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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Chummy Chum Graces Ahne’s Birthday Bash at Erda Community Pre-school

Chummy Chum led the charity birthday party of Mrs. Ahne Quilo-Montojo with Erda Community Pre-schoolers
     Almost 50 indigent kids were present at the event, and they were all excited as to what Mrs. Montojo and Chummy Chum has in store for them. Their little eyes lit up, when they saw us preparing popcorns. Everyone had a great time especially during the parlor games and children received freebies from Chummy Chum. As for the finale, Chummy Chum himself danced with the kids. According to the teacher, this was their first time to experience an extravagant party. 
     With additional food prepared by Mr. & Mrs. Montojo, all the kids went home full and with lots of gifts from Chummy Chummy. Happy Birthday Ahne!

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