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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Chummy Chum at Mother Ignacia Healing Center Christmas Treat

After the Muntinlupa event in the morning, the group headed straight to Novaliches, Caloocan City to be with the nuns of Mother Ignacia Healing Center. Since the place was quite far from our first event, we arrived quite late. 
The party started at 9am but we were able to make at 2pm. Despite that, we set up our booth and started to cook popcorns. While doing so, we recognized some showbiz icons present in the event such as Ms. Perla Bautista, who volunteered to help us. 
After cooking 300 popcorns, Chummy Chum came out to the delight of the children present. The kids were so excited to see Chummy Chum, and perhaps, this is the first time to see such huge “stuffed toy” that they excitedly hugged Chummy Chum to the point of toppling him. 
After the dance intermission, the children were asked to line up for food and refreshment. We are so glad that the kids enjoyed the whole day treat for them.

Chummy Chum with San Pedro Calungsod group for the Yearly Christmas Treat

Chummy Chum headed to Southville, Muntinlupa City to grant the request of ESTA Family for their gift-giving activity for the indigent children of Muntinlupa. There was a little miscommunication with the coordinators as to what time will the event will start, that by the time CCF got there, the party was already halfway.
Nevertheless we were still able to cook half of the 1,000 popcorns requested to us. CCF also provided additional prizes for the games plus Chummy Chum’s appearance. 
Though this is not the first time for them to see Chummy Chum, the children were still excited and happy when our adorable mascot rendered a dance number. ESTA and CCF are very glad to help these kids.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Chummy Chum Graces St. Charles Borromeo Christmas Treat

Chummy Chum went to Project 4 Quezon City to accommodate the request of the Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo, to grace their Christmas Party for the children under their care. They also sponsor the education of almost fifty (50) kids ranging from primary to teens. Every time they celebrate their Christmas Party, they always look for generous sponsors, and this year, they tapped CCF. 
On the day of the party for kids, we set up a popcorn booth and cooked lots of popcorn to be distributed to the kids during the event. Aside from popcorns, CCF also sponsored the refreshments and prizes for the games courtesy of CCF Board Members. Everyone went home with big smiles on their faces. 
Thank you to Ms. Ruth for the additional gifts.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Chummy Chum with Finex Foundation at Jose Fabella Center

It’s the day before Christmas and yet Chummy Chum is still bringing smile to the kids and family survivors of Typhoon Yolanda in Jose Favella Center, Correctional Road in Mandaluyong City. 
This is a charity project of Finex Foundation wherein they distributed Noche Buena packages to 190 “Yolanda” families. The rest of the people in the center who were not typhoon victims, were also given treats. Most kids here are street children and juvenile delinquents. 
This is the first time for CCF Team to be here, primarily because of the Yolanda survivors. We are delighted to see that said typhoon victims are well taken cared for but then what these families need is permanent shelter and job. Good to know that Finex are offering them jobs so they could start anew. Big thanks to MS. Magle for your donation to CCF.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Chummy Chum at Maximo St. Christmas Treat to Kids in the Community

CCF received an urgent request for us to sponsor the Christmas treat for the poor children of Maximo St., JB Roxas, Makati City. The organizers prepared hotdogs, hamburger and juice as snacks for the children. 
Every year they hold a Christmas Party to make these kids happy. According to the organizers, this year is can be considered the most extravagant because aside from the usual Chummy Chum treats (popcorn, cotton candy, toys, balloons, lootbags, etc.) there is also a bubble machine and laser stage light plus mascot appearance that made party more enjoyable for the kids. 
Not only that, CCF also added 100 ice cream for the children courtesy of Ms. Ruth. The children and the organizers are truly thankful to CCF and Ms. Ruth for all these.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Chummy Chum at San Isidro Labrador Parish Christmas Party

From Pandacan, CCF team headed to Pinagbuhatan, Pasig City for another charity event, this time at San Isidro Labrador Parish, to grace their Christmas party for children in the community. 
CCF provided popcorn, cotton candies, balloons, bubble machine, mascot appearance and laser stage light. There were also those that sponsored ice cream and food for the kids. 
CCF gave additional prizes for the games at also gave separate gifts, such as candies, to those whose birthday falls on December, courtesy of Ms . Ruth. 
Thank you very much Ms. Ruth for your kind generosity. Even if you’re not here in the Philippines, you still manage to share your blessings to the less fortunate children.

Chummy Chum Graces Aglipay Church’s Christmas Party

CCF accommodated the request of Aglipay Church to join them in their christmas party for the poor children of Pandacan, Manila. 
We prepared popcorns, cotton candy, a dozen of balloons, mascot appearance and we even brought in our bubble machine to make the party livelier. The event was held inside the church. We expected that everything will be orderly since we are inside a place of worship, but then there are still some that disregard such things and dress inappropriately. 
Nevertheless, the poor children of Paco all had smiles on their faces when they went home bringing with them gifts and freebies.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Chummy Chum with Go Motion at Sarnelli Christmas Party

After the morning event, CCF team headed straight to Redemptorist, Baclaran which took us 2 hours due to heavy traffic. We met with Go Motion for their yearly Christmas event for less fortunate children. This is the 3rd time that they partnered with us and we suggested that this time they share their blessings with street children at Sarnelli Center. 
The charity event coincided with their Christmas party. Almost 100 kids were present and they held the party at a compound and the good thing about it is that it is open to all street children in the Redemptorist community. 
The kids at Sarnelli had a grand time during the party with overflowing food, gifts and toys just for them. The group even hired a clown to entertain the kids. Chummy Chum also came out and danced for them. Thank you to Go Motion for their donation to CCF.

