were very curious as we prepare the balloons and set up the popcorn booth. 
      Thanks to the patient guidance of the teachers and parents, the kids were able to understand that they have to wait and just enjoy as we prepare the popcorn and cotton candies. When it was time for Chummy Chum to dance, the children danced and hugged the mascot. All of them received freebies from Chummy Chum.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Chummy Chum at LOCA Group’s Christmas Party Treat at Blessedville Foundation

Chummy Chum went with LOCA Group at Alfonso, Tagaytay for the advance Christmas Party of Blessedville Foundation. Almost 60 special kids (deaf and mute) attended the event. 
Prior to the event, the LOCA Group, riding a tourist bus, went to meet CCF along the Tagaytay Rotonda. When we arrived at the venue, there was a little problem about the parking but nevertheless, the party started without a hitch. There were clowns and Chummy Chum that entertained the kids who were all very delighted as this was the first time for them to experience such. LOCA Group provided the prizes for the games. The best part of all is that the group treated the team to a fine-dining restaurant, thanks to Ms. Mandy.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Chummy Chum Visits the Dominican Monastery Compound

Chummy Chum meets the children at the Dominican Monastery Compound  located at Brookshield, Cainta, Rizal. When CCF got there, the children were already waiting for us, and as they also awaits the arrival of Ma’am Teresita, a philantrophist that sponsors the kids at the monastery. Her mission is to help the kids and encourage them to be prayerful and be close to God, by religiously attending mass. She believes that if a child is God-fearing, he/she will be that way as he/she grows up. 
The children had a  great time with Chummy Chum during the party and it was heartwarming to see the big smiles on their faces.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Chummy Chum Takes Part at the National Park Development Council Mascot Parade

After the gift-giving activity in Folk Arts Theater, CCF headed to Luneta Park in the afternoon to take part in the Mascot Parade organized by National Park Development Council (NPDC). 
Almost 80% of the mascots in the Philippines joined the parade. Among the mascots, Chummy Chum  stood out from everyone else as it was not there to promote or endorse any product, as what the announcers stated. Chummy Chum only wanted to encourage the public to share their blessings to the less fortunate kids, not only during Christmas time, but the whole year round.

Chummy Chum Joins Rotaract Clubs of Manila for their Christmas Gift-Giving Event

Chummy Chum granted the invitation of Rotaract Clubs of Manila and their president, Mr. Dagani, to sponsor 1,000 popcorns for their Christmas Gift-Giving event for indigent kids at the Folk Arts Theater. The children came from different centers, orphanages, and daycare centers in Manila. 
     The children were playing around when CCF arrived, while some of them are also just arriving. As we set up our popcorn booth, the kids were excited and were all looking forward to the Christmas party for them. Rotaract Clubs of Manila and CCF gave away toys, crayons and coloring books as prizes during the games. 
     Several activities were set up for the enjoyment of the children. It was a fun-filled morning treat from Rotaract Clubs of Manila and Chummy Chum Foundation.

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