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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Ms. Cha Shared Joy to Yolanda Survivors

Chummy Chum grant the request of Ms Cha who never fails to invite us to her yearly outreach program. She always asks our assistance to find her an institution wherein she can share her blessings. 
A week after ‘Yolanda’, she expressed her desire to go to Tacloban to reach out to children affected by the typhoon. 
Her prayers were somewhat answered because as we all know, some of the survivors decided to go to Manila and leave their homes in Tacloban that were devastated by the said typhoon. Some of those who came to Manila have nowhere to go and they were brought to Hospicio de San Jose located at Ayala Bridge in Quiapo, Manila.
 Almost 100 kids and their families attended our event held at Hospicio’s playground. At first the kids were quiet and were just looking at us. When the clowns came out and the games the started, the children and their parents slowly warmed up and began smiling and laughing along. 
Ms. Cha was very happy to see them smile and were very grateful to CCF for this inexplicable happiness. 

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