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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Chummy Chum Graces 11th Anniversary of Kanlungan sa Erma – Tunasan

Chummy Chum sponsored the entertainment and snacks during Kanlungan sa Erma’s 11th year celebration of providing service to street children from Tunasan, Muntinlupa and nearby places and by giving these children the chance to live a normal life. Their donors and supporters play a big part in saving these kids and taking them off the streets. The children stay at the center wherein facilitators attend to their needs and give them counseling. This time, CCF helps Kanlungan to make these kids feel happiness by giving them time and attention (even just for a day) thru games and entertainment.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Chummy Chum with UP Manila College of Medicine at ‘Akkap Caritas’ Feeding Program

CCF headed straight to Baseco Compound, Tondo, Manila in the afternoon to be with Medicine students of UP Manila for their feeding program with the ‘Akkap Caritas’. As we were setting the popcorn and cotton candy booths, the leader was having second thoughts of asking us about the program because the students from UP were not there yet. 
   When they eventually arrived, Chummy Chum started giving the kids freebies such as toys and lots of candies courtesy of our sponsors. The kids enjoyed the popcorns and cotton candies and they even danced to “chacha dabarkads” along with Chummy Chum.

Chummy Chum with UST College of Finance / Jr. FINEX at Missionaries of Charity Alay ng Puso

Chummy Chum led a group of Finance students from the University of Santo Tomas (UST) to the Missionaries of Charity located near Delpan Bridge, Tondo, Manila. The students with their professor arrived at the venue first and brought lots of donation that the orphanage needs. They started to play games with the little kids. Most of the children housed there are neglected and abused kids so it is a welcome treat for them to have people that will bring smiles on their faces. Perhaps because of too much enjoyment, most of the children did not eat the meals that the orphanage has prepared for them. They instead enjoyed the Chummy Chum freebies and snacks from the guests. It was such a meaningful outreach program for the UST students.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Chummy Chum at Faith, Hope and Love Kids Ranch Orphanage’s 10th Anniversary

Chummy Chum went to the FHL Kids Ranch at Sariaya, Quezon to celebrate with them their 10th anniversary in providing service to abandoned and abused children. They are under the directive of DSWD but they do not receive funds from them, just like a non-profit organization. 
   The owner is an American married to a Filipino and they built a ranch for the kids. They are now celebrating their 10th year anniversary. Chummy Chum provided entertainment and also giveaways to 150 kids from the orphanage and the surrounding community. Everyone had a great time. Big thanks to the cupcakes and juice drinks that were donated for our next hospital visitation.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Chummy Chum Visits Las PiƱas General Hospital and Trauma Satellite Center

It was a rainy Friday morning for a CCF gift-giving activity, but the gloomy weather did not deter us from bringing smiles to indigent kids who are in need of special care. While setting up our booth, the group is aware that the hospital is celebrating their dental health month that day. The dentist-in-charge started the free check up, and while the other kids are waiting for their turn, they enjoyed the Chummy Chum popcorn booth. 
   After the Dental Month program, the kids lined up to dance and receive freebies from Chummy Chum. CCF would like to thank Compassion Korea for the additional refreshments. We would also like to inform all he hospitals that we visit, especially to LPGHTSC, one of CCF’s incubator beneficiaries, and the OPD doctors concerned, that the popcorn that we give away are certified to be nutritious.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Mrs. Sison and kin donates First Aid Kit to Ospital ng Tondo

CCH has made it possible for Mrs. Sison to donate a First Aid Kit to Ospital ng Tondo. Her nephew, who is a balikbayan from Massachusetts, brought in the package intended for the indigent patients, especially the kids, of the said hospital. The donor first inquired with CCF on what hospital / institution needs it the most, and we suggested Ospital ng Tondo due to their high rate of indigent patients. CCF also checked the hospital’s other equipment for kids. Aside from the donation, CCF also held gift-giving for the kids.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Chummy Chum with ABS-CBN Bantay Bata 163 Outreach Program

Chummy Chum also got an invitation from Bantay Bata 163 so we headed straight to San Andres Complex in the afternoon for their outreach program.  Bantay Bata 163’s mission is to inform everyone especially parents and children, regarding the rights of a child. The talk was very informative and the staff prepared gifts for those present.  Almost 600 participants were at the event. 
   The crowd became lively when Chummy Chum came out during the entertainment segment. Chummy Chum danced very well. The magician performed well too. And when the food booth started to distribute food, the line was so long, it was a ‘box office hit’. 
  The kids also queued to the Chummy Chum booth as they receive freebies such as crayons and coloring books. 

