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Monday, September 9, 2013

CCF held the biggest charity party organized for Mrs. Sison at PCMC Cancer Ward and OPD

Chummy Chum Foundation was very proud to organize a big charity party for the less fortunate kids especially to cancer kid patients. For those who are still figuring out how to share their blessings to the less fortunate ones, we at Chummy Foundation are here to help you out. Just like how we helped Mr. & Mrs. Sison who wanted to share their blessing to these kids. 
The generous couple held a party for the cancer kid patients of PCMC located at Agham Road Quezon City. 
Almost 100 kids were given stubs to the event. They were instructed to go to the activity area and register their names. They were then went to meet the celebrant and were given freebies which included character balloons and toys. 
Afterwards, children were told to line up at snack area wherein they were given drinks, popcorn, cotton candy, cake, nachos, fries, lunch meals, etc. 
The finale was of course, a dance number from Chummy Chum greatly enjoyed by the kids and their guardians and all those who are present. They were very grateful to us, the volunteers, and especially to Mr. & Mrs Sison for giving them a party like no other. 

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