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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Chummy Chum Graces Child Haus’ 10th anniversary Celebration

Chummy Chum attended the 10th year anniversary of Child Haus. When the CCF team arrived, the program’s organizers welcomed us with a round of applause because they thought that CCF will not make it. 

Child Haus, is celebrating their 10th year anniversary and is still going strong because of the help of their generous donors and supporters. 

After the long program they prepared for the children, several ABS-CBN artists also came to sing and dance for the kids. Some prominent guest was also there to grace the event.

CCF team was very grateful and proud when they gave us a certificate of appreciation for all those years that CCF has been supportive of Child Haus’ programs.

Photo shows CCF representatives Mr. Aldrin Bula with Mr. & Mrs. Hans Sy and other donors, ABS-CBN celebrities such as Ms. Zsazsa Padilla, Karylle, Gino Padilla & Daniel Padilla and Ms. Earth 2012. Another photo shows Mother Ricky Reyes together with cancer kids holding popcorns and toys courtesy of CCF.

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