Chummy Chum with Red Cross 143 Mandaluyong Outreach Program

Chummy Chum started the day with an outreach program organized by Red Cross Mandaluyong. CCF sponsored the snacks and entertainment  for the benefit of the families from Bagong Silang, Mandaluyong. Red Cross’ mission for the kids is to teach them proper hand sanitation and good personal  hygiene. 
   After the lecture, Chummy Chum came out and entertained the kids by dancing and playing with them. It was the first for these children to meet Chummy Chum but some of them said they’ve already seen Chummy Chum on TV. 
  The kids went home with big smiles on their faces as they received freebies courtesy of Chummy Chum.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Ms. Marianne’s Charity Birthday Party at Concordia Children’s Services

Chummy Chum made Ms. Marianne Siquijor’s wish come true as he joined her and her loved ones for a charity birthday party at the Concordia Children’s Services located at Old Sta. Mesa, Manila. CCF and the clowns were the first ones to arrive at the location. We set up the booth and assisted in preparing the food that Ms. Marianne ordered. A little later, some of her friends also arrived and we started the program. All the visitors brought gifts, not for Ms. Marianne, but for the children who were the beneficiary of the charity party. The kids were elated as they received numerous gifts from the donors as well as from Chummy Chum. The cuddly mascot rendered a special dance number to the delight of the crowd. It was indeed a special and meaningful birthday party. 
Big thanks to Ms. Marianne and family for their popcorn donations.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Chummy Chum with ERDA Foundation at Luneta Children’s Playground

Chummy Chum granted the request of ERDA Foundation to help them bring smiles to their pre-schoolers from Tunasan, Muntinlupa City during their field trip. The kids first went to Manila Zoo and then to Luneta Children’s Park. The children were having fun playing when they noticed the colorful balloons and toys around them. CCF prepared parlor games for the kids who participated actively. When Chummy Chum came out and danced, all the kids hugged the cuddly mascot. All of them received freebies such as crayons and coloring books while some went home very lucky with toys they won as game prizes. We would like to thank Compassion Korea for the additional refreshments.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chummy Chum with Compassion Korea at Praise Center Church of God

Chummy Chum granted the request of Compassion Korea to conduct an outreach program at Praise Center Church of God located in Pasay City. The Compassion Group is composed of Christians who help less fortunate Filipino children. Their primary concern is the spiritual welfare of the kids and their family by teaching them about God. The group also aids these kids’ studies financially. This time the lucky children belong to the Praise Center Church of God. The children met their donors for the first time and they were very thankful to them for all their support. The children had a wonderful time with Compassion Korea and CCF, what will all the free snacks, toys and coloring books given to them. Chummy Chum even entertained them by doing a dance number. CCF salutes this kind of mission by Compassion Korea. Thank you very much for the additional refreshments most especially to your donation for our next event.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Chummy Chum Visit the Gat Andress Memorial Hospital

February 8,2013 Chummy Chum visited the Gat Andres Memorial Hospital – OPD Pediatrics at Delpan, Tondo, Manila. Chummy Chum surprised the kids by bringing them popcorn and cotton candy booths, balloons, school supplies, plus lots of toys all sick kids participate to the dancing chummy Chum. Thanks Ms.Ann lovenia Decena Ambrosio for added refreshments

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Chummy Chum with TV5 - Good Morning Club’s Mr. Makata at Tahan Tahanan

Chummy Chum joined TV5’s Good Morning  Club Crew and Mr. Makata at Tahan-Tahanan for Ms. Sheryl Cosim’s surprise birthday celebration. The cancer kids of Tahan Tahanan were excited what with all the food, entertainment, games and freebies prepared for them by Chummy Chum and Good Morning  Club staff. We, at CCF, gladly accommodates requests and invitation from other groups and institutions for the sake of less fortunate kids, as long as our schedule permits

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Chummy Chum Visits SPECS Kaagapay Foundation

Chummy Chum went to visit SPECS Kaagapay Foundation located in Pasay City. This is the first time for CCF to visit the institution and we encountered a little difficulty as we had to pass through a small alleyway going to the place. But it’s ok. All for the sake of the kids. Almost 60 children from the center and the community awaited our arrival. They were all excited for what we have in store for them. Some of  them were “makulit” as they kept asking questions as to why we are doing this and who among the political candidates of Pasay is to be credited for this. We patiently explained to them that CCF is a non-profit organization and that we are not endorsing any candidate. We told them that the freebies came from our boss and that this is his way of giving back the blessings. Everyone present was all happy to know that and admired CCF for our mission. Big thanks to Ms. Leisette Sevilla who provided additional refreshments.

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