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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Chummy Chum Graces the FEAST of Our Lady of Peace Parish Church Medical Mission

CCF received a call from Our Lady of Peace Parish Church, for us to sponsor the snack and entertainment of the poor kids who are the beneficiaries of their Medical Mission. The event was held at Our Lady of Peace Covered Court, 4th Estate, Paranaque City.
 As we set up our booth, the children were all curiously looking at us and watching how we prepare the popcorns. The organizer told us that she do not like how the kids are very rowdy while watching us cook. We explained to her that one of our mission is to entertain the kids and not giving trouble. 
Nevertheless, we just prepared the snacks and freebies in a low key manner so as not to attract kids. After the popcorns were cooked, they were distributed to the kids who were finished with their checkups. 
They were also given Chummy Chum freebies including small toys for the small kids.

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