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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

At we visit the National Children Hospital-Out Patient Department

Chummy Chum visited National Childrens Hospital located at E rodriguez Road, Quezon City. The team headed to the Pedia-OPD of the hospital and instead of an ordinary Tuesday check-up/ treatment day, the kids had a field day. Even when we were just starting setting up the cotton candy and pop corn maker, the children could not hide their excitement- they definitely didn’t want to miss the chance to have some of what we were cooking up for them. When Chummy Chum started doing what he does best – dancing and making the children dance and smile too!- it was as if the children were not unwell after all! The children went home all smiles with their Chummy Chum freebies and the doctors thanked us for making the kids’ day. Thanks to Esta Family for added refreshment

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Chummy Chum at Konkokyo’s 24th Anniversary Celebration

Chummy Chum sponsored Konkokyo’s 24th anniversary celebration. Konkokyo provides high quality education to less fortunate children of Balut, Tondo in Manila. Almost 300 people participated in the event including the Korean volunteers. 
   As we were setting up, Little Mr. & Ms. Konkokyo were parading to the delight of the crowd. Some kids near the court were asking us if they could join, but unfortunately, the event is exclusively for the Konkokyo beneficiaries. 
   After the children’s dance number, Chummy Chum came out and danced for them. Chummy Chum also gave away candies as the kids excitedly grabbed them. 6 lucky pairs won gifts solicited for the Mr. & Ms. Konkokyo contest. The proceeds will go the school needs of the children. All the kids went home with big smiles on their faces and Chummy Chum freebies.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Chummy Chum Visit the Pateros Tagig District hospital's Pediaward and OPD-Pedia

Chummy Chum visited and entertained around 60 children at  Pateros Tagig District Hospital's Pediatric ward and OPD located at Service Rd Tagig City. Chummy Chum  cooked popcorn and cotton candy for the kids, who were there to enjoy a few hours of entertainment with their parents. Even nurses and doctors enjoyed the company of Chummy Chum and other volunteers. Toys, Coloring books and coloring materials were given. Thanks to Recuenco Family for added refreshment such us cupcake and Juice.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Chummy Chum takes part at Viva Sto. Niño Feast 2013 at Redemptorist

Chummy Chum attended the Baclaran Church’s celebration of Viva Sto. Niño feast by sponsoring indigent children from Sarnelli House, a center for street children, and young catechists of Redemptorist Church. 
     Around 150 people enjoyed seeing Chummy Chum dance to the hit craze “Gangnam Style”. The children had  a great time as they, too, danced with our adorable mascot as well as receiving Chummy Chum freebies.
    Seen in the photos are the kids with Chummy Chum with the popcorn and cotton candy booths. Thank you to Ms. Anne for the added refreshments.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Ms. Anne’s Birthday Treat with Chummy Chum at Missionaries of Charity Alay ng Puso

Chummy Chum accompanied Ms. Ann and her friends to the Missionaries of Charity Alay ng Puso located near Delpan Bridge in Tondo, Manila. The institution, which is run by nuns, caters to abandoned, neglected and abused children.
    Ms. Ann, the birthday celebrant, used to assist here as part of her OJT. She promised to herself that she will come back here someday and share her blessings to these poor kids. And she did find that opportunity and celebrated her birthday with them
     Food, toys, candies and Chummy Chum freebies overflowed during the party and the children enjoyed it immensely as evident from the wide smiles on their faces.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Chummy Chum Graces Ahne’s Birthday Bash at Erda Community Pre-school

Chummy Chum led the charity birthday party of Mrs. Ahne Quilo-Montojo with Erda Community Pre-schoolers
     Almost 50 indigent kids were present at the event, and they were all excited as to what Mrs. Montojo and Chummy Chum has in store for them. Their little eyes lit up, when they saw us preparing popcorns. Everyone had a great time especially during the parlor games and children received freebies from Chummy Chum. As for the finale, Chummy Chum himself danced with the kids. According to the teacher, this was their first time to experience an extravagant party. 
     With additional food prepared by Mr. & Mrs. Montojo, all the kids went home full and with lots of gifts from Chummy Chummy. Happy Birthday Ahne!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Chummy Chum visits Children’s Ward and OPD of Rizal Medical Center

