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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Chummy Chum with Ms. Candy at the Hema Ward of NCH

Chummy Chum accompanied Ms. Candy to visit the Cancer kid patients at the National Children’s Hospital located at E. Rodriguez, Quezon City. 
As we were approaching the venue, we did not know how to feel as we face another batch of cancer victims which were different from those we visited just last week. Some of them survived but there were those that unfortunately did not. 
This batch is particularly younger and, according to some parents that we talked to, have never experienced a party. It was touching to see the kids’ smiles during the event, despite the pain that they feel due to chemo sessions, etc. Games, prizes and other freebies flowed freely along with food from a popular food chain. Chummy Chum regaled the crowd with a dance number and by giving away freebies and popcorn snacks. 
Chummy Chum ardently prays that these kids will survive the cancer fight. Big thanks to Ms. Candy for her cupcakes and drinks donations.

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