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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Ms. Chloe and friends graces the Church of God DVBS

After the morning event at Tahan-tahanan, CCF rushed to Ms. Chloe’s request to join their outreach program in the afternoon at Church of God DVBS. Ms. Chloe and her sister, Mary Joyce has been partnering with CCF for almost two (2) years in sharing their blessings and giving warm smiles to less fortunate kids.
    Today, almost 200 indigent children participated on the Daily Vacation Bible School (DVBS). They learned a lot about Jesus’ life through bible verses and teachings. The beneficiaries also gave special numbers and showcased their talents in dancing, singing and acting. They also had a trivia quiz game wherein the children gamely participated in. After which, the kids received freebies from Ms. Chloe’s group and from Chummy Chum.
     CCF would like to thank Ms. Chloe and friends for their donation tp the Daughters of Charity Feeding Program for Children.

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