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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Chummy Chum Visits Rizal Medical Center

CCF received a request from the Social Service Dept. of Rizal Medical Center to visit their Children’s Ward as part of our commitment to them as they also a recipient of our incubator under Child Survival Maintenance Program (CSMP) Division of CCF. Since it was the case, verbal agreement was enough but then there was new management of the hospital and we were told by the security that we had to secure a permit from the management. We informed our contact from the Social Service and the guard was reprimanded for it. 
Nevertheless, we were let in the ward courtesy of an order from the Director’s Office arranged by Social Service. We are truly grateful for their efforts to make the kids in RMC happy. 
Big thanks to Ms. Kathrina Victoria Esta & family for the additional refreshments.

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