Chummy Chum continues to spread joy and cheer to children as he visits the sick kids at Rizal Medical Center, located at Shaw Boulevard Extension, Pasig City. 
    CCF just had a minor setback when the new guard held us back because we forgot who our contact was. But all was well and eventually, we were allowed to set up the popcorn and cotton candy machines. Some curious patients got up from their beds, walked to us with their dextrose on hand.    
      Everyone had a fun time at the children’s ward. After that, CCF went to the Out-Patient Department of the Hospital and we went to see children who were having their check ups. Chummy Chum entertained the kids while they wait for their doctors to call them. Big thanks to Recuenco family for the additional refreshments.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Chummy Chum at WHITE CROSS Childrens Home with Mrs.Milette Recuenco and family

It was a memorable day the kids at White Cross Childrens Home located at San Juan Manila, and we are sure for Mrs.Recuenco and her family too, because blessings in life can be enjoyed more when we share it. We thank Recuenco family for giving us the opportunity to share her birthday with the kids and we hope this new page in her life adds more happiness,
more love,
more gifts from above,
more chances to celebrate and share,
and more reasons to smile.

Thank you for the cupcakes and juices donation for our next hospital visitation.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Chummy Chum Visit the OPD of PGH Ms.Ruth for added refreshment

Chummy Chum visit the OPD of PGH we treated the kids to yet another joy -and -surprise- filled morning, bringing with laughter, fun, and gifts. After preparing the pop corn, and Ms Ruth added refreshment provided, and then it was our turn to give out our own- baby dresses, some pieces of clothing like skirts, coloring books, toys.

 The truth is we want to turn every ordinary day of check up like it’s someone’s birthday for these kids. Because seeing the smiles of these kids is just priceless. =)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Chummy Chum at Mr. Ian and Camille’s Birthday Outreach at Virlaine Foundation

Chummy Chum received an invitation from Mr. Ian and Camille to join them on their Birthday Outreach Program to all kids houses at Virlaine Foundation. 
   The event was held at the Makati Coliseum located on Mascardo St., Makati City. CCF saw how lucky these Virlaine kids were as they received lots of goodies courtesy of the birthday celebrant and friends. They made sure that this will be a memorable event for the kids.  
    Among all the participants, Chummy Chum was the special guest, according to the organizers, because of its selfless mission to bring smiles to children. Because of that CCF was the first in line on the program as we conducted games, gave away prizes, foods and gifts and for the finale, Chummy Chum himself danced along with the kids present. 
  The highlight of the event would be Mr. Ian’s proposing marriage to his longtime girlfriend, Camille. It was such a  memorable engagement experience for the couple as the proposal happened during a charity event. Congratulations and more power to Ian and Camille and more charity birthday parties to come, and soon to your children.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Chummy Chum Graces Kanlungan sa Erma’s 25th Anniversary

Chummy Chum graces the 25th anniversary of Kanlungan sa Erma located at Benitez St., Manila. The theme of the event revolved around the history of Kanlungan as to how and when it started. 
     Ate Sol, the founder, fondly remembered their first street educator and how they dreamed of someday having a better place for kids, a better office and car for the staff in which God had granted. CCF is one of Kanlungan’s friends that always give time and effort to make all their kids (residential, drop-in, girls and boys’ home) happy. 
     Chummy Chum continues to bring smiles on these kids faces through the help of followers and donors of CCF.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Chummy Chum Visit the OPD of East Ave.Medical Center

Chummy Chum visited and entertained around 70 children at the East Ave.Medical Center Pediatric OPD at QC. Chummy Chum cooked popcorn, gave toys,colors and coloring books add Juice and cupcakes that Ms. Ruth provided for the kids, who were there and enjoy their check up together with their parents and guardian on that day.

Thanks to Sir Tito and Team and to Ms.Emma Codizal for volunteering.
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