Chummy Chum with College of St Benilde at Bahay Pag-asa

Chummy Chum granted the request of Ms. Jessie and her group to be with them at Bahay Pag-asa located at Betterliving, Paranaque City. Initially, their request is for us to prepare for 40 kids due to their limited budget. But during the party, the number of kids doubled to 80. Good thing Ms. Ruth donated a certain amount and all of those 80 kids were able to enjoy the Christmas treat. All the kids went home with gifts and lootbags. 
The COSB group and the staff of Bahay Pag-asa were both amazed and thankful to CCF because we managed to accommodate all the kids through our back up lootbags. We told them that credit is due to our generous sponsors like Ms. Ruth, who instructed us to use the money she donated just in case the budget for a certain event isn’t enough. Thank you for your trust.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Chummy Chum at Blessedville Christmas Party

This time, CCF headed to Alfonso, Tagaytay together with Relos Family as they requested us to join them and bring smile to the special children of Blessedville. This is also to celebrate the birthday of their siblings. 
Last year, Relos family asked our suggestion on what institution/ orphanage should they extend their help. We suggested that they should help Blessedville because of its desperate state. 
Of its sixty (60) students, only twenty (20) of them are able to pay the tuition fee. As for the payment for the teachers’s salary and food for the kids, the parents can only offer fish, vegetables, and “saging na panlaga”, just so their kids, who are afflicted with down syndrome, could learn something. 
The Relos family responded positively and helped those children who are in dire need. Until now, they still support some of the kids’ schooling. Even their friends joined in and also give assistance to these children. 
To everyone who is reading this, we are encouraging you to also help Blessedville in any way you can. 
We would like to thank other Blessedville’s beneficiaries; Mrs. Esther Magleo, FEU-GHS Tamaraw Batch 76, Ms. Karen Mendoza, Ms. Ruth, LOCA Group, Ms. Leisette, Ms. Lorela, Atty. Fantone… especially to Relos  Family. Thank you also to your donation to CCF. Merry Christmas and may the good Lord shower you with more blessings.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Chummy Chum Graces GTVL Christmas Party

Chummy Chum attended the Christmas Party of GTVL and this is our first time to do so. Last year our schedule was too busy but this time, the owner of GTVL and boss of CCF made sure that we can join the Christmas Party. Thankfully, the Chummy Chum van is on color-coding today that is why our schedule is free. 
The boss expressed his wish for a Carnival-like theme that even the children of his employees would truly enjoy it, including CCF staff. 
We prepared 600 popcorns, cotton candies, and also set up an ice cream booth which created a beeline of people wanting said goodies. There was also banderitas and ‘pabitin’ that CCF prepared for kids. 
All the children received toys, apples, oranges as well as food stubs. All the employees and their children enjoyed the party that our boss prepared. 
Big thanks to Genomal Family for sharing your blessings to all of us. May the good Lord bless you more.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Chummy Chum with Street Children of Binondo at Museong Pambata

After the morning event, CCF went straight to Museong Pambata to accommodate the invitation by Aralaruan Organization for their Christmas Party for Street Children. 
The group’s primary aim is to gather the kids from the streets and teach them about good manners and right conduct in a fun way through play, thus ARALARUAN. 
This event also served as the launching of the project in cooperation with Museong Pambata administration. This is a year-long tie-up with CCF, to bring smile and fun learning to street children especially this Christmas. 
We would to thank Mrs. Sison for sharing her blessings to all these less fortunate children.

Chummy Chum with Vincentian Nursing Students of Adamson University

Chummy Chum graced the charity project of the Vincentian Nursing Students of Adamson University. The event was held at Hospicio de San Jose in Manila. 
A week prior to the event, the office received an email from them requesting us to be with the group in their gift giving activity at Hospicio de San Jose. But when we asked them if they’re already booked, they said that they are still on the waiting list, hoping to get a slot. They just wanted us to come with them to the said orphanage but there was no definite date yet. So we called up our contact at Hospicio de San Jose and right at that moment, we secured a booking for the Adamson nursing students. They were very thankful to CCF, because according to their Dean, they already sent a letter to Hospicio as early as October but there was no confirmation from the orphanage. And thanks to Chummy Chum, their wish to hold a charity event came true. 
We are just lucky that we have very kind contacts to public hospitals, orphanages & other institutions that are more than willing to accommodate our request.
For those who plan to have a charity event, you can give us a call and we will arrange it for you.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Chummy Chum with TV5’s Good Morning Club at Villamor Tent City

CCF goes to Villamor Elementary School in Pasay City to grant the request of TV5’s Good Morning Club to be part of their gift giving activity with the Yolanda Survivors. 
Most of the people living at the tent city came from Tacloban, the town worst hit by Typhoon Yolanda. They are all grateful for the help and relief goods they received from generous and kind hearted individuals but one concern for them is how to carry all of those. What they really need now is job and shelter. 
We are glad to know that DSWD is working hard to provide those survivors with shelter and a place to work. 
For this day, all said concerns were put aside and we all focused on bringing smiles to the children by giving them food, toys, and giveaways. Each kid received 10 toys coming from generous sponsors. 
We all just hope that these people will eventually get their lives back by having permanent jobs and shelter with the help of the government.

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