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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Chummy Chum with Ms. Jenny Icasas at Ward 11 of PGH

Chummy Chum accompanied MS. Jenny and family to the Ward 11 of Philippine General Hospital (PGH) to share their blessings to the sick children admitted there. CCF was the first to arrive to do set up. 
       While we wait for the other sponsors, several groups arrived and donated toys for the patients. One group stayed behind and asked about the schedule. 
        CCF talked to the first group and agreed to share resources for the gift giving. They conducted the games with a well-known food mascot and when Chummy Chum appeared and danced for the kids, they asked for a picture taking with Chummy Chum, rather than the other popular mascot. 
        The daughters of Ms. Jenny and company also enjoyed the morning treat by the same group.

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